Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Der Krieg wird von den Herrschenden gegen die eigenen Untertanen geführt - und sein Ziel ist weder ein Sieg über Eurasien oder über Ostasien - sondern die Aufrechterhaltung der Gesellschaftsstruktur
  George Orwell
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4:13 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Fake News, Sedition and Public Apathy by Publius Tacitus
Where is the outrage? The evidence is quite clear. It is no longer a matter of informed speculation that during the final year of Barack Obama`s Presidency, key leaders of the intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies conspired and collaborated to destroy Donald Trump.
3:47 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
A Plan To Defeat A Coup, And Join A New Paradigm Of Economic Progress
The LaRouche Political Action Committee is issuing two mass-circulation documents during December, to defeat the coup against President Trump, and to realize — and go beyond — the economic policies Americans thought he stood for during last year`s campaign.
14:38 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Would some please explain why showing a current and valid I. D. is not necessary to vote?
Voting is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS a United States citizen does. Why shouldn’t a proper form of identification be required?
14:34 [The American Conservative] (E)
Iraq, Syria, Iran… Are We To Destroy Iran Next?
Neoconservatives won`t stop until their plans to remake the Middle East are realized. Years ago there was a plan, A Clean Break: Project for the New American Century (PNAC), to wreck the Oslo peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians and to re-mold the Middle East. It first involved destroying Iraq, or in the discredited words of Paul Wolfowitz, “The road to peace in the Middle East goes through Baghdad.” Destroying Syria was to be next.
16:26 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
US Reform Jews endorse land theft in Israel and occupied territories
The largest Jewish denomination in the US, Reform Jewry, showcased a leader of the dispossession of Palestinian lands at its biennial last week: the head of the Jewish National Fund. So the Union for Reform Jewry has embraced the violence inherent in Zionism, the group that covers up the Nakba with forests. Shouldn`t Jews debate this?
16:23 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Mueller`s War on Lyndon LaRouche Can Finally Be Defeated
The Robert Mueller "legal assassin" operation to remove President Trump from office is crumbling. Mueller and his sponsors — especially the Obama-Hillary apparatus within the Democratic Party and their cheerleaders in the nation`s press corps — are panicked.
15:59 [Govtslaves] (E)
Trump Continues Obama’s Wars Against Democracy
U.S. President Trump’s bold support for the apartheid dictatorship of Israel against that theocratic-racist nation’s non-Jews, fits into a larger picture of the supremacist nation that America itself has increasingly become.
14:28 [Coop Antikriegscafe] (D)
VIDEO: Kindersexnetzwerk-Justizskandal im Fall Epstein
– Zu den potentiellen Kunden zählte auch Ex-Präsident Bill Clinton
5:17 [Press TV] (E)
Democrat Jones wins Alabama vote after sex assault claims against Moore
Republican Roy Moore, an accused child molester running for the US Senate from the deeply conservative state of Alabama, has lost to his Democratic contender Doug Jones.
3:30 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Democrats abandon the resist Trump movement when it comes to Jerusalem
Democrats usually jump at opportunities to counter Trump’s reckless and incendiary policies. That is, when the policies don’t have to do with the state of Israel.
1:16 [Sputnik] (E)
US `Living Off 1950s Infrastructure,` Must Spend $2 Trillion to Modernize
During last year`s presidential elections Donald Trump made much political capital out of the terrible state of US infrastructure - but he has done little to address it.
1:11 [Strategic Culture] (E)
Flynn Case Highlights Deep Political Corruption of US Security Services
The Logan Act aside, the real purpose of the investigation is to “get” Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. If it were otherwise, Mueller would be looking hard at the Israeli connection since it is clear from the time line that Israel had approached Kushner who then asked Flynn to make the phone call.
1:00 [The American Conservative] (E)
Trump’s Foreign Policy Failings
... By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Trump gave away something that the U.S. had refused to provide for decades, and in return he got absolutely nothing. ...
0:58 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Trump: Democrats using `false accusations` of sexual harassment to remove me from office
President Trump claimed Tuesday that the dozen women who have alleged the billionaire businessman sexually harassed and assaulted them are part of a ploy by the Democratic Party to remove him from office.
13:24 [RT] (E)
Trump says ‘chain migration’ led to NYC terrorist attack, wants family visas abolished
In the wake of the botched NYC terrorist attack, President Donald Trump has called for an end to so-called “chain migration.” Trump told Congress to act in order to thwart future incidents like the one carried out in a midtown Manhattan tunnel.
13:20 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
USA zu Machterhalt von Assad in Syrien bereit – Medien
Das Weiße Haus ist bereit, die Aufrechterhaltung der Macht des syrischen Präsidenten Baschar Assad zumindest in den nächsten vier Jahren zu akzeptieren. Dies berichtet das US-Magazin „The New Yorker“ unter Berufung auf amerikanische und europäische Politiker.
13:15 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump: US-Angriffe auf Regierung und Armee Syriens „legitim“
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat in einem am Montag an den Kongress geschickten Brief die jüngsten Schläge des US-Militärs gegen die syrische Armee als „legitime Maßnahmen“ bezeichnet.
17:07 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Paul Manafort - Imagepflege mit russischer Geheimdienstnähe vorgeworfen
Der einstige Wahlkampfleiter Donald Trumps versucht sich nach Anschuldigungen gegen ihn an Imagepflege.
1:33 [Blacklisted News] (E)
Oops: CIA ‘mistakenly’ destroys copy of 6,700-page US torture report
The CIA inspector general’s office has said it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a comprehensive Senate torture report, despite lawyers for the Justice Department assuring a federal judge that copies of the documents were being preserved.
1:28 [Forbes] (E)
Has Our Government Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Money Without Telling Us?
On July 26, 2016, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report “Army General Fund Adjustments Not Adequately Documented or Supported”.
Zum Thema:
[Mises Institute] The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking
1:27 [The Libertarian Institute] (E)
Obama Must Have Read My Post!
He Says We Can’t Let Trump Be Hitler Because 60 Mil Will Die
1:27 [The Libertarian Institute] (E)
TGIF: The FBI Is Not Your Friend
One of the unfortunate ironies of the manufactured “Russiagate” controversy is the perception of the FBI as a friend of liberty and justice. But the FBI has never been a friend of liberty and justice. Rather, as James Bovard writes, it “has a long record of both deceit and incompetence."
1:25 [World Economy] (D)
Die Mutter aller üblen Nachreden...
.. wen meinte Obama, als er in Chickago vor einem neuen Hitler in USA warnte?
16:02 [The American Conservative] (E)
Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move
Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. now recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will eventually move its embassy there, might well be the most predictable decision of an otherwise unpredictable presidency.
11:46 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Überraschung zu Jubiläum von INF-Vertrag? Trump bewilligt neue Russland-Sanktionen - Medien
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat wegen angeblicher Verstöße gegen den INF-Abrüstungsvertrag neue Sanktionen gegen Russland bewilligt, wie die Zeitung „Politico“ unter Berufung auf einen hochrangigen Vertreter der amerikanischen Administration berichtet.
11:43 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Obama Appointed Judge Mysteriously Recuses Himself From Michael Flynn Case
The case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has taken a strange turn, as U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras abruptly recused himself Thursday night with no explanation.
11:35 [Sputnik] (E)
Trump`s Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell Resigns
US Defense Secretary James Mattis in a statement said the White House national security team was losing an invaluable member with the departure of Deputy National Security Adviser.
5:48 [citizenfreepress] (E)
Lawmakers attack Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok and much more…
Standing outside the Capitol, holding an impromptu press conference for truth.
0:23 [Fox News] (E)
Why Trump`s promise to move US Embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial
...Millions of evangelical eyes were on Trump, waiting to see if he would keep his campaign promise to move the embassy, longtime Pastor John Hagee told Fox News ahead of the president`s official announcement... Morton Klein, president of the nonprofit Zionist Organization of America, also hoped Trump would move the embassy soon and dismissed the idea that its relocation could negatively influence peace talks...
0:13 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Trump’s thug-power, or does anybody still like Woody Allen?
Susie Day writes, "Before this sex-scandal wave ends – and it will – we need to realize that, though media can take down a few powerful men, they`re not the keyhole through which we can peep the real power in Trump`s America. The thugs now annihilating Palestine, net neutrality, immigrants` rights, healthcare, environmental protections, safeguards to nuclear war, and what`s left of the New Deal, are impervious to media news, "fake" or not. The thing is, beneath the hopeful social-change discourse we create in the media and on Facebook and Twitter, we are losing everything."
0:02 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Trump’s Jerusalem speech will foster the liberal Jewish awakening
By recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Donald Trump gave a license to Israel to ethnically cleanse more areas of the city and finish off the peace process. Liberal Zionists of conscience understand the seriousness of this moment. It is time for liberal American Jews to come out for equal rights, and to reject the rightwing nationalism that Zionism has produced.
21:04 [Press TV] (E)
100 Jewish studies scholars sign petition condemning Trump`s declaration
In a petition released on Thursday, at least 110 signatories from universities and colleges across the United States called on Trump to cancel the controversial decision.
17:56 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue
The Justice Department has launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices and the sale of fetal tissue.
17:55 [Information Clearing House] (E)
Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel
Why Isn’t That News?
17:27 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Paul Manafort`s legal team bites back at Robert Mueller over Ukraine op-ed
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s legal team said the op-ed Manafort worked on with a Russian associate did not run afoul of his gag order, while reacting to special counsel Robert Mueller`s request to keep Manafort under house arrest.
17:25 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Handelsstreit mit den USA: Kanada wirft Kampfflugzeug-Deal mit Boeing über Bord
Die kanadische Regierung hat ihre Pläne für einen Kauf von 18 Kampfjets des Typs Boeing Super Hornet aufgegeben. Grund ist der sich immer weiter verschärfende Handelsstreit mit dem US-amerikanischen Luft- und Raumfahrtkonzern, berichtet Reuters.
17:23 [Zero Hege] (E)
FBI Deputy Director McCabe Told Agents To Lie About Benghazi Investigation, Says GOP Lawmaker
"The agent found the instruction concerning because his unit had gathered incontrovertible evidence showing a major al Qaeda figure had directed the attack and the information had already been briefed to President Obama."
4:30 [Consortium News] (E)
Franken’s Opportunism on the Iraq War
Sen. (and former comedian) Al Franken was a rising Democratic Party star before sexual harassment allegations brought him down to earth, but was he really ever a progressive hero, asks William Blum at Anti-Empire Report.
14:40 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
„Ausländische Agenten“: USA drohen weiterem Sputnik-Broadcaster
In den USA droht einem weiteren Sputnik-Broadcaster die Einstufung als sogenannter „ausländischer Agent“. Das Unternehmen Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (MRBI), das Sputnik-Hörfunkprogramme auf Mittelwellen (AM) in den Vereinigten Staaten ausstrahlt, hat vom US-Justizministerium eine entsprechende Benachrichtigung erhalten.
23:21 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Watergate Deja Vu and Fake News by Publius Tacitus
If you have HBO I encourage you to carve out some time to watch their latest documentary on the life and times of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee. The most important take away from the film is how different the so-called Russian collusion scandal is from Watergate, which brought down Richard Nixon.
22:55 [Press TV] (E)
US State Department issues travel warning for Israel
The US State Department has asked American diplomats and citizens to defer travel to Israel, Jerusalem al-Quds and the West Bank until December 20, over fears of protests surrounding US President Donald Trump’s decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel.
19:02 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Jim Comey — “The Dirtiest Cop In America”
Synopsis: Tucker Carlson lashed the reputation of the FBI and Joe DiGenova, former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, said that it started with James Comey, who DiGenova blasted as “the dirtiest cop in America”.
18:52 [Daily Mail] (E)
`He`s declaring war on 1.5billion Muslims`
Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel`s capital TODAY despite international fury from the Pope, the UK, Russia, China and Palestinians
12:20 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Clinton-Emails: US-Kongress droht FBI und Justizministerium rechtliche Schritte an
Der Geheimdienstausschuss des US-Kongresses hat von FBI und Justizministerium Informationen bezüglich Hillary Clintons privatem Email-Server und der Entlassung eines angeblich voreingenommen FBI-Agenten gefordert.
12:19 [The New American] (E)
Dershowitz: Obstruction of Justice Charge Against Trump Would Create Constitutional Crisis
“Senator Feinstein simply doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she says it’s obstruction of justice to do what a president is completely authorized to do under the Constitution,” Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz declared, in a sharp rebuke of the California Democrat during his Monday interview on Fox and Friends.
12:19 [The American Conservative] (E)
Is Michael Flynn’s Defection a Death Blow?
The media is jubilant over his FBI cooperation. They shouldn’t pop the champagne yet.
4:35 [Consortium News] (E)
Apparent Election Theft in Honduras
In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton excused a coup in Honduras to stop a possible second term by a progressive president, but the U.S. now sits by as a right-wing president steals a second term, says Rick Sterling.
0:37 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Reportedly Tells Abbas He Intends To Move Embassy To Jerusalem
On the call with Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other regional leaders, Abbas warned Trump that moving the embassy could have "dangerous consequences."
0:34 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
All the Trees in the British Forest Could Fall
Although the fake-news press and the anti-Russian political forces in both parties continue the daily diatribe against President Trump, the witchhunt led by "legal assassin" Robert Mueller to oust the President and bring down the US government, is facing exposure and an escalating counterattack by patriotic forces.
23:50 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
For decades most American Jews have claimed an “Israel exemption”: resolutely progressive on domestic issues, they are hawks on their cherished cause. Racism they would vigorously oppose if applied in the United States is welcomed in Israel.
12:48 [citizenfreepress] (E)
Gregg Jarrett WRECKS Mueller, Comey And Peter Strzok: ‘The Entire Cabal Is Corrupt’
Excellent discussion from Fox News Sunday morning…
3:58 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Is Kushner next?
It now appears that Kushner sent Flynn to seek in the president elect`s name Russian government cooperation in blocking a resolution at the UN that was unfavorable to Israel. Did Trump know that Flynn was so dispatched or did Kushner take it upon himself to use his father in law`s influence to send Flynn on this errand on behalf of a foreign state? Is this a crime? I know not as yet.
2:17 [Wahrheitsbewegung.TV] (D)
Trump bezeichnet die Flynn Anklage als `sehr ungerecht` - Deutsche Untertitel
Ein Reporter fragt den US Präsidenten Donald Trump nach der Anklage von Michael Flynn, bzgl. einer Unwahrheit, aufgrund welcher Flynn jetzt das Leben ruiniert wird. Trump verglich Hillary Clinton mit Michael Flynn und sagte: "Sie (H. Clinton) habe das FBI sehr oft belogen. Ihr sei dennoch nichts passiert. Ich finde das sehr ungerecht!".
16:48 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
"Now It All Starts To Make Sense"
A foreign enemy of the United States—the British Empire`s intelligence services and their allies in the FBI and on Wall Street—has de facto invaded the U.S. with the stated intention of staging a coup d`état against the elected President and the Constitution, in order to reverse his policies of constructing peaceful cooperation with Russia and China, and marching the world back from the brink of war.
15:17 [ANC Report] (E)
Kushner like Father like Son, Israel caught in anti-Russian Drag Net of the Flynn Investigation
Jared Kushner son of the felon Charles Kushner, may be guilty of breaching the Logan Act as he instructed incoming Gen. Michael Flynn to call Russia contacts to manipulate their vote in the UN concerning Israeli settlements.
15:08 [The Washington Examiner] (E)
Jared Kushner: White House has not decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel`s capital
Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner said Sunday President Trump has not decided whether to recognize Jerusalem as Israel`s official capital.
14:59 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias
"Therefore, I have instructed House Intelligence Committee staff to begin drawing up a contempt of Congress resolution for DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray."
4:54 [RT] (E)
Clinton mega-donor Saban thanks Kushner for ‘collusion’ on Israel’s behalf
Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s senior advisor - and the man who allegedly ordered Gen. Michael Flynn’s “collusion” calls to Russia - has appeared at pro-Israeli donor Haim Saban’s event where he has been thanked for his lobbying on behalf of Israel.
16:06 [The American Conservative] (E)
Heritage Foundation + the War Industry: What a Pair
Conservative think tank considers Lockheed fixture for its next president.
15:42 [Radio Utopie] (D)
Massenentlassungen im U.S.-Aussenministerium
Der tiefe Staat, der Industrielle Komplex, führt nicht nur Krieg im Ausland und gegen die eigene Bevölkerung - im Weissen Haus herrscht ein Krieg, dessen Ausgang über das weitere Schicksal der Weltbevölkerung entscheidet.
2:40 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Where We Stand: LaRouchePAC Statement on the Flynn Plea
As the media and their supporters have gone into their usual fevered frenzy, slobbering over the potential of taking down the President of the United States, it is important to situate, for our supporters, exactly what the Flynn plea means.
21:31 [Press TV] (E)
Trump not ‘worried’ about what Flynn would tell investigators
US President Donald Trump says he is “not worried” about what his former national security adviser and close confidant, Michael Flynn, would tell special counsel Robert Mueller about Trump team`s alleged collusion with Russia.
16:33 [RT] (E)
‘Absolutely no collusion’ Trump says after Flynn plea-bargain
US President Donald Trump reiterated that his campaign was not engaged in any collusion with Russia after his disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his phone calls to the Russian embassy during the transition of administrations.
15:04 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Paul Craig Roberts: "Can`t You See War On The Horizon?"
"...The world is being driven to Armageddon simply because a greedy and corrupt US military/security complex needs an enemy to justify its huge budget, because Hillary and the DNC cannot accept a political defeat, and because the neoconservatives have an ideology of American Supremacy.."
15:04 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Ex-US-Botschafter in Moskau will amerikanisch-russische Kontakte wiederherstellen
Der ehemalige US-Botschafter in Russland, Michael McFaul, hat während einer Veranstaltung an der Stanford University im US-Bundestaat Kalifornien den russischen Botschafter in Washington, Anatoli Antonow, getroffen und den Zustand der diplomatischen Beziehungen zwischen den zwei Ländern kommentiert.
14:58 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"We Need To Find That Guy": New Docs Reveal FBI Focus On Leaker In Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting
Back on June 29, 2016, Obama`s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, tried to convince us that the following `impromptu` meeting between herself and Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport, a private meeting which lasted 30 minutes on Lynch`s private plane, was mostly a "social meeting" in which Bill talked about his grandchildren and golf game. It was not, under any circumstances, related to the statement that former FBI Director James Comey made just 6 days later clearing Hillary Clinton of any alleged crimes related to his agency`s investigation.
14:57 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The Internecine Deep State Conflict Moves To Stage Two
"It now seems evident that the Neoliberal Camp of the U.S. Deep State is highly vulnerable on an individual basis..."
14:55 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Pelosi: Democrat Ruben Kihuen should resign after sexual harassment allegations
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said early Saturday morning that Rep. Ruben Kihuen, D-Nev., should resign from Congress after he was accused by a former staffer of unwanted sexual advances during his congressional campaign.
14:34 [Washington Examiner] (E)
ABC News issues correction: Trump did not ask Michael Flynn to contact the Russians as a candidate
ABC News issued a correction Friday on a report published earlier in the day that stated former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was instructed by President Trump to contact Russians while Trump was still a candidate.
14:33 [The Daily Caller] (E)
ABC’s Flynn-Trump Report Caused Panic In The Stock Market — Then They Corrected The Story [VIDEO]
Brian Ross, a veteran journalist at ABC News, reported earlier in the day that a source close to Flynn said that the retired lieutenant general was prepared to testify that during the campaign Donald Trump instructed him to make contact with Russian government officials.
2:03 [The Duran] (E)
Trump just BLEW the Fake News Media out of the water on Tillerson firing rumors
The president has tweeted that all speculation that he will soon replace his secretary of state is false.
2:03 [The Duran] (E)
The case against Michael Flynn
Lying to the FBI about asking Russia’s help to protect Israel (full analysis of indictment and Flynn’s guilty plea)
2:01 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Michael Flynn Charged With Lying To FBI, Set To Plead Guilty
Special counsel Robert Mueller has charged former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn with "willfully and knowingly" making "false, fictitious and fraudulent statements" to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia`s ambassador.
2:01 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Kushner Said To Have Ordered Flynn To Contact Russia
"If that`s all there is, then the whispers of collusion will look foolish. Nonetheless, it may be enough to take out not only Flynn, but also the man who married the president`s daughter."
2:00 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"Statement Of The Offense": Here Is Mueller`s Full Case Against Flynn
The Special Counsel has released the following "statement of the offense", i.e., Michael Flynn`s plea agreement, summarizing the government`s case against Flynn, and the basis for the cooperation plea which seeks to impeach Trump.
2:00 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Mike Flynn Issues Offical Statement, Trump`s Lawyer Responds
"My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the Special Counsel`s Office reflect a decision I made in the best interests of my family and of our country. I accept full responsibility for my actions."
2:00 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Flynn Will Testify Against Trump, Pleads Guilty
Gold is spiking as stocks and the dollar sink after headline reports from ABC that Michael Flynn promised "full cooperation to the Mueller team" and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump "directed him to make contact with the Russians."
16:18 [Sputnik] (E)
Two US Lawmakers` Careers Called Into Question Amid Sex Misconduct Claims
Allegations Against US Senator Al Franken - Claims Against US Congressman John Conyers
16:12 [Sputnik] (E)
Trump`s Ex-Adviser Flynn Charged Over Making False Statements to FBI - Reports
Former Trump`s national security adviser Michael Flynn is yet to comment on the situation. He is the fourth member of the Trump campaign to face charges in the ongoing Russia probe, which was called a "witch hunt" by President Donald Trump.
15:31 [Rubikon] (D)
„Die Sache stinkt zum Himmel“
Beim Schüren von Ressentiments und der Verbreitung von Kriegshetze kennen die Eliten kein Halten mehr.
11:35 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump bleibt drei Monate ohne Gehalt wegen Drogen
Der US-Präsident Donald Trump wird seinen Lohn für das dritte Quartal dem Gesundheitsministerium überweisen. Dies teilte der Gesundheitsminister Eric Hargan am Freitag mit. Mit dem Geld soll die Opioid-Krise in den USA bekämpft werden.
11:14 [The Daily Caller] (E)
White House Says Tillerson Is ‘Here,’ For Now
President Donald Trump brushed aside reports Thursday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s exit is imminent. “He’s here. Rex is here,” Trump said in the Oval Office when asked if he wants Tillerson to remain in his job.
9:49 [The American Conservative] (E)
Making Trump’s Bad Foreign Policy Even Worse
If Trump approves the plan to move Pompeo to State and appoint Cotton to run the CIA, U.S. foreign policy will get substantially worse than it was in his first year, and it will increase the chances of a costly, unnecessary war with Iran.
0:37 [Mint Press News] (E)
Poll: Americans Oppose the ‘Anti-Semitism Awareness Act’
Proponents of the bill claim it would protect Jewish students from anti-Semitic harassment. Opponents argue the bill would undermine free speech, and is a thinly-disguised gag order designed to quash criticism of Israel in academia.
18:54 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Tillerson bleibt Außenminister – Weißes Haus
Weißes Haus hat Medienberichte über eine angeblich geplante Ablösung des US-Außenministers Rex Tillerson dementiert, meldet AFP.
18:50 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Trump für Boykott von CNN wegen Verbreitung von "Falschnachrichten"
US-Präsident Trump forderte am Mittwoch via Twitter ein Verbot des Nachrichtensenders CNN. Schon lange hatte Donald Trump dem Sender vorgeworfen Falschnachrichten zu produzieren. Lob fand Trump für Fox-News. Wie sich der Boykott gestalten soll, ist bisher nicht bekannt.
18:49 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-Kongress entzieht RT-Journalisten die Zulassung
Der Kongress der Vereinigten Staaten hat die Akkreditierung für Journalisten von Russia Today gestrichen. Dies berichtet der Sender RT unter Berufung auf die U.S. Senate Radio & Television Correspondents Gallery.
18:32 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Team Hillary Clinton cheers Matt Lauer`s firing, says he was mean to her
The abrupt firing of NBC "Today" co-host Matt Lauer announced Wednesday prompted cheers among Hillary Clinton’s loyalists who feel that he was extraordinarily mean to her — and soft on President Trump — during the 2016 presidential campaign.
13:30 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"The Cover-Up Begins To End": Judicial Watch Hints At Explosive New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs
"FBI Hid Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting Records. But the cover-up begins to end -- thanks to @JudicialWatch -- the day after tomorrow. @RealDonaldTrump needs to clean house at FBI/DOJ."
13:19 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Obama Family Vacations, Campaigning Cost Taxpayers New Total over $114 Million
Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force and the Secret Service in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and two FOIA lawsuits for travel expenses by the families of former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.
13:18 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch Sues Office of Director of National Intelligence over Failure to Produce Legally Mandated, Unclassified Report on Russia’s Meddling in Foreign Elections
Judicial Watch today announced it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit last month against the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to obtain a legally mandated, unclassified report on Russia’s meddling in foreign elections (Judicial Watch v. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (No. 17-cv-02073)).
12:48 [The Intercept] (E)
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Propose $146 Billion “Marshall Plan” for Puerto Rico
Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday unveiled a massive $146 billion “Marshall plan” for Puerto Rico with several other senators. The plan includes immediate relief for the island’s cash-strapped government, billions more for economic development and renewable energy and Medicaid and Medicare parity, a key priority for the island.
2:17 [Consortium News] (E)
Democrats Rely on Blame-Shifting
By riding hatred of President Trump and spurring on the Russia-gate hysteria, Democrats hope to win in 2018 without a serious examination of why they lost support of key working- and middle-class voting blocs, says Andrew Spannaus.
0:08 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Obama-Appointed Federal Inspector Threatened By Clinton Campaign Over Email Investigation
"It was told in no uncertain terms, by a source directly from the campaign, that we would be the first two to be fired..."
23:50 [Sputnik] (E)
Benghazi Mastermind Acquitted of Murder, Most Serious Charges
Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the Libyan militant who masterminded the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was acquitted of 14 of the 18 charges brought against him by the US — including the four murder charges for the Americans killed in the terror attack.
22:01 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Forget pinkwashing, it’s brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
Suggesting, as the posters do, that Jews have been driven out of their land (like indigenous people) and have finally returned to Israel–a trajectory that all indigenous people should unite behind–is a crude and cynical manipulation of (Jewish) history and a vulgar fabrication that not only makes no sense, but is also offensive in its use and abuse of indigenous peoples’ histories of oppression, writes professor Gil Hochberg.
16:21 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Gerichtsklage: Führt Russland-Affäre zu Entlassung von US-Sonderermittler Mueller?
Die Menschenrechtsorganisation FreedomWatch hat eine Klage vor dem Gericht des US-Bundesstaats Columbia erhoben. Sie fordert die Entlassung Robert Muellers, der als Sonderstaatsanwalt die Ermittlungen wegen Russlands angeblicher „Einmischung in den US-Wahlkampf“ leitet.
15:59 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"What`s The F**king Point?" - John McCain Slams Hillary`s Constant Whining
"One of the almost irresistible impulses you have when you lose is to somehow justify why you lost and how you were mistreated... What’s the f***ing point?"
14:27 [Gilad] (E)
Diaspora Jews have had enough of Israel and Zio-Barbarism
Attila Somfalvi, a leading Israeli journalist reports on Ynet that American Jews are showing signs of Zio-fatigue.
10:37 [Jasminrevolution] (D)
Hitler & Cherry pie: NYT huldigt nettem Nazi nebenan
Amerikas Presse-Flaggschiff NYT (New York Times) schlug Wellen mit einer Home Story über den netten Nazi nebenan. Im Titel war zwar von einer Hass-Stimme (voice of hate) die Rede, aber statt Kritik und Analyse huldigte sie dem launigen Burschen im Stil einer beim-Popstar-Zuhause-Geschichte. Will man im wichtigen Swing-State Ohio Leute zurück gewinnen, die Trump wählten weil sie unter Einfluss von Steve Bannon und Breitbart nach rechts abgerutscht sind?
18:50 [The American Conservative] (E)
Did Kushner Keep Tillerson in the Dark on Saudi-Lebanon Move?
Efforts by Prince Salman to start a regional crisis backfired, but the drama has left the secretary of state seething.
17:50 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Israel im Windschatten des Russland-Bashings in den USA
In den USA musste sich RT als ein sogenannter "foreign Agent" eintragen. Der Vorwurf: Russland würde über RT die US-amerikanische Politik beeinflussen. Doch was ist eigentlich mit dem immensen Einfluss Israels in den USA?
0:11 [Dystopia, USA] (E)
The Storm, Week 7: Lay Siege to Mammon
When you really examine what is causing of our modern afflictions, it’s clear that the age-old vices of avarice and bribery lay at the center. Those who currently control the populace through power and propaganda do not believe in storing up their treasures in heaven. Ego is all to the sociopathic elites and money is the way they keep score with one another.
15:47 [Zero Hedge] (E)
We Don`t Trust Each Other Anymore
"The moral hypocrisy on display by the country’s leading influencers is shredding what little commonality Americans still have. How can a society last when its members no longer believe their neighbors are acting in good faith?
15:44 [Zero Hedge] (E)
LA, NYC Detectives Collaborate On Weinstein Probes As Arrests Loom
Many believe the NYPD will be the first to act....
20:45 [infowars] (E)
Ex-Secret Service Agent Threatens to Drop New Details About Bill Clinton & “Lolita Express”
Ex Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has threatened to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s flights on the “Lolita Express,” the infamous private jet owned by child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
20:31 [irib] (D)
Das Weiße Haus unterstützt Verbrechen Saudis im Jemen weiter
Das Weiße Haus hat ein weiteres Mal seine Unterstützung für die unmenschlichen Taten der saudisch-geführten arabischen Kriegsallianz im Jemen betont.
12:59 [Zero Hedge] (E)
RT & Michael Flynn: Is That The Case Mueller Is Going To Make?
"If this is indeed what is going on then it is legally and ethically highly dubious. However this has been the consistent pattern of the whole Russiagate investigation from the start..."
12:58 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein`s "Lolita Express"
In a furious twitter exchange with a Clinton aide on Friday, former secret service agent Dan Bongino threatened to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s 26 documented trips aboard notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express."
12:51 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Throwback Thursday: Trump’s Best Thanksgiving Tweets
`I love you all, even my many enemies`....We’re helping you celebrate Thanksgiving with a compilation of President Donald Trump’s most festive tweets. In 2013, Trump hit everyone with a real zinger, wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone — “even the haters and losers.”...
12:45 [Zero Hedge] (E)
2nd Largest Gunmaker Nears Default As Americans Buy Fewer Firearms Post-Obama
2017 has seen the biggest drop in (legal) American firearms sales in history...
11:42 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The Public Are All Alone: Understanding How The Enemy Of Your Enemy Is Not Your Friend
"In political matters, the public are taught to believe that some political Party is `good`, and that the others are `bad`; but the reality in recent times, at least in the United States, has instead been that both Parties are rotten to the core..."
0:16 [The American Conservative] (E)
Trump Would Be a Fool to Arm Ukraine
Trump is unusually susceptible to hawkish demands to do irresponsible and destructive things. John Hudson reports on the push to get Trump to approve sending arms to Ukraine: President Donald Trump’s top advisers are closer now to achieving what seemed unthinkable at the start of his presidency: Shipping millions of dollars of US weapons to Ukraine’s embattled military.
17:02 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Hillary Clinton: Obama`s record made it hard to run as an `agent of change`
Hillary Clinton said in a new interview that her inability to run on an "agenda of change," coming off of former President Barack Obama`s two terms, was a significant problem for her 2016 campaign.
17:01 [Washington Examiner] (E)
The 9 most and least popular Capitol Hill politicians on Facebook
1. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders: 7.4 million page likes
2:42 [Alles Schall und Rauch] (D)
Die arbeitenden Obdachlosen der USA
Am Rand des Technologie-Mekkas der Welt in Kalifornien, in Silicon Valley, die Heimat der reichsten Personen und Firmen, gibt es eine steigende Zahl an "arbeitenden Obdachlosen", die nicht den amerikanischen Traum erleben sondern dessen Albtraum.
2:39 [Global Research] (E)
Canada: Is Trudeau Ready for a Middle East War?
The final outcome will unfold no matter what Canada does. But unless the government of Justin Trudeau gets a grip on reality, Canada will be drawn into this potential catastrophe by virtue of foreign policy positions it has already taken.
2:38 [The Future of Freedom Foundation] (E)
Will Trump Reduce Federal Spending?
Donald Trump’s first proposed budget took a step towards draining the swamp in Washington. His proposal was the first one since the Reagan era in which a president has sought a wholesale demolition of boondoggles. On the other hand, Trump’s defense and homeland-security spending increases will squander bounties that should be reserved for taxpayers, not bureaucrats.
2:35 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Democrat: Gary Cohn faked bad connection to get Trump off the phone in tax conversation
White House adviser Gary Cohn faked a bad cellphone connection to get President Trump off the line in a conversation with Senate Democrats on tax reform, Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware charged Wednesday.
18:54 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Trump nominee Kenneth Marcus seeks to undermine the very rights he’d be enforcing
Kenneth Marcus, Trump’s nominee to head the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, actively works to pass and enforce legislation that suppresses civil and human rights and criminalizes constitutionally protected free speech. His nomination points to the increasing convergences of white supremacy, fascism, and Zionism.
18:07 [Youtube/Sarah Westall] (E)
Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, Zionist Info War with Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the sealed indictments that are mounting. We also discuss the deep state`s attempts to remain in power and how Trump can defeat them and the Zionist Info war and agenda.
12:54 [Al Monitor] (E)
Has Kushner given Riyadh carte blanche?
Diplomats and military chiefs worry Jared Kushner`s peace play could be giving Saudis and Emiratis a sense of entitlement to take overreaching, hard-line actions that could destabilize the region.
12:42 [Press TV] (E)
Kushner’s Mideast gambles worry US political pros
According to a Monday report by Al-Monitor, Saudi and Emirati officials have been relying on “at least tacit approval” from Kushner for their hard-line policies.
11:51 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Assad umarmt Putin: Foto aus Sotschi sorgt für Ärger in Washington
Nach dem Treffen des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin mit seinem syrischen Amtskollegen in Sotschi hat die Sprecherin des US-Außenministeriums Heather Nauert von der Verantwortung Moskaus für die Situation in Syrien gesprochen.
11:46 [Global Research] (E)
Canada’s Foreign Policy and the New World Order. Ottawa Acting as a Pawn of Washington
...Therefore war criminals and humans rights abusers, numerous throughout the western political establishment – Tony Blair, George Bush, Obama, Netanyahu, Sharon and all their associates and underlings and various assorted lesser known neocons...
1:04 [youtube/talkdigitalnetwork] (E)
Sex Allegations, Clintons, Pedos, Aborted Babies, & Toxic Water.
Michael Rivero - November 20, 2017
21:54 [irib] (D)
USA sanktionieren 2 Personen und 4 Firmen in Zusammenhang mit Iran
Das US-Finanzministerium hat am Montag zwei Personen und 4 Firmen, die der Zusammenarbeit mit Iran bei der Fälschung jemenitischer Rial-Banknoten beschuldigt werden, sanktioniert.
11:33 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Now the Sexual Harassment Noose Falls Upon Rep. John Conyers
The sexual harassment allegations continue, with today`s showcase revelations being Charlie Rose and Rep. John Conyers.
11:32 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Charlie Rose Accused By 8 Women Of Nudity, `Groping` And Lewd Phone Calls
Update 2 (6:39pm EST): Following his suspension from both CBS and PBS, Charlie Rose has just issued the following statement admitting that he has "behaved insensitively at times" which has left him "greatly embarrassed." Here is Rose`s full statement
11:29 [Washington`s Blog] (E)
Highlights from No War 2017
This Symposium shows many grouups presenting their case. All allied by the horrific damage that is done to us all by the milittary and their activities in foreign countries as well as the homelands.
21:05 [12160] (E)
Justin Trudeau Calls ISIS “Returning Islamic Travellers”
The politically correct Canadian Prime Minister says the terminology will help ISIS fighters “reintegrate with the rest of society.”
21:04 [stepfeed] (E)
Israelis don`t want peace with Palestinians, former US secretary of state says
Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has criticized Israeli leaders for being uninterested in peace while praising Palestinians for their commitment to "nonviolence."
13:14 [Dystopia, USA] (E)
The Storm, Week 6: Biblical Flood Stage
The Storm has entered its sixth week – roughly 40 days worth of Hollywood reckonings, investigations of Clinton Foundation scandals, and Trump’s reshaping of world politics – with another six weeks before the end of this eventful year. It almost seems Biblical.
13:08 [The Washington Examiner] (E)
FBI has not verified Trump dossier
FBI and Justice Department officials have told congressional investigators in recent days that they have not been able to verify or corroborate the substantive allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign outlined in the Trump dossier.
13:03 [Strategic Culture] (E)
How America’s Deep State Operates to Control the Message
It is not possible to overstate the power of certain constituencies and corporate lobbies in the United States. These pressure groups, joined by powerful government agencies, many of which have secret agendas that focus on national security, constitute what is increasingly being recognized as “Deep State America.”....The recent exchanges over the Russia-US relationship exhibit perfectly how the Deep State operates to control the message.
18:31 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Hillary pulling out all the stops because she’s going down on Monday – video of her co-conspirators accepting suitcases of cash
An undercover FBI informant in the Russian nuclear industry who was made to sign an “illegal NDA” by former AG Loretta Lynch, claims to have video evidence showing Russian agents with briefcases full of bribe money related to the controversial Uranium One deal – according to The Hill investigative journalist John Solomon and Circa‘s Sara Carter.
18:14 [irib] (D)
PLO warnt USA mit Abbruch der Verhandlungen
Nach der Ankündigung des US-Außenministeriums, das Büro der Palästinensischen Befreiungsorganisation (PLO) in Washington schließen zu lassen, haben palästinensische Verantwortliche die Einstellung der Kompromissverhandlungen angedroht.
18:11 [Aphadolie] (F)
Mouseland : Un pays où les souris élisent des chats… ça ne vous dit rien ?
Il s’agit d’une fable politique exprimant l’opinion du FCC selon laquelle le système politique canadien est vicié en offrant aux électeurs un faux dilemme : le choix de deux partis, dont aucun des deux ne représenterait leurs intérêts.
17:10 [irib] (D)
Unzufriedenheit der meisten US-Bürger mit Trump
Jüngsten Ergebnissen einer Umfrage zufolge sind die meisten Amerikaner mit der Arbeit des US-Präsidenten unzufrieden.
15:41 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"Helpless, Raging" Charlottesville Families Shocked By These 2018 Obamacare Premiums..."It`s Horrific"
"I really believed in the ACA. I really feel everyone deserves the right to health insurance, but who can afford those prices if you don’t qualify for subsidies?"
0:42 [The Nation/USA] (E)
A Trump-Endorsed Game of Thrones in Saudi Arabia
Are corruption charges really the reason that Muhammed bin Salman has detained nearly a dozen other members of the Saudi royal family?
19:36 [Sputniknews] (D)
Weißes Haus über Trumps wahre Haltung zu Putin
Donald Trump ist der Meinung, dass eine Zusammenarbeit mit Russland sinnvoller ist, als sich mit seinem russischen Amtskollegen Wladimir Putin zu streiten, sagte die Sprecherin des US-Präsidenten, Sarah Sanders.
19:11 [The Duran] (E)
First they came for RT, now the US seeks to force China’s Xinhua to register as a foreign agent
The US is no longer a safe space for free speech. Free speech in the USA has been reduced to the freedom to agree with pre-approved narratives and agendas.
19:06 [RT] (D)
Spendenaufrufe für iranische Erdbebenopfer durch US-Sanktionen blockiert
In der irakisch-iranischen Grenzregion ereignete sich ein Erdbeben der Stärke 7,3. Mindestens 474 Menschenleben forderte das Beben. Die Spendenaufrufe für Überlebende des Bebens werden durch das US-Finanzministerium blockiert, als Begründung dienen die Sanktionen.
19:05 [James Howard Kunstler] (E)
What America might want to know right now is: how come Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any legal problems? Why aren’t DOJ investigators examining the financial records of the Clinton Foundation?
19:02 [The American Conservative] (E)
U.S. Support for the Disgraceful War on Yemen Must End
U.S. policy in Yemen and ending our support for the war are more critical than ever...Changing U.S. policy in Yemen and ending our support for the war are more critical than ever....The Saudis and their allies have been starving the country for two and a half years without having to face much criticism in the West or anywhere else, but it is possible that they have now made their criminal behavior too outrageous to ignore.
1:03 [James Howard Kunstler] (E)
We’re Good People, Really We Are!
The disgrace of America’s putative intellectual class is nearly complete as it shoves the polity further into dysfunction and toward collapse. These are the people Nassim Taleb refers to as “intellectuals-yet-idiots.” Big questions loom over this dynamic: How did the thinking class of America sink into this slough of thoughtlessness? And why – what is motivating them?
0:56 [Truth News] (E)
How We Moved Congress To Action On Abuse Of Palestinian Children In Military Detention
Imagine you are a child between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. The army comes to your home in the middle of the night, wakes you from your bed, blindfolds you and ties your hands with plastic cuffs
0:37 [The Intercept] (E)
Dakota Access Pipeline Company Paid Mercenaries to Build Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Environmentalists
The private security firm TigerSwan, hired by Energy Transfer Partners to protect the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, was paid to gather information for what would become a sprawling conspiracy lawsuit accusing environmentalist groups of inciting the anti-pipeline protests in an effort to increase donations,
17:38 [The National UAE] (E)
43 members of US congress urge Tillerson to counter Iran in Syria
Letter to secretary of state was signed by members of both main parties
14:37 [Press TV] (E)
US Treasury blocks relief fundraising to Iran quake victims
The US Treasury Department has blocked online donations made by Iranian expatriates to help the survivors of a powerful earthquake which caused extensive damage and loss of life in western Iran.
13:48 [RT] (D)
US-Repräsentantenhaus: Hilfe für saudischen Krieg gegen Jemen ist unrechtens und stärkt Al-Kaida
Laut einer Resolution des US-Repräsentantenhauses gibt es für die militärische Unterstützung Saudi-Arabiens im Krieg gegen den Jemen seitens der Vereinigten Staaten keine rechtliche Grundlage. Der Beschluss stellt zudem fest, dass Al-Kaida und der "Islamische Staat" die Nutznießer des Konflikts sind.
13:44 [RT] (D)
"Land of the free" - Auch chinesische Journalisten sollen sich in den USA als Agenten registrieren
Ein Bericht des US-Kongresses beschuldigt nun auch chinesische Staatsmedien subversiver Auftragstätigkeit in den USA. Auf amerikanischem Boden würden sie Propaganda verbreiten und sollten sich jetzt ebenfalls als ausländische Agenten registrieren lassen.
13:29 [Zero Hedge] (E)
How We Can Be Certain That Mueller Won`t Prove Trump-Russia Collusion?
"Dear America. Stop trying to make Russiagate happen. It’s not going to happen. Deus ex Mueller isn’t coming. You’re going to have to solve your country’s problems yourselves..."
3:45 [Citizen Free Press] (E)
Gutierrez Tries To Rattle Sessions…
Rep. Gutierrez: Do you feel an obligation to fulfill President Trump`s campaign promises? Attorney General Sessions: "The president makes decisions, and if it`s lawful we defend it"
3:44 [Gateway Pundit] (E)
Are Delays in Prosecuting Mueller, Hillary, and Podesta by Sessions the Greatest Legal Travesty in US History?
It’s outrageous that after nearly a year in office AG Sessions is now considering an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and the approval of the sale of US uranium to Russia by Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration.
0:42 [The Intercept] (E)
Israel Uses U.S. Tax Dollars to Abuse Palestinian Children. This Bill Would Put An End To That.
Children and teenagers are frequent victims of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. They face physical abuse by Israeli military forces and are shuffled through an unfair court system without access to legal counsel or even their parents.
22:53 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
And now, a civics seminar ...
I am somewhat disturbed by what is being said on the Democratic Party side of Congress, in the MSM and by the left wing commentariat about what they say or imply are the very narrow limits of presidential power.
16:10 [Press TV] (E)
House at odds with Trump in supporting Saudi war in Yemen: former US diplomat
A recent US House of Representatives’ resolution condemning US military assistance to Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen has been a major shock to US armed forces and is a departure from an epoch of the House tamely going along with US administrations, says a former US diplomat.
13:10 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Canada Builds $300 Million Highway To Nowhere, But Is There A Hidden Agenda?
Doing the math: $300 million / 898 citizen of Tuktoyaktuk comes out to be around $334,000.00 per citizen. That is an astonishing number the Canadian government is willing to spend on a town to nowhere... so what is the real agenda at play?
13:10 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Dennis Kucinich Exposes "The Permanent Government" Behind US Foreign Intervention
"There’s an unbroken line going back over the last 30 years where American presidents have continued to proceed with an interventionism that has been counterproductive..."
12:45 [Govtslaves] (E)
House declares U.S. military role in Yemen’s civil war unauthorized
In a rare exercise of its war-making role, the House of Representatives on Monday overwhelmingly passed a resolution explicitly stating that U.S. military assistance to Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen is not authorized under legislation passed by Congress to fight terrorism or invade Iraq.
3:14 [Hollywood Reporter] (E)
Weinstein Law Firm Repped NYT During Sexual Harassment Probe, "Secretly Worked to Stop" Story
In a statement to CNN`s Brian Stelter, a Times spokesperson said: "We learned today that the law firm of Boies, Schiller and Flexner secretly worked to stop our reporting on Harvey Weinstein at the same time as the firm`s lawyers were representing us in other matters. We consider this intolerable conduct, a grave betrayal of trust, and a breach of the basic professional standards that all lawyers are required to observe. It is inexcusable, and we will be pursuing appropriate remedies."
23:38 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Donald Trump Jr. confirms he was in contact with WikiLeaks during 2016 election
Donald Trump Jr. confirmed Monday night that he communicated with the WikiLeaks Twitter account during the 2016 election. Trump Jr. responded to a report from the Atlantic that he was in contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election by posting screenshots of the communications on his Twitter page.
23:35 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Sessions Considers Appointing Special Counsel To Investigate Clintons
Attorney General Jeff Sessions might soon appoint a second special counsel to investigate allegations of corruption and self-dealing involving several prominent Democrats and Obama-era officials, including Bill and Hillary Clinton.
4:44 [Sputniknews] (E)
FARA Deadline: RT Falling Prey to US Propagators of Russian Collusion Delusion
It appears that instead of going after Russia`s RT America news service the US Department of Justice should target the real "agents of foreign principals" who are attempting either to gain economic benefits, or derive strategic advantages from policymakers in the US, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Sputnik sharing his experience with RT.
4:42 [Sputniknews] (D)
Russischer RT-Sender lässt sich als ausländischer Agent in den USA eintragen
RT America – Ableger des russischen Fernsehsenders RT – hat sich in den USA als ein ausländischer Agent eintragen lassen. Das teilte die Chefredakteurin des Senders, Margarita Simonjan, am Montag in Moskau mit.
4:40 [EIR] (E)
Trump to Press after APEC: Praises Putin, Rips ‘Hacks’ Brennan, Clapper, Comey
On the plane from Da Nang to Hanoi in Vietnam today, where President Trump is being hosted in a state visit, the President opened up to the press corps, clearly energized by the historic events of the past days.
17:42 [Activist Post] (E)
Happy Holidays – California City Demands Church Stop Feeding the Homeless
It’s tough to say when our societal values shifted so dramatically, but for some reason now, government at large has decided that charity for the homeless is a crime.
23:19 [govtslaves] (E)
Nation That Says It Can’t Afford Medicare for All Has Spent $5.6 Trillion on War Since 9/11
A new analysis offers a damning assessment of the United States’ so-called global war on terror, and it includes a “staggering” estimated price tag for wars waged since 9/11—over $5.6 trillion.
23:18 [Youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
Robert David Steele - #UNRIG, Hollywood Pedophilia, Podesta Arrests And The Path To Peace
The powers that shouldn`t be do not want Americans to once again realize the true power they are able to muster, should they begin to see, as Robert David Steele puts it, that "the only real sides in this fight are the 99% and the 1%.
23:15 [wunderhaft] (D)
Vereinigte Staaten fordern RT America auf sich ab dem 13. 11. als ausländische Agenten zu registrieren
RT America berichtet, daß das Justizministerium der Vereinigten Staaten den Sender aufgefordert hat sich unter FARA* zu registrieren. Er hat Zeit sich bis zum Montag erfassen zu lassen.
11:55 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Podesta Group "Will Not Exist At The End Of The Year"
While all eyes (from the left and the establishment right) remain on Trump (daring to shake Putin`s hand this weekend), the mainstream media appears to be missing the news that the lobbying firm founded by longtime Democratic operative Tony Podesta is reportedly on the verge of shuttering after being swept up in special counsel Robert Mueller`s Russia probe....As a reminder, Mueller is now investigating whether the Podesta Group properly identified to U.S. authorities its foreign work on behalf of a Ukrainian advocacy group in Europe, CNN reported.
11:49 [Sputniknews] (D)
„Sie müssen selbst verdienen“: US-Kongress will Ex-US-Präsidenten Renten kürzen
Die US-Kongress-Abgeordneten haben vorgeschlagen, die Renten für die Ex-US-Präsidenten des Landes bis auf 200.000 US-Dollar pro Jahr zu beschneiden, wie das US-Magazin „Washington Examiner“ am Samstag meldet.
11:41 [Press TV] (E)
Trump rolls back rhetoric on Russia meddling after criticism
US President Donald Trump has expressed confidence in the US intelligence agencies’ conclusions over alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, only hours after saying he believed the words of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the issue.
0:41 [Dystopia, USA] (E)
The Storm, Week 5: Tempest in Hillary’s Teapot Dome (Sticky Post)
Foreword - The Storm has reached its fifth week. We’re still waiting to see who’s sitting under Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sealed indictments. Hopefully, we’ll learn this week. The Mueller theory and the concept of The Storm have increasingly entered the internet zeitgeist in the past week or two. More and more, I’m seeing them catch on.
0:41 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Mike Pence: Veterans Affairs `more efficient, effective, and accountable` under Trump
Vice President Mike Pence lauded the administration`s handling of the Department of Veterans Affairs, claiming that under President Trump, the agency has grown more accountable and expanded healthcare access. Speaking Saturday at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., to mark Veterans Day, Pence said that Trump is keeping his promises to veterans.
0:38 [RT] (D)
American Psycho: Klage gegen Ex-Soros-Manager wegen Vergewaltigung und Menschenhandels
Wie verschiedene US-Medien berichten, hat am Donnerstag im New Yorker Stadtteil Brooklyn der bekannte Prozessanwalt John Balestriere Zivilklage gegen den ehemaligen Top-Wall-Street-Banker Howard Rubin (62) erhoben.
0:30 [PJ Media] (E)
Former Asst. FBI Director: Clinton Crimes 20 Times Bigger than Watergate
Former Assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom unloaded on James Comey, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama Thursday, charging that major crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate" are being swept under the rug while Attorney General Jeff Sessions "is in a coma."
14:30 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Every Working American Owes $ 1.5 Million
The facts just don’t add up. US wages are falling, trade deficit is at 10 year high, debt is surging so are stocks and the US Government has again managed to publish a number of contradicting employment figures that make no sense whatsoever.
14:27 [The Daily Caller] (E)
MSNBC`s Chris Hayes: Democrats Need A `Real Reckoning` With Bill Clinton Allegations
MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted Friday that Democrats need to have a “real reckoning” with sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton. Hayes said:.... He also shared a 2016 Buzzfeed article about Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegations against Bill Clinton. Broaddrick claims that then-Arkansas attorney general Bill Clinton raped her in the late 1970s.
14:26 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Now It’s The Democrats Who Have A ‘Russian Problem’
Suddenly it’s the Democrats who have a serious Russia problem.
14:22 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Los Angeles: Staatsanwälte bilden Sonderkommission zu Ermittlung der Missbrauchsfälle in Hollywood
In Zusammenhang mit den jüngsten Anschuldigungen gegen Schauspieler, Hollywood-Produzenten und andere prominente Persönlichkeiten ist am Donnerstag die Bildung einer Sonderkommission in Los Angeles angekündigt worden.
20:37 [Liberty Blitzkrieg] (E)
Washington D.C. is Swarming With Unaccountable Parasites
In theory, Americans should be proud of their national capital and all the important work that gets done there.
20:36 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Will Not Meet Putin In Vietnam, White House Says
The Trump White House has seemingly caved to outside pressure and confirmed that there are currently no plans for a formal meeting between Putin and Trump on the sidelines of the summit...
14:44 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Russland und die US-Wahlen: Neue Wendung im Fall der Moskau zugeschriebenen Hackerangriffe
WikiLeaks hatte im US-Wahlkampf tausende E-Mails der Demokraten veröffentlicht, die angeblich von russischen Hackern auf Geheiß des Kreml erbeutet wurden. Nun wurde bekannt: Die Mehrheit der E-Mails wurde verfasst, nachdem eine Sicherheitsfirma beauftragt wurde, weitere Cyberangriffe abzuwehren.
3:20 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
The press is obsessed with the claim that absurd ads planted by Russians on Facebook bashing Hillary Clinton actually swayed the election. This is a form of propaganda about "our democracy," exposed by the fact that our press fails to report on Saudi and Israeli meddling in our politics, a real factor in Washington. And though quick to seize on Russian war crimes, it has almost nothing to say about Saudi atrocities in Yemen, backed by the U.S. government.
1:38 [RT Deutsch] (D)
US-Justizministerium: RT America muss sich bis Montag als Auslandsagent eintragen lassen
Die RT-Chefredakteurin, Margarita Simonjan, reagierte prompt auf die Forderung. Sie bezeichnete die Frist bis zum Montag als eine "kannibalische Deadline". "Fühlt ihr, wie der Wind der Freiheit weht?", twitterte die Journalistin.
1:32 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Inside The Fight Against White House Leaks
Leaks from within the White House and outside allies have undermined the Trump agenda, according to former Trump communications director Mike Dubke. Dubke lasted just over 100 days in the White House resigning in May. His time there was filled with leaks about internal deliberations.
1:22 [Zero Hedge] (E)
DOJ To Russia Today: Register As A Foreign Agent Or Face Arrest
In response, Russia has said new restrictions on US media operating in Russia could be unveiled as soon as next week...
16:11 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-Kongress reduziert Militärhilfe für Ukraine erheblich
Der Pentagon-Chef wird nur die Hälfte von insgesamt zur Verfügung stehenden 350 Millionen Dollar für die Militärhilfe an die Ukraine ausgeben können, bis Kiew den US-Kongress davon überzeugt, dass alle notwendigen Reformen im Verteidigungsbereich durchgeführt wurden. Dies geht aus einer Erläuterung zum Verteidigungshaushalt 2018 hervor.
15:41 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Hillary `Is` America
Psychologically, there’s nothing out of the Fyodor Dostoyevsky would have been the right author to illuminate the inner world of Hillary Clinton. He had the imaginative power to show the psychological deterioration - the rickety castle of lies she’s built to shut out threatening realities and the truth.
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