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12:33 [One World Press]
The US` Latest Anti-Iranian Sanctions Will Worsen The Trade War With China
The US` latest anti-Iranian sanctions won`t change much when it comes to the Islamic Republic`s present economic predicament but will almost certainly provoke a worsening of the so-called “trade war” with China since the real intent seems to be to target the countless companies that are poised to participate in those two countries` reported $400 billion strategic partnership agreement by replicating the model of “maximum pressure” that`s been experimented against Huawei over the past year.
Themen - Boulevard (1)
12:28 [Independent]
Coronavirus: Newborn babies given mini face shields to protect against Covid-19 at Bangkok hospital
Hospitals in Thailand are equipping newborn babies with plastic face shields to help protect them against coronavirus. Nurses at the Praram 9 Hospital in Bangkok have been pictured holding the masked babies in a maternity ward.
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12:39 [Brits in the Philippines]
One-Megaton Nuclear Bomb in Philippines Sea
The fact that there is a one-megaton nuclear bomb sat at the bottom of the Philippines sea is very worrying. The incident is known as the 1965 Philippine Sea A-4 incident. On the 4th of November 1965, the USS Ticonderoga left the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay, Philippines. 31 days later on the 5th December 1965, the USS Ticonderoga was on a training exercise in the Philippines sea, when an accident occurred.
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