Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Die Taktiken der Israel-Lobby stellen Höhepunkte der Schande und Unanständigkeit dar, sie schließen Rufmord ebenso mit ein wie selektive falsche Zitate, vorsätzliche Verfälschung der Fakten, Fabrikation von Unwahrheiten und vollkommene Missachtung der Wahrheit.
  Chas Freeman
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11:43 [youtube/trunews] (E)
Danger Zone: Cycles point to extreme global instability in 2020s
On today’s TruNews, host and founder Rick Wiles delves into a compelling discussion on cycles, as trends in world affairs in war, economics, instability and demographics collide for a global impact. Do the global elite have advance knowledge of changes yet to come, and are world leaders racing us towards a Bi-polar World Order that will arise from the ashes of a conflict between the United States and China?
12:20 [globalresearch] (E)
Risks to Health and Well-Being from Radio-Frequency Radiation (RFR) Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices
Radiation exposure has long been a concern for the public, policy makers, and health researchers. Beginning with radar during World War II, human exposure to radio-frequency radiation1 (RFR) technologies has grown substantially over time.
19:54 [Oriental Review] (E)
Connecting The Dots Between Hitler And Global Warming
Thanks to the 1917 Balfour declaration, we know that international bankers wanted to create a Jewish nation in Palestine, so they first sent T.E. Lawrence of Arabia to get Palestine for them. Hitler’s historical timing was absolutely perfect with his 1925 publication «Mein Kampf»; in fact, so perfect that one wonders why history courses don’t even mention it in universities! How convenient was the emergence of a racist German leader that wanted to rid Europe of the Jewish population only 8 years after the Balfour declaration, exactly when Rothschild needed Jews to fill up his new country!
19:07 [Steve Pieczenik/YouTube] (E)
OPUS 170 Epstein`s Parodoxical Death?
Hell0 They think we are so stupid in reality this is an epicfail of justice and the intelligence system. Yet, somehow it all plays out like a very bad movie.
0:28 [Sputnik news] (F)
Le financier Epstein, accusé de trafic sexuel, se serait suicidé dans sa cellule
Le millionnaire américain Jeffrey Epstein, inculpé pour exploitation sexuelle sur mineurs, a été retrouvé mort dans sa cellule, annoncent les médias. Selon le ministère de la Justice, le FBI a ouvert une enquête sur le «suicide apparent» de Jeffrey Epstein.
21:37 [youtube/trunews] (E)
Epstein`s Breeder Ranch: Transhumans to Populate Maxwell`s TerraMar?
Today on TRUNEWS we discuss Mossad spy Jeffrey Epstein’s vision for an Übermensch breeding operation to leave his mark on humanity through his Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey.
11:39 [The Millenium Report] (E)
Everything points to Epstein being suicided via a ‘false flag’ hoax
Will Epstein be Arkancided or just appear to be? The Powers That Be Would Never Eliminate an Intel Asset as Valuable as Epstein
11:37 [Der Überflieger] (D)
Area 51 – ein Flashmob und die Drohungen der U.S. Air-Force - Leute sucht beim Papoose-Salzsee nach S4
Auf Facebook verbreitete sich binnen kürzester Zeit ein Event mit dem Titel „Storm Area 51, They Can´t Stop Us All“. Wer genau hinschaut erkennt, dass der Ersteller dieses Events sich selbst „Shitposting cause I´m in shambles“ nennt. Es war somit logischerweise, um ein „Schmäh-Posting“.
19:42 [youtube/Know More News] (E)
Trump`s Mobster Mentor Ran a Blackmail Ring
Since decades they had this business running: honeypots and blackmail.
19:44 [Steve Piecznik/YouTube] (E)
OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection
"Thank God for the decent people that risked their lives` to expose this sickness, this sin. I`ve been awake for days and here it goes..."
21:23 [] (E)
Tech Lords, British Black Chamber, Nazi IBM, and Five Eyes
This citizen intelligence report is for advanced readers, sleuths, and intelligence operatives. We gathered this week’s discoveries on one page for easy access and to help you “see” the big picture of who is running the planet. We need to know who the enemy is and what are its weaknesses in order to give a precision blow to this beast. If you are new to our site, apologies if this seems too intense today; however, if you look under the hoods of these hyperlinks, you might make some astonishing discoveries.
21:21 [youtube/we are change] (E)
We`re Storming Area 51! Black Vests? Why FTC $5 Billion Fine Actually Helped Facebook.
Luke Rudovsky also has some new discoverys of the Epstein network.
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