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Themen - Bevölkerungskontrolle
23:58 [Club Orlov] (E)
Mass Media Delusions
or anyone who lives in the West (the US, the EU and its various adjuncts such as Australia, New Zealand) and wants to know what really goes on in the world, a major hindrance is the powerful filter imposed on reality by Western mass media. It uses two methods to prevent reality from leaking through to the public, one active, one passive.
19:31 [Global Research] (E)
Israeli Deadly Force Against Palestinian Civilians
For over half a century, Occupied Palestine has been and remains a deadly undeclared free fire war zone. Time and again, Israeli forces gun down Palestinians engaged in peaceful demonstrations threatening no one.
8:22 [mondoweiss] (E)
Purging the Nakba. Or how an Israeli security agency takes on a monstrosity, the truth
...As a report by Israeli NGO Akevot and reporter Hagar Shezaf shows, one of Israel’s most notorious security apparatus, DSDE, has been going through official archives for almost two decades and removing “delicate” documents from them, particularly those recording events during the Nakba.
19:36 [youtube/Representative Press] (E)
Tulsi Gabbard`s sister, @vrin_davan, has been suspended from Twitter.
Look how Twitter suspended her sister`s account on the last critical day she is fundraising for Tulsi
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