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Feuilleton - Kunst und Kultur
13:26 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
America, Where Great Literature Kicked the Bucket
Once in a while, people ask me: “Why did you accept the US citizenship, many years ago?” “After all,” they say, “now you are one of the most vocal critics of the United States, and of the West in general.” Perhaps I never explained, or I did, some time ago, and now it is forgotten. So, let me try again, now that the world is facing destruction, and an unpronounced but real “new cold war” is ruining millions of lives. First of all, let me clarify: I am a novelist. That’s what I am, essentially, no matter what other stuff of mine you are reading, and no matter what films of mine you are watching.
22:51 [Investment Watchblog] (E)
Oliver Stone has released two documentaries about Ukraine.
The first one was covering the US backed coup in Ukraine that took place around 2014 (which involved Hillary’s state department). His newest one is the events after that. This is the side of the story that the dems don’t want getting out.
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Albert Einstein