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Risiko entsteht, wenn man nicht weiß was man tut
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0:19 [Indian Punchline] (E)
The rise and rise of Bangladesh
The Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent official visit to China on July 1-6 highlights a new template in regional politics — the rise of Bangladesh as regional power. Last year Bangladesh outstripped India as the fastest growing economy in South Asia — at 7.3%. Hasina has set the compass to navigate her country to the status of a middle income country by 2021 on the path to ‘Sonar Bangla’ and a developed country by 2041.
14:38 [Tom Luongo] (E)
Only Trump Could Go To North Korea
Donald Trump did the unthinkable. He went to North Korea. He stepped over the line in the sand demarked by Washington protocol for nearly seventy years. And that Washington establishment, predictably, hates him for it. It can be felt from all sides of the political rotunda. They hate that Trump realizes their position, one of maximum pressure, isn’t working. They despise that Russia and China will benefit from ending this frozen conflict not to mention Koreans on both sides of the DMZ. The cynic in me thinks they are angry that the American people will benefit as well.
13:41 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Makes History As First US President To Enter North Korea; Announces Restart Of Nulear Talks
President Trump made history on Sunday by taking an unprecedented step - literally - onto North Korean soil, after which he held an extraordinary last-minute meeting with Kim Jong Un in which he announced that Washington and Pyongyang will relaunch stalled nuclear talks. Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to cross the 1953 armistice line separating North and South Korea, then joined Kim side-by-side for a roughly 50-minute meeting in the heavily-fortified demilitarized zone. It was their third since Trump took office, but none have yet yielded a nuclear deal.
23:16 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
In Indonesian Borneo: Humiliate Native People, then Loot their Land
You will never read about it, but Dayak people, the “First Nation” of the enormous island of Borneo, are broken, robbed and brainwashed. “Unity in diversity” it says; the motto of Indonesia. But it could be argued that the opposite is true. There is very little unity, and less and less diversity, as the country is controlled from Jakarta, an enormous, overpopulated stinky and sinking megapolis which is located on the island of Java.
13:48 [youtube/the Duran] (E)
Malaysian PM crushes Dutch-led MH17 report, "no proof, only hearsay”
The Malaysian PM said the charges are politically motivated. “As far as we are concerned we want proof of guilt,” he said. “But so far, there is no proof. Only hearsay.”
8:33 [Sana] (E)
Al-Moallem starts visit to Pyongyang at invitation of his counterpart Ri Yong Ho
Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al–Moallem and his accompanying delegation on Friday began an official visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) at the invitation of his counterpart Ri Yong Ho.
20:06 [Global Times] (E)
Greater Bay Area will lead Hong Kong’s youth to prosperity
Almost 22 years since Hong Kong`s return to China, the special administrative region has greatly progressed, yet it has encountered some challenges. The younger generation, in particular, has been struggling with facing up to the huge gap between their glorious ideals and plain reality. A survey conducted by Hong Kong`s Wofoo Social Enterprise in September 2018 revealed that the happiness index of young people in Hong Kong was only 5.94 out of 10, much lower than 7.45 for seniors.
20:03 [Asia Times] (E)
Protests set stage for historic clash in Hong Kong.
Youthful demonstrators block talks on controversial extradition bill, paralyzing the financial hub.
5:16 [Global Times] (E)
US pressure prompts new list system
China`s National Development and Reform Commission is mulling establishing a national technological security management list system, the Xinhua News Agency reported. Detailed measures will be unveiled in the near future.
21:27 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Hundreds Dies ‘as a Result of the Indonesian Elections’
It truly looked grand, impressive – the fourth most populous country on earth voted in general elections, which were held on 17 April 2019. Hundreds of positions were for grab: that of the president, the vice president, members of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), and members of local legislative bodies. There were 190 million eligible voters in the country, and sixteen parties, including four new ones.
13:13 [Global Times] (E)
Speech at the 18th Shangri-La Dialogue by Gen. Wei Fenghe, State Councilor and Minister of National Defense, PRC
Speech at the 18th Shangri-La Dialogue by Gen. Wei Fenghe State Councilor and Minister of National Defense, PRC 2 June, 2019
15:35 [Press TV] (E)
North Korea calls America’s Bolton ‘inordinately ignorant’ over missile test remarks
North Korea has criticized US National Security Adviser John Bolton, calling him a “war fanatic” and a “human defect” that should be banished after the hawkish US official said Pyongyang’s latest missile tests violated UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.
13:16 [ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights] (E)
Thailand: Regional MPs urge end to judicial harassment of opposition politician
The Thai authorities must end their harassment of a prominent opposition politician and not seek to undermine anti-military parties in the National Assembly, ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) said today. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, the leader of the Future Forward Party (FFP), has faced at least two apparently politically motivated criminal cases over the past year.
21:31 [Covert Geopolitics] (E)
China is Internally Calling for “People’s War” Against US Arrogance
In any form of conflict, one cannot expect China to use aggressive language to hammer a point, but as far as the US is concerned, that’s the norm. This doesn’t mean, however, that China is incapable of doing the same. She just doesn’t do it out of arrogance, but to rally the people into a coherent position against an external aggressor.
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