Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Bewirke Harmonie der Mitte, und Himmel und Erde kommen an ihren rechten Platz, und alle Dinge gedeihen.
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8:28 [youtube/The Grayzone] (E)
US Treasury is running ‘mafia racket’ against Venezuela- Ex UN anti-narcotics chief & mob expert
Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Pino Arlacchi, the former Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Prevention, about the US decision to charge Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with drug trafficking.
15:18 [Internationalist 360°] (E)
Letter from President Maduro as U.S. Threatens Venezuela with War
To the Peoples of the World, In greeting you, with affection, I take the liberty of addressing you on the occasion of denouncing the severe events taking place against the peace and stability of Venezuela, at a time when the concern of the States and Governments should be focused on the protection of the life and health of their citizens, due to the acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
14:33 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
US to Venezuela: ‘We`ll stop killing you if you do what we tell you to do’
American human rights expert and peace activist says the United States is basically telling Venezuela, “We`ll stop killing you, we’ll stop sanctioning you during a pandemic if you do what we tell you to do in terms of having new elections.”
9:37 [MintPress News] (E)
Coronavirus Aid for Regime Change: Washington’s 13 Point Plan for Venezuela
by Alan Macleod - Washington’s demands include expelling all Cuban personal, including doctors fighting COVID-19, and handing power over to the US-backed opposition. The State Department released what it called its “democratic transition framework for Venezuela” yesterday; a 13-point plan for the removal of Nicolas Maduro and a radical overhaul of the country’s political system.
20:03 [Mint Press News] (E)
Beyond Chutzpah: the Hypocrisy of US Nacroterrorism Charges Against Venezuela
This latest escalation of the US hybrid war against Venezuela takes place amid a global pandemic, which the US apparently sees as an opportunity to further attack a people made more vulnerable by the health crisis.
7:32 [youtube/The Grayzone] (E)
Max Blumenthal drops by the largest US military base in Latin America
The Grayzone`s Max Blumenthal rolled up on the Soto Cano / Palmerola air base in Honduras, the US military`s largest in Latin America. It plays a key role in Washington`s military strategy for Central America, and was a major factor behind the 2009 coup.
15:33 [Hartmut Barth-Engelbart] (E)
En Costa Rica la Conquista non es terminado / Costa Rica: Jehry Rivera Dies While Defending Indigenous Lands
zunächst ein Text auf Spanisch, dann ein Brief aus Costa Rica auf Deutsch und anschließend ein TELESUR-Artikel auf Englisch: El líder indígena Brörán de Térraba, Jerhy Rivera Rivera fue asesinado la noche de este lunes en medio de disputas entre indígenas y usurpadores de tierras.
13:36 [Telesur] (E)
Correa Returns To Ecuador To Register His Candidacy
The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, will return to his country at the end of the year to register his candidacy for vice president or as a member of the assembly, facing the 2021 presidential elections, Fausto Vase, his lawyer, told Reuters.
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