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Denn wir haben wahrlich keinen Rechtsanspruch auf Demokratie und soziale Marktwirtschaft auf alle Ewigkeit.
  Angela Merkel, Festveranstaltung "60 Jahre CDU", 16.Juni 2005
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20:42 [Zero Hedge] (E)
US To Lead Biggest Military Drill In Europe Since Cold War, Showing NATO How It`s Done
Coming off last week`s 70th anniversary NATO conference in London where deep cracks in the Western alliance were felt more than ever, and where its mission scope is now proposed as including China (given many are questioning `what`s next?`) — a summit which President Trump also abruptly departed early after the `hot mic` incident involving world leaders laughing at him, Washington is signalling its abiding commitment to NATO by planning massive war games on European soil in April. This also after Trump lambasted low-spending European allies as "delinquent" but also hit back at French President Macron`s prior "brain death" of NATO comments as "very nasty" remarks. When in doubt, hold a massive military show of force, apparently:
23:24 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Some Truth About The War On Afghanistan
The Washington Post liberated some 2,000 pages of more than 400 interview transcripts and summaries from the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). The interviews were with officials and soldiers involved in the war on Afghanistan. Reading through the three part series on the papers is depressing. The opinions and narrations of the insiders are, as could be expected, devastating
13:54 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Preparing the Stage: A Flawed Prospectus for War, This Time With Iran
Alastair Crooke - “This is a historic opportunity”, whispered one of Netanyahu’s insiders into Ben Caspit (a leading Israeli journalist)’s ear this week: “You have no idea what we can wheedle from the Americans now, what a golden opportunity we face when the US is about to enter an election year”. “Bunker busters”, he mutters to Caspit, who elaborates that: “According to members of Netanyahu’s inner circle, these bombs will be given to Israel once it signs the mutual defence agreement that Netanyahu has been working on.”
14:34 [Fars News Agency] (E)
Report: Russia Warplanes Intercept Israeli Jets over Southern Syria
According to Russian publication Avia.Pro, Russia’s warplanes intercepted the Israeli warplanes that had been seeking to attack the T-4 Airbase in Syria`s Western province of Homs last week.
10:48 [Consortium News] (E)
Moral Injury & America’s Endless Conflicts
Arnold R. Isaacs reports on a symposium hosted by the U.S. Special Operations Command on a subject that remains controversial within the military, but is gaining recognition.
12:23 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
The US Is Manufacturing A War With Iran Under Cover Of The Impeachment Distraction
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.
22:25 [RT] (E)
Pensacola shooter ‘held mass-shooting dinner party’ where fellow Saudi students watched disturbing videos – report
The gunman allegedly posted a manifesto to Twitter shortly before his rampage, accusing the US of waging a “war of attrition” on Muslims around the world, and condemning its drone strikes and secret prisons.
20:52 [Fort Russ] (E)
Erdoğan Opened a Pandora’s Box in Libya That Will Be Difficult to Close
Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean are rapidly rising after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with a Libyan official of the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), based in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, in Ankara last week. They agreed on their own Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) that penetrates into Greek and Cypriot waters, in violation of the United Nations Convention Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) that favors Cypriot and Greek claims, a major reason why Turkey is only one of 15 UN members, out of 193, that has not signed it.
15:21 [Lew Rockwell] (E)
The Only Truly Civilized People are Anti-War
“What is left after war is silence: The silence of the death; the silence of the debris; the silence of the birds! After war even the screams of sadness are silent because the pain is in the very depths of the soul!” ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
15:15 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
The Filthy Truth About America’s Fake Position on Afghanistan
America’s policy toward Afghanistan and the promise of upcoming negotiations is total fakery. We begin with a simple truth. Under American rule, a unique form of corruption, crippling every region, every economic sector, invading every institution, has left that nation not just hopeless, but in total wreckage, just like the US has done to Syria, Yemen and Iraq and would do to Iran if allowed. When the US entered Afghanistan in 2001, that nation no longer produced any opium at all. There were no addicts, no poppy growers, no heroin processing plants and no narcotics infrastructure.
14:21 [The Saker] (E)
War in Ukraine -The One You Are Not Been Told About
by arras for The Saker - When you hear about the war in Ukraine, you might think of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia Western corporate media has been jellying at you about for five years. That war is fake, as fake as Trump-Russia collusion story. If there ever has been a war between Ukraine and Russia, it would have been over a long time ago. As Vladimir Putin famously said to the head of the EU Manuel Barroso in 2014, Russian tanks could be in Kiev, and the Ukrainian capital could be taken within two weeks if Russians wanted. And no serious political leader or military expert has ever cast a doubt on it.
19:11 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
NATO Ups the Military Ante against China and Russia
In the recent foreign ministers level NATO summit held in Brussels, the NATO leaders not only re-affirmed their commitment to the same confrontational ideology that it has been following ever since its creation after the Second World War, but also added China in the list of enemy countries, vowing to start its military surveillance. This is a significant development in that it is not only meant to induce new ‘life’ into the force but also consolidate the organisation at a time when internal divisions have been making headlines for quite some time now.
17:56 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Bull(s) In A China Shop: NATO 70th Anniversary Summit Braces For Trump
As the president departs Washington Monday to attend events marking the seventieth anniversary of the NATO alliance hosted in London, European allies are said to be "bracing for Trump". Past NATO venues have seen Trump openly chastise allies related to his familiar theme of the Europeans shouldering more of the defense spending burden, making the Dec.3-4 summit ripe for a "bull in a China shop" moment.
14:00 [Tehran Times] (E)
NATO at zero point!
The NATO summit in London shows clearly that the North Atlantic Treaty is in a serious crisis for its survival. In recent days, Western analysts have analyzed and evaluated various aspects of the tensions and challenges among NATO members.
13:58 [RT] (E)
NATO at 70: Sclerotic & bureaucratic zombie should be pensioned off
Seventy is normally considered a ripe old age at which people should be enjoying retirement. The NATO alliance, which meets to celebrate its anniversary in London, should have been pensioned off long ago. The French president, who told the Economist in early November that NATO was “brain dead”, seems determined to jolt the alliance and its members out of their collective coma. In a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Paris on November 28, Macron tried to inject a large dose of realism and clarity into a body which years ago haemorrhaged into a sclerotic and bureaucratic zombie.
10:39 [Viable Opposition] (E)
The Unreported War and Its High Cost to Civilians
The war that is pretty much ignored by the mainstream media, particularly in the United States, just passed a milestone although you`d be hard-pressed to learn anything about it. According to an analysis by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project or ACLED, the war in Yemen has now resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 people and more than 40,000 conflict events have taken place since 2015.
22:04 [World Beyond War] (E)
The No Bases Campaign
The closing of U.S. bases and the removal of U.S. military personnel are critical to the elimination of war. The United States has more than 150,000 military troops deployed outside the United States on more than 800 bases (some estimates are more than 1000) in 160 countries, and all 7 continents.
13:46 [national interest] (E)
Trump Must Understand a War With Iran Would Be Hell
Iran and its allies have been preparing for this fight.
11:36 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Navy Secretary Fired Over SEAL Controversy
Update: President Trump has weighed in over Twitter, writing that he was "not pleased" with how Gallagher`s trial was handled and that Spencer had been terminated. He also cited "large cost overruns from past administration`s contracting procedures," adding "Eddie will retire peacefully with all of the honors that he has earned, including his Trident pin."....Secretary of Defense Mark Esper asked Navy Secretary Richard Spencer to resign on Sunday after the Pentagon chief lost confidence in how Spencer handled the case of a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes in Iraq, according to the Pentagon.
10:34 [youtube/The Grayzone] (E)
US arming of Ukraine is a scandal on its own
There is growing evidence that Donald Trump briefly froze U.S. military assistance to Ukraine for political goals. Max Blumenthal explores how the Ukrainegate scandal overlooks the dangers of those weapons sales to Ukraine and the corrupt interests behind it.
7:36 [The Intercept] (E)
Baghdadi Died, but the U.S. War on Terror Will Go on Forever
AS A MATTER of principle, I try to restrain myself from celebrating the misfortunes of others. But nearly a decade ago, when I heard the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a nighttime U.S. military raid in Pakistan, I briefly allowed myself a moment of naive optimism. My hope was that the death of the Al Qaeda leader might be the beginning of the end of the “war on terrorism” — that strange, brutal global conflict that had defined our generation and already claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people worldwide. Such hopes, it turned out, were far too optimistic. The killing of bin Laden did not usher in a better world.
19:48 [One World] (E)
The Military Coup Against Morales Won`t End The Hybrid War On Bolivia
President Morales resigned under duress following the military`s "request" that he do so after the US-backed OAS alleged that it uncovered evidence supposedly proving that his recent re-election was rigged, but the military coup won`t end the Hybrid War on Bolivia even in the unlikely "best-case" scenario that it ends the cycle of violence in the country because the structural-institutional consequences of this ongoing campaign will inevitably lead to a reversal of the socio-economic rights that were bestowed upon the majority-indigenous population and therefore risks returning millions of people to their prior position as slaves to the neoliberal-globalist system.
15:24 [Cassandra`s Legacy] (E)
The Art of War According to the Science of Complex Systems: The Seneca Cliff as a strategic weapon
It is a normal feature of warfare that conflict ends with the collapse of one of the two sides but, in some cases, the collapse takes place without extensive fighting or even none at all. An especially impressive example is that of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 that followed several decades of "cold war" that never erupted into open conflict. As Sun Tzu had already noted, the capability of triggering the collapse of the enemy’s military or socio-economic structure is possibly the most effective conflict-resolving strategy of all. But how to attain this result?
15:05 [RT] (E)
EU should fear the jihadists it’s backing in Syria, not refugees – Assad to RT
In an exclusive interview with RT’s Afshin Rattansi, Syrian President Bashar Assad said it’s hypocrisy for European nations to fear that Ankara will send refugees to Europe, but continue to sponsor terrorism in Syria. The Syrian leader argued that the primary concern for Europe should not be the Syrian refugees which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now threatens to release to Europe, but the “hundreds of thousands” of jihadists Europe allied itself with.
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