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19:36 [youtube/Representative Press] (E)
Tulsi Gabbard`s sister, @vrin_davan, has been suspended from Twitter.
Look how Twitter suspended her sister`s account on the last critical day she is fundraising for Tulsi
0:52 [The electronic Intifada] (E)
Mossad role in Israel’s war against BDS confirmed
This week the Israeli newspaper Haaretz confirmed something that The Electronic Intifada has been reporting for years. The Mossad, reputedly Israel’s most ruthless and violent spy agency, is involved in the war against BDS, the nonviolent boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights. Strategic affairs minister Gilad Erdan leads Israel’s fight against BDS.
22:47 [Global Research] (E)
US Exceptionalism: Exploiting Certain Syrians, Ignoring Others
Syria and Russia have been evacuating civilians from yet another region starved by its Western-backed terrorists. But Western corporate media ignore this and instead continue spinning nightmarish war propaganda on Syria. Predictably, copy-paste Syrian reports emanate from Western governments and corporate media feign concern for civilians in Idlib while negating to mention that the Idlib governorate is an Al-Qaeda hotbed.
7:53 [Tom Luongo] (E)
Fault Lines – Google, Facebook Censorship and Why Brave Combats It
It’s time to get Brave. I did another 40 minutes with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on Sputnik Radio on Friday. This seems to be a regular thing that I am immensely grateful to them for. This week we discuss the Google Adpocalypse among other things. To remind you of what the stakes are here:
19:06 [Morning Star] (E)
The dangers posed by Steve Bannon
THE public premiere of the documentary The Brink caused a new wave of debate in the United States and Canada around the figure of Steve Bannon and his politico-missionary activity around the world. Behind whom does he stand, and most importantly, who is behind him? The man who brought Donald Trump to power in the US is able to achieve the unachievable.
8:01 [offGuardian] (E)
Facebook, das die Links von OffG zensiert
One of our readers recently brought something rather alarming to our attention via Facebook. It seems that certain of our articles, when shared, are not visible to anyone but the person who shared them. He sent us these examples: Apparently, our content goes against Facebook’s “community standards”. These are long, and rambling, but we can assume they’re referring to this section
7:54 [RT America/Ben Swann/YouTube] (E)
Ben Swann ON: Amazon In Your Home Whether You Like It Or Not
Tech and retail giant Amazon wants to provide in-home services to people in state-of-the art apartments—whether you want them or not. Investigative journalist Ben Swann unpacks this development with RT America’s Manila Chan.
9:00 [The Vineyard of the Saker] (E)
“White Helmets”, gas attacks, & evil Russians: The new “Call of Duty” video game is CIA propaganda?
We’re in the Middle East, and after a big explosion caused by an aerial bombing, a female child is stuck under all of the rubble, people come to remove the remaining rubble and pull the girl out. Then toxic gas is deployed. Does this description sound familiar? No, it’s not the contents of the latest script dispatched by the US State Department to the HQ of the Al Qaeda communications branch known as the “White Helmets” in Idlib. Although if it was me who was being asked this question, I would also cite the “Assad used Sarin” hoax. This is, however, the plot of the latest instalment of the Call of Duty video game series, which essentially promotes American war crimes and the idea that shooting another person is not only a good thing, but it can also lead to rewards.
15:45 [Press TV] (E)
Press TV is targeted: Help us fight back!
Pursuant to the US administration’s latest wave of confrontational policies against Tehran, Google recently moved to stifle the YouTube platform of Iran’s English-language Press TV news and documentary network, which has long sought to give voice to those peoples and communities across the world whose stories do not achieve due attention by the mainstream media, mainly in the United States.
13:05 [youtube/we are change] (E)
You Won`t Believe Why Facebook Just Gave All Of Your Information To The Military
This new military study involving Facebook is very intrusive.
11:22 [youtube/the intercept] (E)
Why You Should Care About Trump’s War on Whistleblowers
By the time President Barack Obama left office, his Justice Department had indicted eight journalistic sources under the Espionage Act, more than all U.S. presidents before him combined.
21:52 [youtube/trnn] (E)
German Parliament Criminalizes Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement
Germany becomes the first country in the world to criminalize the BDS movement. Shir Hever, TRNN Correspondent in Germany and expert on Palestine-Israel, responds
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