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9:39 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
The Forgotten Judeo-Muslim-Christian Alliance and China’s Silk Road
Last week’s messy announcement of the US-Israeli Peace Plan for the Middle East was always destined to fail. The proposed Palestinian borders, although territorially enlarged, are entirely patchy and un-workable, as are the military concessions demanded by Israel. Ultimately a two state solution is still the only viable option for peace, but something more is required which today’s evangelical/Zionist ideologues despise. Recently, I wrote a paper called “De-bunking the Myth of the Jewish Conspiracy” which dealt with the 19th century origins of modern Zionism and even radical Islamicist movements in the bowels of British Intelligence. In that report I stated that these movements can only be defeated by the massive development projects being ushered into the Middle East under China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
7:39 [Heinrichplatz.TV] (E)
Interview with Pål Steigan: Imperialism and Liberation Strategies in Europe and the Middle East
In 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and soon the Eastern bloc was also history. And thus the balance was broken, the one that had maintained the old order. And now a huge area was available for redivision. The weakened Russia barely managed to preserve its own territory, and not at all the area that just before was controlled by the Soviet Union.
7:39 [Gerald Celente/YouTube] (E)
America has lost its soul!
Gerald Celente is Founder of the Trends Journal, a weekly, multi-media resource providing analysis & trend forecasts no other news outlet delivers. What’s going on? What does it mean? What’s next? Knowledge is power. Subscribe to the Trends Journal for Truth, Trends, and so much more.
8:23 [Voltaire Network] (E)
Behind the Scenes of U.S./Iran Relations
By having Iranian General Qassem Soleimani assassinated in Iraq, President Trump nearly provoked the Third World War. At least that is the version of the US opposition and the international press. For Thierry Meyssan, what happens behind the scenes is very different from the show on stage. According to him, there is a move towards a coordinated military withdrawal of the United States and Iran from the Middle East.
10:54 [The Saker] (E)
Could this (finally!) be the end for the Atlantic Integrationists?
By now we all have heard the news, the entire Russian government has resigned and a new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, has been appointed. And we also know that the Internet has exploded with all sorts of speculations about what this all could mean. Alas, until we know who will be included in the new government, there is very little we can really say. I mean, yes, in theory, we could hold our breath and expect Glaziev appointed to a top position in the so-called “economic block” of the government, but how do we know that it will not be Kudrin instead?! We don’t. One thing we do know for sure is what Putin announced in his speech. You can read the full text here for yourself, but here are two things I want to single out: Putin has announced a major effort to deal with the (still appalling) poverty suffered by many Russians. Putin has announced a major effort to truly re-sovereignize Russia.
20:56 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Atoms for Peace vs. Atoms for War: The Only Fix for Iran-U.S. Relations
Matthew Ehret - War hawks in Israel and Washington have been quick to denounce Iran’s nuclear power ambitions for years with the repeated excuse that “Iran has so much oil that nuclear energy is irrelevant for them- unless they wanted to build an Islamic Bomb!”...Under the guiding win-win framework of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Iran and the world has been given a master key to permanently throw off the threat of nuclear annihilation, Matthew Ehret writes.
7:59 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Atoms For Peace Vs Atoms For War: The Only Fix For Iran-US Relations
Does President Trump have the moral and intellectual stamina to resist the neo-con pressure, or will he permit himself to be used as a tool of the deep state by unleashing the nuclear dogs of war?
19:51 [youtube/Gerald Celente] (E)
Phony US Anti-War Resolution, More Propaganda
Gerald Celente
14:57 [Hartmut Barth-Engelbart] (E)
Killing Soleimani = Israel’s & not US-Interest?
Was Philip Weiss , ( senior editor of im folgenden Artikel offen ausspricht und mit zahlreichen Quellen belegt, bleibt beim jüngsten Artikel “Die Blutspur des US-Imperialismus” von Oskar Lafontaine etwas unterbelichtet (siehe unten). Lafontaines Betonung der Rolle des US-Imp. “korrigiert” so aber den falschen Eindruck, der bei der Lektüre des Mondoweiss-Beitrages entstehen könnte, Israel habe das Oberkommando und die USA stellten lediglich die Hilfstruppen. Umgekehrt wird ein Schuh draus.
21:51 [Club Orlov] (E)
Predictions for the 2020s
My last set of predictions worked out moderately well. Although in some cases the process has not run its course, the trends are all unmistakable and the processes I outlined should be expected to continue and in some cases to run to completion within the new decade. But this time around I will attempt to make more specific predictions.
21:44 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Iran’s Hero has Fallen, and Now the World is an Even More Dangerous Place
They say he came from a humble background, and worked himself up the ranks, becoming, as many believe, the second most powerful man in Iran. They say he had the chance to become the next Supreme Leader of the country. Whenever I visit Iran, I am told how much he is loved by his people. He became the symbol of resistance against the West; the symbol of the strength and dignity of the nation which was attacked, colonized and starved by several Western capitals. And now, Iran’s Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani is no more. And the US Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, is proudly claiming responsibility for his demise.
7:41 [Tass] (E)
Trump’s speech aimed at easing tensions around Iran, expert says
US President Donald Trump’s speech was aimed at reducing tensions in the region and avoiding direct military confrontation with Iran, Senior Researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Oriental Studies Boris Dolgov told TASS.
21:11 [Unser Politikblog] (E)
Respect the Iraqi public prosecution authorities !
So there are one attack at the 27.12.2019, even three at the 04.01.2020, and one at the 05.01.2020, each of unknown origin. It is still unclear, who has attacked the US base at the 27.12.2019. This could be of crucial imporance for the question, who wants to lure USA and Iran into war. The Iraqi public prosecution authorities have the responsibility to clear up these crimes, as far as they have been committed on Iraqi soil or through Iraqi airspace. Also Americans and Iranians have to respects this.
1:06 [China Daily] (E)
A letter to the young people of Hong Kong
Naturally, Hong Kong is not a perfect place, as there are no perfect places on this planet. Your housing is some of the most expensive in the world. Job opportunities for college graduates are not really excellent. Some cities on the Chinese mainland are now more exciting places to live, to create, and to dream than “good old” Hong Kong. But still, it is a fascinating, solid city, with its own culture, mindset and complex history. And in many ways, it is a beautiful city; beautiful and unique. So, why? What happened? Why suddenly such anger, and such frustration? Should we talk? Please let’s.
19:32 [youtube/E.M.Jones] (E)
The New Iranian Crisis - E. Michael Jones` Analysis
We are faced with a new crisis with Iran, now that American forces have assasinated Iran`s military leader Qasem Soleimani. In this interview Dr. Jones discusses the cause of this crisis, explores the reasons why Donald Trump ordered this assassination, and analyzes what kind of response will come from Iranian retaliation.
18:09 [RT] (E)
Iran holds all the cards in coming Middle East conflict with US - unless Trump is ready to drop a tactical Nuke
Iran has promised retaliation for the assassination of Qassem Suleimani. Donald Trump said this will lead to a disproportionate response from the US. One side can deliver on its threats, the other can’t, unless it goes nuclear.
21:22 [Tasnim] (E)
Iran’s Gen. Soleimani Was Feared in Washington, Tel Aviv, US Activist Says
“General Soleimani was a major figure in combatting the terrorist assets used by the US to justify their illegal occupation in Syria as well as a return of US forces in strength to Iraq,” Janice Kortkamp from Leesburg, Virginia, said in an interview with Tasnim.
18:39 [American Herald Tribune] (E)
The Soleimani Assassination: The Long-Awaited Beginning of The End of America’s Imperial Ambitions
Philip Giraldi - The United States is now at war with Iran in a conflict that could easily have been avoided and it will not end well. There will be no declaration of war coming from either side, but the assassination of Iranian Quds Force Commander General Qassem Soleimani and the head of Kata’ib Hezbollah Abu Mehdi Muhandis by virtue of a Reaper drone strike in Baghdad will shift the long-simmering conflict between the two nations into high gear. Iran cannot let the killing of a senior military officer go unanswered even though it cannot directly confront the United States militarily. But there will be reprisals and Tehran’s suspected use of proxies to stage limited strikes will now be replaced by more damaging actions that can be directly attributed to the Iranian government.
17:58 [Tehran Times] (E)
Trump may have given Iran an unintended assist
By Martin Love - What with all the recent movements and protests in Baghdad around the U.S. embassy in the Green Zone resulting from the U.S. attacks on elements of Iraq’s and Syria’s national defenses, and then the blame game against Iran, it’s no wonder that confusion reigns.
17:39 [youtube/Gerald Celente] (E)
Gerald Celente - Warning: U.S. Fires First Shots of WWIII
Gerald Celente is giving his comments on the murder of general Suleiman.
17:26 [Tasnim] (E)
US Not Prepared for Consequences of Gen. Soleimani’s Assassination: Analyst
An author and analyst based in Sweden said even American intelligence experts acknowledge that the US administration is not prepared for the consequences of the assassination of the top Iranian commander Major General Qassem Soleimani.
9:39 [SGTReport/YouTube] (E)
Epstein & The International Criminal Trust -- Dr. B & Sharp Edge
Pathologist Dr. B and deep researcher The Sharp Edge join me to discuss the myriad connections between Jeffrey Epstein, deep state family names and modern medicine. This is Part 1 of our 2-part conversation.
11:37 [USAWatchdog] (E)
2020 Predictions on Trump, Economy, War and Unrest – Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says his magazine motto is “Tomorrow’s news today.” Celente says, “We are the only magazine in the world that tells you history before it happens.” Let’s start with what just happened to President Trump with the House of Representatives voting to impeach.
0:38 [South China Morning Post] (E)
Hong Kong reporters injured at protests – in France
Journalists from a Hong Kong online forum who were covering demonstrations in France were hurt as a direct result of police actions. Will protesters here visit the French consulate and demand an official inquiry?
18:06 [Armstrong Economics] (E)
FREXIT – Is France Hurling toward Exiting the EU?
France is by no means calming down. There is a major underlying problem in France which is rising to the surface in direct confrontation with the government and Macron’s ambition to lead Europe.
17:37 [The Unz Review] (E)
For the Love of Jews
England and France, two antagonists, two mainstays of European civilisation, are simultaneously engulfed in paroxysm of Judeophilia. The result of the forthcoming very important parliamentary elections in Britain hinges on this issue, with Labour and Tories competing who will express their love of Jews more profusely, while the Jews can’t decide whom they loath less. France, after a year of the middle-class Yellow Vests rebellion, enters the fresh working class uprising with million strikers rioting on the streets, but its parliament finds prime time to ponder and rule how Frenchmen should love Jews and hate those who hate them. What is the meaning of this charade?
0:45 [The Saker] (E)
Yellow Vests reach 1 year: The redemption of France’s revolutionary spirit
For many years to come France will be divided into two periods – before the Yellow Vests, and after the Yellow Vests. It’s widely believed in France that things can never go back to the way they were. I’m not sure there can be a better yardstick of domestic success – a better gauge of sociocultural impact – than that?
0:28 [Club Orlov] (E)
Avoiding the Coming Ice Age
Most people like predictability in their lives. Some like a modicum of excitement and wild things, but even then they tend to prefer the outcome to be predictable; eventually, they want to come home and go back to work rather than end up marooned on a desert island or eaten by a polar bear. Public cravings for predictability create a market niche for people who make predictions. Oddly enough, it doesn’t matter much whether the predictions are accurate or not. Weather is chaotic, and therefore not particularly predictable beyond a few days, but people like to complain, and weather forecasts give them something to complain about. Stock markets are chaotic too, but there are analysts to suit every mood, from very bullish to very bearish.
19:58 [Jacobin] (E)
This UK General Election Is a Choice Between Imperialism and Internationalism
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is running on a platform of peace and human rights. The Tories are running on a record of weapons sales to oppressive regimes and covert wars. The choice is clear.
12:26 [Tom Luongo] (E)
Germany is the Rotten Heart of Europe
It may anger my German readers to hear this but, again, if you didn’t think this was the plan by some all along, to colonize countries like Greece that couldn’t be conquered militarily in WWII, then you can’t also see why the rest of Europe is becoming angry.
22:45 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
The Filthy Truth About America’s Fake Position on Afghanistan
Gordon Duff - America’s policy toward Afghanistan and the promise of upcoming negotiations is total fakery. We begin with a simple truth. Under American rule, a unique form of corruption, crippling every region, every economic sector, invading every institution, has left that nation not just hopeless, but in total wreckage, just like the US has done to Syria, Yemen and Iraq and would do to Iran if allowed. When the US entered Afghanistan in 2001, that nation no longer produced any opium at all.
11:18 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Zuesse: Why A Second American Revolution Is Necessary For The Entire World
"...the outlook for the future, worldwide, is grim. If the warning (hidden by the media as it is), this time from Bolivia, is not heeded, how can this cancer ever be stopped from engulfing the entire world?"...Another recent example of this spreading cancer of the US regime’s fascism was the US coup that installed a rabidly fascist regime in Ukraine during February 2014.
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