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Der Geist der Wahrheit und der Geist der Freiheit - das sind die Stützen der Gesellschaft.
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Welt - Afrika (1)
8:46 [The Intercept]
Cameroonian Troops Tortured and Killed Prisoners at Base Used for U.S. Drone Surveillance
Troops in the West African nation of Cameroon have tortured prisoners at a remote military base that is also used by U.S. personnel and private contractors for drone surveillance and training missions. As the U.S. military has fortified the Cameroonian site, known as Salak, and supported the elite local troops based there, the outpost has become the scene of illegal imprisonment, brutal torture, and even killings.
Welt - Lateinamerika (1)
14:45 [Moon of Alabama]
"Zero Day" for Violent Regime Change in Venezuela
The U.S. supports the right-wing opposition in Venezuela against the socialist government of President Maduro. Since April the opposition tries to dislodge the government by instigating a regime change by force. Its protests and street fights with the police are led by violent, militarized gangs
Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel (4)
16:40 [Al Masdar News]
Syrian Army advances 30 kilometers through ISIS-held eastern Raqqa
Back by pro-government tribal fighters, the SAA’s Tiger Forces dashed across eastern Raqqa and captured the neighboring towns of Dalha and Al-Aukarishi, thus reaching the Euphrates River in one of its largest single advances in 2017.
15:15 [SANA]
Hundreds of Deir Hafer’s residents return to their houses in Aleppo Countryside
Hundreds of residents of Deir Hafer returned to their towns and villages in the eastern countryside of Aleppo after the Syrian army has completed clearance operations of landmines and explosive devices where the terrorist groups planted before they were expelled.
15:00 [Press TV]
Syria army, Hezbollah attack terrorist positions in border areas
The Syrian army and resistance fighters with Lebanon’s resistance movement have launched a joint operation against Takfiri militant groups in border areas between the two countries.
14:59 [Al Masdar News]
Syrian Army completes phase one of east Damascus offensive
According to the military source, the Syrian Arab Army secured the perimeter around the northeastern perimeter of the Al-Sonbol Station in the ‘Ayn Tarma Triangle, destroying two Faylaq Al-Rahman trenches in the area.
Welt - Nordamerika (6)
19:27 [RT]
US corporations lobby against anti-Russia sanctions
A wide range of American conglomerates, including oil, energy, banking, aerospace, auto and heavy manufacturing enterprises have jointly started a lobbying campaign against the new round of sanctions against Russia passed by the US Senate, CNN reports.
18:21 [Mint Press News]
Shuttering The State Dept’s War Crimes Office May Be A Good Thing
Since its founding, the State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justice has proven to be ineffective and guided only by political motivations, rather than humanitarian ones.
18:05 [RT]
That’s a paddlin’: Texas schools expand use of corporal punishment
The board of trustees for a south Texas school district voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of reintroducing paddling as an appropriate disciplinary method in elementary schools.
15:07 [Press TV]
Why US must avoid war with Iran, NY Times explains
In an editorial, The New York Times has enumerated a number of flaws in US foreign policy, which could trigger a war with Iran, suggesting engagement in dialog with Tehran instead of resorting to force.
14:28 [lewrockwell]
Russia, Trump and the Deep State
...Paul Craig Roberts writes a crucially important essay entitled “Trump Cannot Improve Relations With Russia When Trump’s Government and the US Media Oppose Improved Relations.” I don’t much like what he maintains, because, while there is not a false word in it, it is the counsel of despair.
8:49 [The Intercept]
More Trump Populism: Hiring a Bank Lawyer to Attack CFPB Bank Rules
President Trump and Republicans in Congress have broadcast their every intention to gut the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). The president’s budget attempted to defund it and leading Republicans have called for its director to be fired and replaced with a more Wall Street-compliant regulator.
Welt - Russland und Zentralasien (1)
19:25 [RT]
Duma passes bill targeting anonymity of internet messengers
The Russian lower house has given a final nod to bills obliging companies that own internet messengers to verify the identity of every user and banning various services that allow users to visit prohibited internet sites.
Europa - Allgemein (1)
15:02 [Press TV]
Huge rallies held in Poland over Supreme Court law
Thousands of people have rallied in Poland’s capital of Warsaw and other cities across the country to protest the ruling party’s contentious bid to restructure the judiciary.
Deutschland - Demokratie und Politik (1)
18:02 [RT]
Erdogan tells Germany to ‘pull itself together’ as rift deepens
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dismissed media reports that Ankara provided Berlin with a ‘black list’ of German companies over terrorism-support suspicions, also condemning German officials who said that such actions would harm investment in Turkey.
Deutschland - Recht und Polizei (1)
14:38 [German-Foreign-Policy]
The compensation claims brought by descendants of victims of German colonial crimes in the former German South West Africa are threatened to fail, because the authorities in Berlin are obstructing the transfer of court documents.
Themen - Bevölkerungskontrolle (1)
18:39 [RT]
3 Palestinians shot dead as protests rage in Jerusalem – Health Ministry
Three Palestinians have been fatally shot amid mass protests in Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.
Themen - Forschung und Technik (1)
19:15 [RT]
Cows could be surprising ally in fight against HIV
It’s the first recorded occasion that any animal, including humans, have rapidly produced antibodies to neutralize the virus. Researchers now hope that cows may one day hold the key to the future creation of a HIV vaccine.
Themen - Geheimdienste und Terror (5)
18:07 [RT]
ISIS command helped Philippine militants seize Marawi through funding & recruits – report
A new report has revealed that the Islamic State central command in Syria has been steadily funding militants in the Philippines, helping them seize the city of Marawi, arranging funding and carrying out recruitment.
15:16 [SANA]
Terrorist rocket attack causes material damage to al-Zara power plant in Hama
In a new breach of the Russian memorandum on de-escalation zones, the armed groups targeted al-Zara power plant in the southern countryside of Hama province with a number of rocket shells.
15:12 [RT]
‘Russians find any place they can make our lives more difficult’ – CIA chief
CIA Director Mike Pompeo has downplayed Russia’s role in the Syrian operation, saying there is only “the most minimal evidence” that Russia is pursuing a serious strategy there.
15:05 [Press TV]
Infighting hits ranks of Takfiri militants in Syria’s Idlib
So far, 15 civilians, including four children and a media activist, and 50 terrorists have been killed during the conflict.
15:03 [Press TV]
IRGC foils terror attack on Iran’s NW border
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has thwarted a terror attack on the country’s northwestern border, killing four terrorists and injuring three others in the operation.
Themen - Hintergrund (1)
14:43 [Asia Times/Pepe Escobar]
A coup in the House of Saud?
The secret is out: the ascension of Mohammad bin Salman, displacing CIA favorite Mohammad bin Nayef as Crown Prince, was in fact a white coup
Themen - Medien und Propaganda (1)
19:02 [Alternet]
NY Times Rewrites History of Iraq War, Painting U.S. as Noble Democracy-Lover, Iran as Sinister Imperialist
...Arango paints the U.S. as a noble, freedom-loving nation on a mission to improve the lives of average Iraqis, and Iran as a sinister imperial force working to expand its sphere of influence across the region.
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