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13:36 [Telesur] Welt - Lateinamerika
Correa Returns To Ecuador To Register His Candidacy
The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, will return to his country at the end of the year to register his candidacy for vice president or as a member of the assembly, facing the 2021 presidential elections, Fausto Vase, his lawyer, told Reuters.
8:26 [Strategic Culture Foundation] Welt - Asien-Pazifik
Pepe Escobar: No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China
The New Silk Roads – or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – were launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013, first in Central Asia (Nur-Sultan) and then Southeast Asia (Jakarta). One year later, the Chinese economy overtook the U.S. on a PPP basis. Inexorably, year after year since the start of the millennium, the U.S. share of the global economy shrinks while China’s increases. China is already the key hub of the global economy and the leading trade partner of nearly 130 nations. While the U.S. economy is hollowed out, and the casino financing of the U.S. government – repo markets and all – reads as a dystopian nightmare, the civilization-state steps ahead in myriad areas of technological research, not least because of Made in China 2025.
8:19 [Tass] Welt - Russland und Zentralasien
Putin says Russia, Ukraine torn apart to prevent major rival from emerging
Russian-Ukrainian cooperation irks numerous countries because it creates a global competitor to challenge them, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. "Any integration of Russia and Ukraine, along with their capacities and competitive advantages would spell the emergence of a rival, a global rival for both Europe and the world. No one wants this. That`s why they`ll do anything to tear us apart,"
8:16 [Tass] Themen - Migration
West Ukrainians setting up barricades to block people evacuated from China
Demonstrators in west Ukraine’s Ternopol Region are barricading off roads leading to their communities to prevent people who will be evacuated from China amid the coronavirus outbreak from being taken to their local medical facilities on Thursday. According to reports emerging, a few dozens people dug out ditches and laid concrete blocks and tyres to block the roadway to the village of Konoptovka in the Ternopol Region, warning that they will not allow evacuees to be taken to the Medobory local sanatorium for fear that the novel coronavirus will spread around and claiming that the medical facility cannot provide the necessary conditions for such patients, Segodnya media outlet writes.
7:39 [Stalker Zone] Europa - Allgemein
Kiev’s Problems and the Escalation in Donbass
There was another escalation in Donbass. Everyone understood that sooner or later it would take place. Periodic exacerbations were the basis of Poroshenko’s tactics in Donbass, and since Zelensky was fully embedded in the image of his predecessor, it was reasonable to expect also a repetition of his tactical moves.
7:36 [] Welt - Nordamerika
Trump`s Budget: More Warfare, Slightly Less Welfare
Ron Paul - Listening to the howls from Democrats and the applause from Republicans, one would think President Trump’s proposed fiscal year 2021 budget is a radical assault on the welfare state. The truth is that the budget contains some minor spending cuts, most of which are not even real cuts. Instead they are reductions in the “projected rate of growth.”
7:35 [rt] Themen - Menschenrechte
Watch harrowing footage of 2007 Baghdad killings projected onto UK parliament wall in protest against Assange`s extradition
Campaigners have projected the footage of an American airstrike on Iraqi civilians, originally exposed by WikiLeaks, onto the parliament building in London, to protest against the proposed extradition to the US of Julian Assange.
7:34 [David Swanson] Welt - Nordamerika
You Have to Laugh
It’s often hard to report on U.S. politics and government with a straight face. It’s even harder to report on the usual reporting on U.S. politics and government with a straight face. So much of it is beyond the reach of parody. Yet it also opens up opportunities to shock people with basic facts. The stock market going up is not a good thing. Wars don’t expand human rights. Loony newfangled schemes to give everyone healthcare and education have been tried for many decades in many countries, making them more reliable and old-fashioned than getting to keep your beloved health insurance company and student debt. Muslim terrorists are not in the top 1,000 threats to your health. Russian Facebook accounts are not in the top 10,000 corrupting influences on U.S. elections. The amount of money the Pentagon spends every year is $100,000 times $100,000 times $100 plus more than you can truly comprehend. Michael Bloomberg is not an impressive serious person.
7:33 [World Beyond War] Themen - Militär und Frieden
Building the Wanfried Peace Factory (In The Middle Of Germany)
By Wolfgang Lieberknecht - Because networking for peace needs places for personal encounters, we are building the Wanfried Peace Factory in the middle of Germany. Not only from Eschwege, Eisenach, Assbach and Kassel, but also from Düren, Goch and Menden, people come to the peace factory in Wanfried.
17:53 [Strategic Culture Foundation] Themen - Armut und Reichtum
With Bloomberg Entering Race, U.S. Oligarchy Takes Stage
Finian Cunningham - The American two-party system has always been an electoral front to conceal the reality of how big money buys U.S. politics. Now with media tycoon Mike Bloomberg entering the presidential race, U.S. “democracy” can be seen for what it is: it’s all about big money duking it out.
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