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16:08 [rt] (E)
But would anyone notice? CNN breaks ‘report’ of Syrian airstrikes… from 2018
CNN readers anxious to get updates on the Syrian war have been treated with a fresh report on the “regime’s atrocities” citing the usual suspects… or it would only seem so, as the network reran a two-year-old story instead.
13:56 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
U.S. Warms Up Its Own Old Spy Stories To Bash Putative Chinese Espionage
The Washington Post is warming up an old crypto story: For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret. The company, Crypto AG, got its first break with a contract to build code-making machines for U.S. troops during World War II. Flush with cash, it became a dominant maker of encryption devices for decades, navigating waves of technology from mechanical gears to electronic circuits and, finally, silicon chips and software...That Crypto AG had been a CIA/NSA/BND operation has been known for decades. One wonders why the CIA history was now leaked to the Washington Post and to the German state TV channel ZDF.
7:42 [globalresearch] (E)
Global Research in Troubled Waters: We Need Your Support
Dear Readers, As some of you may recall, around this time last year, Global Research needed your help to “stay afloat”. Our financial situation was in bad shape and we were metaphorically sinking.
7:34 [Consortium News] (E)
Three Extraordinary Australian Journalists: Burchett, Pilger & Assange
They span three generations and give their country reason to be enormously proud, writes Rick Sterling. All have depended on freedom of the press, which is now at stake. Australia has produced extraordinary journalists across three generations: Wilfred Burchett (deceased in 1983), John Pilger (80 years old but still active) and Julian Assange (48 years old, currently in London’s Belmarsh prison). Each of these journalists made unique contributions to our understanding of the world. Although Australia is part of the Western world, each of these journalists exposed and criticized Western foreign policy.
7:43 [Jacobin] (E)
We Need a Media System That Serves People’s Needs, Not Corporations’
BY VICTOR PICKARD - Our corporate media system prioritizes making money over producing adversarial journalism and covering working-class issues. We should dare to imagine something different: a public media system that privileges democracy over profits. The past decade has witnessed the rapid decline of the newspaper industry in the United States. Revenue and readership have dropped precipitously, halving the nation’s newspaper employees. Actual journalism is vanishing, misinformation is proliferating, and our public media system — ideally a safety net for when the market fails to support the press — remains utterly impoverished compared to its global counterparts. From the collapse of its advertising-dependent business model to the dominance of platform monopolies like Facebook and Google, the commercial news media system faces a structural crisis.
12:16 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
US Agency for Global Media: the Empire’s Newest Propaganda Arm
Author: Henry Kamens - My first reaction to learning about the creation of a new government agency, the US Agency for Global Media, was one of complete surprise and ANGER. Does not the US government already have at its disposal enough purported media – VOA and democracy support groups, NDI, collaborating media and a wide range of related agencies? And now enters a new kid on the block. Not really new, but the same old and well-known bully wearing a new set of clothes, with deep pockets itching to pick fights. I always liked the quote of Mark Twain about the choices between being informed or misinformed: “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed, if you do, you are misinformed.”
13:08 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
How Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Journalists’ Propagandize for More U.S. Aggressions
Eric Zuesse - This will be exposing typical U.S.-regime propaganda. That’s propaganda favoring U.S. imperialism, which actually violates the intentions of America’s Founders, and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. regime’s propaganda doesn’t come from the Government directly, but instead from the 607 billionaires who control the regime, via their corrupt control over the successful politicians (in both Parties), financing their careers, and by their owning (and otherwise controlling) the regime’s ‘news’-media, which are privately owned and which carry the same propaganda as the Government’s ‘publicly owned’ ‘news’-media do — all of America’s mainstream ‘news’-media being in favor of the U.S. Government’s sanctioning (economic-blockading) and trying to overthrow by means of coup or sometimes outright invasion, countries (such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Libya, etc.) that had never invaded, nor even threatened to invade, the United States.
7:33 [offGuardian] (E)
Crimes of the century – truth, perception and punishment
Kevin Smith - Like many, I’ve been following the Douma scandal for some time and particularly since the OPCW whistleblowers and leaked emails blew the lid off the official narrative that Assad used chemical weapons there. This issue is being discussed on one of my ‘go to’ accounts on Twitter – Peter Hitchens who has brought this to the attention of the mainstream. For the past few weeks he’s been debating the topic with Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, Scott Lucas and various Middle East based journalists who created and then pushed the false narrative. In fact, it’s not really a debate. Peter Hitchens is quite literally slaughtering these narrative managers – his logic and clear thinking – and wit exposing the numerous gaps in their story and their desperate deflections.
10:17 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Western Media Coverage Of Russia As An Exercise In Propaganda
The notion of “fake news” has entered our vocabulary as a pejorative term for dissemination of bogus information, usually by social media, sometimes by traditional print and electronic channels which happen to hold positions contradicting the tenets of our conventional wisdom, i.e., liberal democracy. The term has been applied to Russian state owned media such as RT to justify denying such outlets normal journalistic credentials and privileges. In this essay, I will employ the more traditional term propaganda, which I take to mean the manipulation of information which may or may not be factually true in order to achieve objectives of denigrating rivals for influence and power in the world, and in particular for denigrating Russia and the “Putin regime.”
19:43 [Al Jazeera] (E)
The war addiction of American cable TV
The same people justifying the 2003 disaster war in Iraq are once again on screen justifying US aggression. US cable news networks are addicted to war. War is their intoxicating elixir of choice. It has also become their raison d`etre. There are only two stories that matter to CNN, MSNBC and Fox News: presidential politics and war.
14:54 [investmentwatchblog] (E)
Almost no one in Main Stream and Independent Media is telling you the truth about Iran
This is a long one. Read if you care enough. I’m not promising to say something outrageous. Just what I think, have seen and know. I refute more than a few lies that are told by MSM and independent Media.
13:25 [RT] (E)
Secret intelligence & ‘highly likelys’: How media created narrative around Tehran jet crash to blame Iran, Russia and Trump
Whatever caused Flight 752 to crash just after takeoff from Tehran, the 176 people who died were quickly drafted as elements in a propaganda narrative targeting both Iran, Russia and US President Donald Trump.
16:42 [Jacobin] (E)
The Mainstream Media Is a Cheerleader for War With Iran
When it comes to war, we shouldn`t expect balance from mainstream news outlets: the corporate media has never met a war it didn`t like....Furthermore, seeing as the media has devoted much time lately to cheerleading for war with Iran — perpetuating the nuclear weapons myth and engaging in a general vilification of all things Iranian, much like in the run-up to the Iraq War — it’s not clear why anyone should be particularly shocked by the assassination. And while Fox News may prefer to despair over toxic media polarization and the allegedly vast ideological chasm between Republicans and Democrats, let’s not forget that years before John Bolton advocated — on the pages of the New York Times — to “bomb Iran,” Hillary Clinton threatened to “totally obliterate” the country.
11:41 [Stalker Zone] (E)
“Echo of Moscow” Claimed First Place in the Ranking of Anti-Russian Media
The Federal News Agency (FAN) published an issue featuring the ranking of anti-Russian media outlets. At the same time, experts of the publication noted that the ranking was based on coverage of important topics, such as: The comments of the Russian President Vladimir Putin about national projects; Launching trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Crimea; The story of the forced delivery of the employee of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Ruslan Shaveddinov to the FSB;.The hot events in Moscow City Duma; The detention of the blogger Aleksey Navalny that never actually happened; New threats of Nord Stream-2 sanctions.
10:06 [Climate Depot] (E)
Geologist: ‘The CO2 scare is proving false – it’s time for some climate sense’ – UN seeks ‘fake answer to invented problem’ of ‘climate emergency’
Geologist Viv Forbes: "The carbon dioxide scare is proving false - it’s time for some climate sense. Human activity can never control atmospheric CO2 or global temperature. Much bigger forces are at work – solar system cycles, earth orbital changes, volcanic activity (especially on the sea floor), El Nino episodes, declining magnetic field and magnetic pole reversals, variable cosmic rays and cloud cover, and absorption/expulsion of CO2 by the mighty oceans. Geological records show that today’s CO2 levels are very low - so low that plants grow slower and need more water.
19:31 [The American Conservative] (E)
Media Elites to Assange: Fight for Your Own Hide
The Committee to Protect Journalists mimics the government and drops the jailed Wikileaks founder like a hot potato.
11:39 [RT] (E)
Reality of fakes: Western media’s news factory on India is well-oiled and kicking
From the New York Times to the BBC and the Wall Street Journal, the biggest news media have been caught peddling lies and being condescending and hostile towards India, a vibrant democracy and one of the oldest civilisations.
2:12 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Myth Peddlers Invented a New Russophobic Falsehood
In centuries of dominance, the West has not only extended its monetary system to the world, but has also introduced an incredible number of false myths into historical science. For this purpose, it resorted to mass falsification of “historical documents”, many of which fell into scientific circulation. Today, Western politicians are using these pseudo-documents to file claims with other countries, including Russia. At the same time, they shamelessly refer to their “scientific indisputability”. Although in order to challenge them, it is necessary to carry out an elementary examination on authenticity, which no one has ever done.
19:18 [The Unz Review] (E)
From Corbyn to Stalin to Rothschild
When the results of the elections became known, immediately, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz responded with: “The blaming of the Jews for this historic defeat has already begun. It will only get louder.” Well, this is the nature of elections. If you actively support one, winning side, you’d be congratulated by the winners and blamed by the losers. This is just, this is right. But it is not good enough for the Jews. The smart people want a better deal: to be congratulated by the winners, while the losers should just regret they haven’t had you on their side. They can’t blame you for it will be antisemitic act.
2:40 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Fake News: Headlines Paint False Picture Of Ukraine Aid Freeze
Following the court-ordered release of heavily redacted emails concerning the temporary hold of U.S. financial aid to Ukraine, press bias against President Trump was on full display. The media breathlessly reported that the aid was frozen immediately after Trump’s now-famous July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president. That all sounds terribly incriminating – if only it were true. Misleading headlines appear to have been deliberately written to imply a sequence of events that might incriminate the president but, in fact, the articles beneath those headlines concede that a hold was placed on the aid well before the Trump-Zelensky phone call.
23:11 [Cassandra`s Legacy] (E)
On Greta Thunberg: A Letter to my Non-Western Friends
Dear non-Western friends, first of all, let me tell you that I understand your perplexity about Greta Thunberg. I understand how you see this latest stunt of the Western Media of naming her "Person of the Year." From your viewpoint, it looks just like another trick of the West, one among many. And I understand that it makes you even more suspicious that the whole story of climate change is nothing but a hoax created by the Western Empire to maintain its grip on the whole planet.
7:39 [The Grayzone] (E)
No, the UN did not report China has ‘massive internment camps’ for Uighur Muslims
Media outlets falsely claimed the UN reported China is holding a million Uighurs in camps. The claim is based on unsourced allegations by an American commission member, US-funded outfits, and a shadowy government-funded opposition group.
23:13 [Intellectual Takeout] (E)
Epstein Scandal Proves Monarchy Is More Answerable to the People Than Democracy
A huge number of famous individuals have been named in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The late pedophile’s connections included many elected officials like President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and former Israeli President Ehud Barak. To date, though, there is only one person who has paid a heavy price for associating with Epstein: HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. He was fired from royal duties by his mother Queen Elizabeth II and older brother Prince Charles. Andrew’s accusers are circling in, and he will probably soon be questioned by law enforcement. No matter the outcome of any legal proceedings, Andrew is destined to spend the rest of his life in banishment and disgrace.
21:02 [Press TV] (E)
Press TV launches own video-sharing site after Google attacks
Press TV has launched the beta version of an indigenously-devised video-sharing platform after Google’s repeated attacks on Iranian media outlets. Urmedium boasts an interactive advertisement-free setting and a sizable reservoir of downloadable content. The platform has already listed channels belonging to the two networks as well as a whole host of other Iranian and international, including Russian, outlets.
7:21 [Eric Stacy/YouTube] (E)
Unthinkable: An Airline Captain`s Story
An investigative journalist explores the "murder-suicide" of 9/11 author Marshall Philips and his two children days after Philips announced a new book to include sensational new evidence of those behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Based on actual events. Skeptical?
10:54 [RT] (E)
Rise of Skywalker is the last chance to revive Disney`s Star Wars, but do fans still care enough? Does anyone?
`The Rise of Skywalker` is out this month but the hype around Disney`s $4 billion `Star Wars` franchise just isn`t there, and it hasn`t been for a while. Why have fan interest and box office figures been completely subverted?
10:49 [Consortium News] (E)
CIA Helped Shape Tom Clancy’s ‘Jack Ryan’ Series into Bigoted Venezuela Regime-Change Fantasy
Researcher Tom Secker exposed the Amazon TV show as straightforward U.S. imperial propaganda, reports Max Blumenthal.
10:47 [Consortium News] (E)
Journalist: Newsweek Suppressed OPCW Scandal And Threatened Me With Legal Action
A Newsweek journalist has resigned after the publication reportedly suppressed his story about the ever-growing OPCW scandal, the revelation of immensely significant plot holes in the establishment Syria narrative, reports Caitlin Johnstone.
15:44 [Press TV] (E)
Secretive Israeli entity found co-opting anti-Islam haters on Facebook
At least 21 “organically grown” far-right pages — some of which are among the largest of such pages on Facebook — have been co-opted by the Israeli entity during the past two years, the report said.
9:58 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Fake News By Omission - The Mass Media`s Cowardly Distortion Tool
Refusing to tell people about things that did happen distorts their worldview just as much as telling them things that did not happen...
0:33 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
The Delusions Of The Impeachment Witnesses Point To A Larger Problem
During yesterday`s impeachment hearing at the House House Judiciary Committee one of the Democrats` witnesses made some rather crazy statements. Pamela Karlan, a Stanford law professor, first proved to have bought into neo-conservative delusions about the U.S. role in the world: America is not just `the last best hope,` as Mr. Jefferies said, but it`s also the shining city on a hill. We can`t be the shining city on a hill and promote democracy around the world if we`re not promoting it here at home.
0:05 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
As The OPCW Is Accused Of False Reporting U.S. Propaganda Jumps To Its Help
An international organization published two false reports and got caught in the act. But as the false reports are in the U.S. interests a U.S. sponsored propaganda organization is send out to muddle the issue. As that effort comes under fire the New York Times jumps in to give the cover-up effort some extra help. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) manufactured a pretext for war by suppressing its own scientists` research
13:49 [State of the Nation] (E)
Why did it take so long for Newsweek to fire the reporter who wrote the patently fake news?
Newsweek has fired the writer whose article initially stated that President Donald Trump would spend Thanksgiving golfing and tweeting rather than visiting U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Washington Examiner reported on Sunday.
3:24 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Newsweek Reporter Fired After Peddling Fake News That Trump Golfed On Thanksgiving
Newsweek has fired a reporter who penned a snarky, misleading article suggesting that President Trump spent Thanksgiving `tweeting and golfing,` when he actually flew to Afghanistan for a surprise visit with US troops.
0:34 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
OPCW Manipulation Of Its Douma Report Requires A Fresh Look At The Skripal `Novichok` Case
The OPCW had send blood samples from the Skripals to the Spiez laboratory in Switzerland which found BZ, a psycho agent 25 times stronger than LSD. The OPCW hid this fact in its reports. An attack with BZ on the Skripals would be consistent with the observed symptoms that bystanders had described. The Skripals were indeed hallucinating and behaved very strangly with Sergei Skipal lifting his arms up to the sky while sitting on a bench. Exposure to BZ would also explain the Skripals` survival.
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