Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Das allgemeine Interesse … kann nur durch eine spezialisierte Klasse verwaltet werden, deren persönliche Interessen über lokale Themen hinausreichen. Diese Klasse ist befreit von Verantwortung...
  Walter Lippmann, Vordenker des Council of Foreign Relations
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20:06 [Global Research] (E)
Return of the Brown Shirts? US Federal and State Governments to Hire Contact Tracers to ‘Hunt Down New Covid-19 Cases
The US federal and state governments are now hiring “Contact Tracers” to track those who are infected with the Coronavirus.
18:17 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
The Full Story Behind "Fauci`s" 3.7 Million To Wuhan, Flu/CV Overlap & It Was Always Israelgate
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.
17:18 [Shaking My Head Productions/YouTube] (E)
Agenda "Plandemic" - 50 Years In The Making - A Must Watch & Share Video!
#PlannedEvent #Algorithms #AI #BlueprintForGoverments
8:29 [Global Research] (E)
Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation
For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died.
8:22 [youtube/George Webb] (E)
BioWeapon 911 - Looking At Evidence - Not MSM Conspiracy Theories
George Webb is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area that discovered the NATO Military Grade encryption blackberries and hard drives used by DNC Chairwoman`s IT assistant, Imran Awan. Webb has documented NATO involvement on Capitol Hill in the diversion of weapons provisioned by Congress for conflict areas such as Iraq and Pakistan into other covert operations like Libya, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen.
7:29 [The American Prospect] (E)
Did Joe Pizza Tell Trump About Hydroxychloroquine?
Mr. Pizza, whose wife was serenaded by Trump at Mar-a-Lago, is a hydroxychloroquine dealer. President Trump has latched onto antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID-19 patients, and no one knows why. The drug has shown some promise in isolated cases, but there has not been enough research to justify the president’s medical advice to “try it, if you like.”
8:35 [youtube/corbettreport] (E)
Corona World Order
Some are suggesting that the current crisis is the end of globalization, or that it will wipe out the New World Order altogether . . . but they are wrong. In fact, this crisis is the globalists` dream, and what we are witnessing is the birth of a totalitarian control grid the likes of which could scarcely have been imagined before this pandemic panic kicked off.
19:49 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
Even More Evidence Pointing To Coronavirus Starting In The US & It Being Weaponized
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.
6:36 [Stalker Zone] (E)
A Man-Made Virus?
The Vatican says the coronavirus was created in a “laboratory in a powerful and wealthy country”. Cardinal and Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Ranjith, is convinced that the Covid-19 coronavirus was created by the hands of man in the “laboratory of a powerful and wealthy country”. The Cardinal demanded that the United Nations initiate an investigation in this regard, and that those responsible are prosecuted on charges of genocide and are punished.
2:44 [youtube/we are change] (E)
You Are Not Being Told The Truth!
This Won`t End Well!
12:15 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
COVID 19, an Engineered Pandemic?
To examine the facts, and facts are “slim to none,” skill sets curiously withheld will be applied. First of all, and perhaps above all as well, that facts are “slim to none” is telling.
14:20 [globalresearch] (E)
China’s Coronavirus: A Shocking Update. Did The Virus Originate in the US?
Japan, China and Taiwan Reports on the Origin of the Virus
14:20 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
New Evidence Shows Coronavirus Started In The US, Not China
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.
22:21 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself?
Philip Giraldi - The most commonly reported mainstream media account of the creation of the Coronavirus suggests that it was derived from an animal borne microorganism found in a wild bat that was consumed by an ethnic Chinese resident of Wuhan. But there appears to be some evidence to dispute that in that adjacent provinces in China, where wild bats are more numerous, have not experienced major outbreaks of the disease. Because of that and other factors, there has also been considerable speculation that the Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent.
20:19 [nomorefakenews] (E)
How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)
This article assembles facts contained in my ongoing series on the “China epidemic.” To get the details, I recommend going back and reading all those articles (archive here).
8:06 [Corey`s Digs] (E)
Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 3: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Chapter one revealed the historical timeline, involving three former U.S. presidents, of the creation of the Global Fund and PEPFAR, in addition to the big players that put this into motion, along with numerous NGOs that jumped on board this gravy train. It also exposed two huge factors of how AIDS evolved.
17:09 [The Last American Vagabond] (E)
How are the DARPA experiments related to the Wuhan coronavirus?
By Whitney Webb - In recent weeks, concern over the emergence of a novel coronavirus in China has grown exponentially as media, experts and government officials around the world have openly worried that this new disease has the potential to develop into a global pandemic..As concerns about the future of the ongoing outbreak have grown, so too have the number of theories speculating about the outbreak’s origin, many of which blame a variety of state actors and/or controversial billionaires.
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