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Welt - Lateinamerika (1)
19:43 [The Grayzone]
Top Brazilian paper reveals Bolsonaro government’s terror plot against Venezuela
By Ben Norton - Brazil’s right-wing government attempted to attack Venezuela in a plot to overthrow its elected president. The shocking terror operation has received absolutely no coverage in mainstream US media.
Welt - Russland und Zentralasien (1)
17:50 [Tass]
Ruble grows against dollar and euro after Putin appoints Mishustin as Russian PM
The ruble and indices on Moscow Exchange accelerated growth after Mikhail Mishustin was appointed to the post of Prime Minister of Russia. Thus, the dollar slowed down growth to 61.55 rubles (+0.21%), and the euro - to 68.73 rubles. (+0.3%).
Themen - Bevölkerungskontrolle (1)
19:42 [Consortium News]
Under US Pressure, Social Media Companies Suspend Venezuelan, Iranian & Syrian Accounts
By Ben Norton - The Donald Trump administration is ramping up its information war against Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. And it has enlisted social media platforms as weapons in its assault on these top regime-change targets. In the first two weeks of January, Twitter suspended dozens of accounts run by real, live people — not bots — in Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. Those erased from the website included heads of state, numerous state institutions, media outlets, and many average people who do not work for their governments. The supreme leader of Iran, president of Syria, and leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly have all had their Twitter accounts temporarily suspended or restricted in recent days. Numerous alternative media outlets have suffered the same fate.
Themen - Geheimdienste und Terror (1)
18:45 [Mehr News Agency]
World War III: Was Ukrainian flight PS752 a Western false flag combining remote hijacking and transponder disabling to trigger two Tor-M1 missiles?
Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), says the Ukrainian plane incident near Tehran could be a false flag by the US and Israeli regime. I managed a false flag operation for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and wrote the original warning letter to the White House, in 1994, on the vulnerability of all electronic systems.
Themen - Kriminalität und Nepp (1)
7:08 [Corey`s Digs]
“WINE” with Nader, Epstein & The Clintons
George Nader just plead guilty to child pornography charges, and his ‘statement of facts’ contains key information that resembles other child predator cases. Corey takes you through his plea deal and how it may connect to his other indictment for funneling over $3.5 million in foreign campaign funds to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
Themen - Militär und Frieden (1)
18:47 [Tehran Times]
Iran probing possible U.S. disruption in radar system that caused the downing of Ukrainian plane: military
A possible disruption in Iran’s radar network by the U.S. may have caused the operator mistake the Ukrainian passenger plan for an incoming American cruise missile, at top Iranian military official said late on Tuesday. Ali Abdollahi, the deputy commander of the Armed Forces General Headquarters for coordination affairs, said “the U.S. mischiefs in the region have been proven before, and so far Iran’s cyber systems have observed and recorded virtual objects manufactured by the U.S. in the country’s airspace” “Disruption in performance of radar systems by the United States is not unprecedented,” the military official told national TV. Abdollahi said a team has been established to investigate such a possibility.
Themen - Zweifelhaft oder Übernatürlich (2)
19:43 [The Outer Light/YouTube]
Michael Baden appears on Dr OZ to talk Epstein’s autopsy: ‘Something wrong with the eyes’
Recently Michael Baden the former chief medical examiner for New York appeared on Dr OZ to talk about the autopsy of Jeffery Epstein. In this video I go into some of the main takeaways including the strange things about Jeffery Epstein’s eyes; “In a hanging, the arteries and the blood vessels — the veins — are both clogged off and the person is pale. The face is pale,” Baden told Oz.
18:44 [State of the Nation]
Bombshell Report: Iran Claims U.S. Cyberattack Shot Down Ukraine Passenger Jet
The extremely implausible evolution (according to the CIA’s Mockingbird Media) of the Ukraine airliner shootdown in Tehran could only have been the work of the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD cabal.

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