Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Argwöhnisch wacht der Mensch über alles, was ihm gehört. Nur die Zeit läßt er sich stehlen, am meisten vom Fernsehen.
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9:50 [Stalker Zone] (E)
In Western Ukraine a Veteran of the SS “Galicia” Division Did a Nazi Salute Whilst Accepting an Honorary State Award
In Kalush in the Ivano-Frankovsk region a solemn ceremony of awarding the veteran of the Nazi 14th Waffen SS “Galicia” Division Vasily Nakonechny took place. The 95-year-old Nazi was presented with the Knight’s Cross of the division. A video of the celebration was published online. It is seen how during the awarding he threw his hand up in a Nazi “sieg heil” greeting. He fought in the “Galicia” Division during 1941-1944. On May 24th 2018, the deputies of the Kalush City Council decided to award him the title “Honorary Citizen of Kalush”.
10:53 [Veterans Today] (E)
Did US torpedo the entire global economy to stop China’s rise?
This is very interesting news that Israel is now saying that US intelligence warned them in November about a potentially catastrophic pandemic in Wuhan, China, and apparently other US allies were also warned in November. This confirms what ABC News reported earlier this week and, of course, the Trump administration denied it. You’re not supposed to believe anything until it’s been denied maybe twice or three times. So we’ll have to wait for a couple more denials before we can be sure that this is true.
19:53 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Peter Navarro: A Man Who Smear China without Knowing Much about It
For many years now, it has been obvious that in both North America and Europe, smearing and provoking China has become an extremely lucrative business, even career. There are entire ‘institutes’ and NGOs dedicated strictly to such activities, and there are individuals who are groomed to become anti-Chinese warriors. Peter Navarro, a neo-con and a right-wing combatant, has been, for years, feeling confident that he knows precisely just “how evil” the People’s Republic of China really is. He has written books on the topic, and he has made videos. He cannot stop talking about the ‘evilness’ of the most populous country on Earth.
7:35 [Housatonic Live/YouTube] (E)
Ep 28.8: Dr Fauci Pharmacy: Preventing you from seeing your parents on their last Easter of life
(Jan 10, 2017 ) Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration: Keynote Address by Anthony S. Fauci -
8:23 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Joe Biden and Ukraine: A Quick Reminder
September 26, 2019 - A quick reminder of what Joe Biden did during the collective West’s 2014 coup in Kiev… Biden insisted on capturing governmental and administrative buildings in the most violent way, preferably with victims. In order to do this, there had to already be some “symbolic” deaths. He cooked up and coordinated a scenario with other foreign embassies. In addition, Maidan was dying and it needed extra fuel in order to remain alive. The scenario involved “protestors” being shot by snipers. Biden’s guys (Parubiy, Pashinsky, Parasyuk) organised the massacre.
3:05 [] (E)
‘Zionist’ Biden in His Own Words: ‘My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel’
“I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist,” current Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, said in April 2007, soon before he was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 elections. Biden is, of course, correct, because Zionism is a political movement that is rooted in 20th century nationalism and fascism. Its use of religious dogmas is prompted by political expediency, not spirituality or faith. Unlike US President, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders, Biden’s only serious opponent in the Democratic primaries, Biden’s stand on Israel is rarely examined. Trump has made his support for Israel the cornerstone of his foreign policy agenda since his inauguration into the White House in January 2017. The American President has basically transformed into Israel’s political genie, granting Tel Aviv all of its wishes in complete defiance of international law.
19:05 [Tasnim News] (E)
Yemen’s New Air Defense Systems to Change Equations: US Analyst
“I think Yemen`s new air defense systems will definitely serve as a turning point in the war. When Saudi Arabia and its allies launched this war against the popular uprising led by Ansarullah in 2015, they didn`t expect it to last more than a few weeks or months,” Randi Nord told Tasnim in an interview
12:32 [MintPress News] (E)
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Helped Topple Gadhafi While France & UK Fought Over Libya’s Oil
March 25th, 2016/by Kit O`Connell - Clinton bragged about the U.S. role in Moammar Gadhafi’s death, and her emails leaked by Wikileaks show the race to claim Libya’s resources in the aftermath. A message from Hillary Clinton’s private email server reveals that France and the United Kingdom both sought to control Libya’s oil in the days after the U.S.-backed coup in 2011. An email sent on Sept. 16, 2011 to Clinton, then the U.S. Secretary of State, from journalist and family friend Sidney Blumenthal, shows that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron each traveled to Tripoli about one month after Moammar Gadhafi’s government fell in order to assert their claim on Libya’s energy reserves. They made these demands, Blumenthal wrote, during meetings with the country’s National Transitional Council, a de facto government which formed with Western support in the aftermath of the coup:
12:29 [WikiLeaks] (E)
A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war
by Julian Assange - Hillary didn`t just vote for Iraq. She made her own Iraq. Libya is Hillary`s Iraq and if she becomes president she will make more. I have had years of experience in dealing with Hillary Clinton and have read thousands of her cables. Hillary lacks judgement and will push the United States into endless, stupid wars which spread terrorism. Her personality combined with her poor policy decisions have directly contributed to the rise of ISIS. Pentagon generals objected to destroying the Libyan state. They felt Hillary did not have a safe post-war plan. Hillary Clinton went over their heads. Libya has been destroyed. It became a haven for ISIS. The Libyan national armory was looted and hundreds of tons of weapons were transferred to jihadists in Syria. Hillary`s war has increased terrorism, killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians and has set back women`s rights in the Middle East by hundreds of years.
19:23 [American Herald Tribune] (E)
The United States Is in Syria Illegally as a Proxy for Israel and Saudi Arabia
PHILIP GIRALDI - The first week in February was memorable for the failed impeachment of President Donald Trump, the “re-elect me” State of the Union address and the marketing of a new line of underwear by Kim Kardashian. Given all of the excitement, it was easy to miss a special State Department press briefing by Ambassador James Jeffrey held on February 5th regarding the current situation in Syria. Jeffrey is the United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement and the Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIL. Jeffrey has had a distinguished career in government service, attaining senior level State Department positions under both Democratic and Republican presidents. He has served as U.S. Ambassador to both Turkey and Iraq.
14:41 [RT Russiapedia] (E)
Prominent Russians: German Gref
German Gref is the Chairman of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, which is majority-owned by the Russian Central Bank. Gref served for seven years, from 2000 to 2007, as the Minister for Trade and Economic Development of the Russian Federation in the administrations of Prime Ministers Mikhail Kasyanov and Mikhail Fradkov. German Gref was born on 8 February 1964 in a village in Kazakhstan, which was then part of the Soviet Union. His family is of German descent and was moved to Kazakhstan from the Donetsk Basin area of Ukraine in 1941 during the German invasion.
13:16 [Courage Foundation] (E)
Panel Criticizes ‘Unacceptable Practices’ in the OPCW’s investigation of the Alleged Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria on April 7th 2018
October 23, 2019 - The Courage Foundation convened a panel of concerned individuals from the fields of disarmament, international law, journalism, military operations, medicine and intelligence in Brussels on October 15th....We have learned of disquieting efforts to exclude some inspectors from the investigation whilst thwarting their attempts to raise legitimate concerns, highlight irregular practices or even to express their differing observations and assessments —a right explicitly conferred on inspectors in the Chemical Weapons Convention, evidently with the intention of ensuring the independence and authoritativeness of inspection reports.
14:02 [youtube/The Grayzone] (E)
Israel has played a key role in US aggression towards Iran
As the Trump administration`s stated rationale for killing Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis collapses, journalist Gareth Porter has pieced together the overlooked background. Porter reports that the assassination was in fact the culmination of a lengthy provocation campaign involving Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and the Israeli government
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