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5:39 [Pars Today] (F)
Iran-Hezbollah: Hariri fait du rétropédalage
Le Premier ministre libanais Saad Hariri a souhaité que le Liban soit exclu du bras de fer entre l`Arabie saoudite et l`Iran et a loué le Hezbollah pour avoir contribué à la désescalade des tensions.
18:52 [Al Masdar News] (E)
Turkish regime summons Iranian, Russian ambassadors after Syrian Army gains in Idlib
According to Turkish state media, the Turkish regime summoned the ambassadors in order to report that the Syrian Army’s gains were a breach of the de-escalation agreement.
11:40 [Press TV] (E)
Pakistan’s pivot to China’s yuan is first blow to US
With the US suspending at least $900 million in security assistance to Islamabad, the central bank of Pakistan (SBP) says the Chinese yuan can now be used for bilateral trade and investment activities.
3:57 [Donipress] (F)
Traité d`amitié, de coopération et d`assistance mutuelle : L`Ossétie du Sud viendra aider la RPD en cas d`agression militaire ukrainienne
La loi sur la ratification du Traité d`amitié, de coopération et d`assistance mutuelle entre la République Populaire de Donetsk (RPD) et la République d`Ossétie du Sud, qui a été adoptée par le Conseil Populaire de la RPD le 14 décembre 2017, est entrée en vigueur le 25 décembre 2017, a rapporté le service de presse du Conseil Populaire.
3:51 [Pars Today] (F)
Le Pakistan supprime le dollar
La banque centrale du Pakistan a donné son feu vert à l`utilisation du yuan chinois pour le commerce bilatéral, garantissant que les importations, les exportations et les transactions financières pourront être libellées dans cette devise.
5:16 [ISNA] (E)
Iran, Oman launch Khorramshahr-Sohar shipping route
A new shipping route between Iran and Oman was launched on December 30.
16:17 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
China will 2018 Zusammenarbeit mit Russland verstärken
Der chinesische Präsident Xi Jinping hat laut der Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua in einer Gratulation an Wladimir Putin Neujahrgrüße geschickt und erläutert, dass China bereit sei, das politische und strategische Vertrauen Moskau gegenüber im kommenden 2018 Jahr zu konsolidieren.
22:10 [Press TV] (E)
Turkey to reconstruct Sudan’s ancient port city, seeks to exert influence in Africa
Sudan says Turkey will reconstruct a ruined Ottoman-era port city on Sudan’s Red Sea coast, as Ankara seeks to expand its military and economic ties in the African continent.
20:25 [Press TV] (E)
Countries disgruntled with US interference, seek regional dispute settlement
A growing number of experts believe that countries in the Middle East and West Asia regions are showing an increasing willingness to use regional dispute settlement mechanisms in order to curtail interference in their internal affairs by the West, especially the United States, which uses such disputes as excuse.
14:37 [Press TV] (E)
Iran banks seal deal to get ‘unlimited funds’ from Russia
Iran says four of its banks have signed an agreement with the Export Insurance Agency of Russia (EXIAR) to provide “unlimited funds” for development projects to be carried out by domestic and international contractors in the Islamic Republic.
13:53 [Press TV] (E)
Larijani calls on China, Pakistan to join anti-terror coalition by Iran, Turkey, Russia
Iran has called on China and Pakistan to join a counter-terrorism campaign which it is spearheading jointly with Russia and Turkey, saying the coalition is an alternative to the one led by the US which has caused a "security mess".
21:46 [Al Masdar News] (E)
Astana 8 brings Russia-Iran-Turkey agreement on detainees, demining, Sochi talks
Russia, Turkey and Iran, the guarantors of the ceasefire in Syria, have agreed to establish a working group on the release of detainees, adopted a statement on humanitarian mine clearance in the country and decided to meet in in January to prepare for the Syrian National Dialogue Congress during the 8th round of the Astana talks.
20:34 [Eurasia News] (D)
Russland: Kurden-Miliz PYD/YPG nicht zu Syrien-Friedenskongress eingeladen
Türkische Beamte, die Astana besuchten, um den anstehenden Kongress in Sotschi mit russischen und iranischen Amtskollegen zu besprechen, bekräftigten die Haltung der Türkei zu diesem Thema, so diplomatische Quellen, die unter der Bedingung der Anonymität sprachen. Der Nationale Dialogkongress ist für den 29. Januar anberaumt.
11:54 [SANA] (E)
Syrian Arab Republic delegation to Astana 8 holds meeting with Iranian delegation
The Syrian Arab Republic delegation, headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, held on Friday a bilateral meeting with the Iranian delegation, headed by Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari, on the second day of the eighth round of talks on Syria in Astana.
11:51 [Sputnik] (E)
Talks on Syria in Astana May Build Bridge from Geneva to Sochi Congress
The Astana-8 meeting on Syria will take place on December 21-22; it will bring together representatives of the three ceasefire guarantor states: Russia, Turkey and Iran, as well as the sides to the Syrian conflict and a UN team.
1:51 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Syrisches Business kommt auf die Krim
Syrische Unternehmen werden in absehbarer Zeit in die Agrarwirtschaft der Krim investieren, schreibt die Zeitung „Iswestija“ am Mittwoch.
5:12 [The National Interest] (E)
How China and Russia are Teaming up to Degrade U.S. Influence in South America
China wants secure routes for its goods and Russia wants to be a global influencer by using Russian oil companies and state-run banks as a credit line to struggling South American nations.
3:53 [The Duran] (E)
OIC recognizes East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine
Under the leadership of the Turkish President, the OIC unites for Palestine, while Erdogan bolsters his personal prestige in a calculated diplomatic masterstroke.
3:49 [The Duran] (E)
Iran to join Eurasian Economic Union – diplomatic sources
Iran is finalising its agreements to join the EAEU. Iran could be a full member as early as February of 2018.
16:30 [Press TV] (E)
Iran to seal deal with Russia-led trade bloc soon
Iran says it expects the formalities over its membership to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) – a regional trade bloc led by Russia – would be finalized soon and an agreement with the Union’s member states would be signed accordingly.
14:41 [Press TV] (E)
Muslim leaders discuss al-Quds at OIC emergency summit in Turkey
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) convenes an urgent summit in Istanbul on Washington’s contentious declaration on Jerusalem al-Quds, with the Turkish foreign minister urging Muslim nations to respond by pressing the world for the recognition of the city as the capital of a Palestinian state.
14:36 [SANA] (E)
Iraq submits official request to participate in the 8th Astana meeting on Syria
Iraq announced that it has made an official request to the Russian government to invite its representatives to attend the 8th round of the Astana meeting on the crisis in Syria.
15:53 [SANA] (E)
Syria, China discuss enhancing economic relations, trade exchange
Participants in the “Syrian –Chinese forum on developing bilateral cooperation between the two countries”, held at Damascus-based Sheraton Hotel, on Wednesday discussed prospects of strengthening economic relations and trade exchange between Syria and China.
0:35 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Zepp-LaRouche in China: The Belt & Road and a Dialogue of Cultures Based on Their Higher Expressions
Helga Zepp-LaRouche was one of the keynote speakers in a Nov. 29 conference in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Forum, on International Communication and Chinese (Guangdong) Companies Going Global.
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