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Redakteur: Eine Person, die bei einer Zeitung beschäftigt ist um den Weizen von der Spreu zu trennen und dann darauf zu achten, daß die Spreu gedruckt wird.
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17:36 [Donbass Insider] (E)
Navalny poisoning with Novichok – Mr. 2% defies the laws of chemistry
Twelve days after his arrival in Germany, Berlin finally announced Wednesday that Alexey Navalny would have been poisoned with the famous neurotoxic poison Novichok, already mentioned in the Skripal case. Except that as in the Salisbury affair, the official story about what happened to “Mr. 2%” defies the laws of chemistry, biochemistry, and logic. I won’t go back to the absurd appellation of “main opponent of Vladimir Putin” that the entire Western press sticks to Navalny despite common sense. It is enough to see his ridiculous level of support among the Russian population (2% according to the latest Levada poll) and to see that Zhirinovsky is far ahead of him, to realize that this dear Alexey does not represent a threat to the Russian President.
10:32 [Donbass Insider] (E)
Russia – FSB arrested people who tried to kidnap a leader of the Donbass militia for SBU
According to RIA Novosti, the FSB arrested people who attempted to kidnap one of the leaders of the Donbass militia on behalf of the SBU (Ukrainian special services) in Russia. According to law enforcers, SBU officers planned to forcibly take the man out of Russia. His identity is still unknown. The action was organized and coordinated by Ukrainians Andrey Baydala and Igor Mishchenko. Baydala is known to the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) security services as a freelancer of the SBU and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as well as a trustee of the 5th Directorate of the SBU Counterintelligence Department (CID) under the pseudonym Shved, the FSB press service said.
14:21 [] (E)
The man behind the myth. A lot has been written about Vladimir Vladimirovich since his ascent to power in late 1999. What I’m going to do in this report is not so much look at each and every event with the related minutiae, but take a brief look at events leading up to him taking power, discuss the changes that his rule has caused in Russia, and then look at how this will affect Russia, both at home and abroad.
17:06 [Stalkerzone] (E)
Who Is Curating the “Pigeon Maidan” in Khabarovsk?
Instead of a duck, the protest symbol is now a pigeon. Street actions with pigeon feeding covered the whole of Russia. If we look closely at the reports about any modern protests, you will immediately notice their good organisation. There are always leaders of street unrest in the crowd. As a rule, they are distinguished by a red shirt, jacket, hat, or scarf. They show where to go, determine the themes of the posters, and are the first to start voicing “chants”, supporting the emotions of the crowd.
20:05 [Tass] (E)
Russia Foreign Ministry: NYT article on Russia in Afghanistan fake from US intelligence
27 JUN 2020 - The New York Times publication that Russia allegedly offered secretly bounties to Afghan militants for killing coalition forces was fabricated by the US intelligence agencies, Russia’s Foreign Ministry told TASS on Saturday.
11:50 [Fort Russ] (E)
MAJOR: Open Conflict Erupts between Azerbaijan and Armenia – mediators push for calm
Azerbaijan began attacks on Armenian positions, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported on Monday night. The two countries have a long-standing border dispute, relating to the fact that both states have claimed discontinuous borders, with Azerbaijan’s being formally recognized. On the evening of July 12th, a large firefight began on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced shelling of its positions by the Armenian military. According to Baku, both sides suffered losses.
13:33 [Global Research] (E)
Kazakhstan May Hold the Secret for Greater Eurasia
The no holds barred US-China strategic competition may be leading us to the complete fragmentation of the current “world-system” – as Wallerstein defined it. Yet compared to the South China Sea, the Korean peninsula, the Taiwan Straits, India-China’s Himalayan border, and selected latitudes of the Greater Middle East, Central Asia shines as a portrait of stability. That’s quite intriguing, when we consider that the chessboard reveals the interests of top global players intersecting right in the heart of Eurasia.
11:30 [TASS] (E)
US confirms readiness to cooperate with Moscow on Russia Day - envoy
The United States Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan congratulated Russian citizens on behalf of US President Donald Trump and the American people on Russia Day, confirming Washington’s readiness to cooperate.
12:23 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Putin On World War II
Due to decades of Hollywood propaganda many people in "western" countries believe that the U.S. did the most to defeat the Nazis during World War II. Nothing could be further from the truth. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has taken the opportunity of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II to describe the build-up to the war, the diplomatic and military considerations Russia took into account during that time, and the results of the allies` victory.
9:42 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Fifth Column “Novaya Gazeta” Demands the Right to Riot in Russia Following the “Example” Set by the US
The riots in the United States are not calming down. While some calculate economic losses, others talk about the number of victims, and others try to justify what is happening by presenting events in an engaged format.
8:59 [] (E)
Russia Deploys More Troops, Units Near NATO Military Borders
Russia’s Western Military District has announced the deployment of more troops as well as motorized units into their western region, saying they are meant to “perform tasks on ensuring the defense of the Russian Federation in the Western Strategic direction.” This puts more Russian forces in the area near the NATO frontier, after years of US and NATO troops being deployed in the Baltic and in other areas bordering Russia.
11:18 [Fort Russ] (E)
Turkmenistan has Remained Free of Coronavirus by Denying WHO Entry into the Country
Turkmenistan has denied entry to WHO representatives, and has declared that there is no coronavirus in the country. The country appears to have concerns that allowing WHO to enter the country would be related to starting an epidemic in the country. Turkmenistan has banned ‘social hysteria’ indicators such as social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, or even media chatter about introducing such.
10:06 [Donbass Insider] (E)
Matveychev: 80,000 Ukrainian “trolls” shit against Russia
“In Russia, in fact, there are about 80 thousand accounts, which are led by Ukrainian students, but pretend to be local staff, residents of “simple Penza, Kurgan, Chita and Khabarovsk”. And they spread negative information in all our media. Naturally, before the presidential election there were huge flows of fakes, demotivators, films, articles and other lies that affected the brains of our citizens,” Matveychev said. The expert also told how the Ukrainians tried to discredit the great Victory on the eve of May 9.
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