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Wenn ein wahres Genie in der Welt erscheint, mag man ihn daran erkennen dass sich alle Schwachköpfe gegen ihn verbünden.
  Jonathan Swift

29.03.17 3:26

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Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel

[Mondo Weiss]
Ma`an News Agency reports, "The Hamas-run Ministry of Interior in Gaza closed the Palestinian side of the Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel on Sunday morning, denying residents of the besieged coastal enclave passage in both directions, as local sources described a `state of alert` in Gaza with severe security measures being imposed across the small Palestinian territory."
[Réseau International]
La coïncidence de la visite de Mohamad ben Salmane à Washington avec les déflagrations meurtrières à Damas, la tenue des pourparlers d’Astana 3 en l’absence des chefs des factions militaires et les déclarations russes parlant de parties étrangères les influençant parce qu’elles ne veulent pas régler la crise syrienne, n’est pas fortuite.
[Moon ov Alabama]
Turkey and its paymasters in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have lost the fight over Syria. Still tacitly backed by the U.S. they are currently trying a Hail-Mary pass to again achieve some negotiation power for the next round of Geneva talks. This is likely to again fail.
[Al Masdar News]
Following the capture of Maarzaf hours ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) proceeded to seize the Mahardeh bridge intact and reach the outskirts of Arzeh town and the imperative Bejo hill moments ago.
[Press TV]
According to Syria’s state-run SANA news agency, a new round of evacuations from Homs’ al-Waer neighborhood started on Monday, involving 466 people — including 129 militants.
[Al Masdar News]
Following a fierce series of clashes on Monday, the Syrian Arab Army took full control of Ma’arzaf, forcing the remaining jihadist rebels from Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham to withdraw eastward in order to avoid being overrun.
[Al Masdar News]
Moments ago, the Kurdish-led ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) managed to wrestle full control over Tabqa Airbase after a 24-hour long battle with ISIS insurgents.
[Mondo Weiss]
Israeli forces shot up a car filled with Palestinian teenagers last Thursday night outside the illegal settlement of Beit El, killing one of the young men. Israeli government says the youths were throwing Molotov cocktails. Evidence at the scene contradicts the claim.
Army and Armed Forces units established control over a number of mountains in Palmyra area in the eastern countryside of Homs province after eliminating the last ISIS gatherings in the area, according to a military source.
[New Eastern Outlook]
In addition to numerous reports on the civilian death toll caused by continuous US air strikes, various media sources are publishing an ever increasing number of reports on the use of depleted uranium in Iraq and Syria by American forces, which may contribute further to the large number of civilian deaths in the long run.
Die Türkei hat eine Polizei-Organisation namens Freie Syrische Polizei (FSP) ausgebildet um mit Sekundäroperationen in der Provinz Aleppo auszuhelfen, damit die Freie Syrische Armee sich auf die Kämpfe und den Kontrollerhalt über die von ihr besetzten Gebiete konzentrieren kann.
[Press TV]
Iraqi officials have launched an investigation into two airstrikes by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group that claimed the lives of more than 200 people in the country’s northern city of Mosul last week.
[Al Masdar News]
Today’s liberation of Rasm Al-Khamis Al-Gharbi comes just 12 hours after the Syrian Arab Army captured three villages from the Islamic State militants, putting them on the verge of reaching the Maskanah Plain.
[Al Masdar News]
Following a six hour battle, the Syrian Arab Army managed to restore all of the points they lost three days ago, killing and wounding several militants in the process of reopening the Salamiyah-Homs Highway on Saturday.
An army unit carried out a special operation against a gathering of ISIS terrorists in the southeastern countryside of Damascus.
U.N. aid agencies are warning that Yemen is "at the point of no return" as some 17 million people (out of a total population of 28 million) are facing severe food shortages.
[Radio Utopie]
WAS IST der Unterschied zwischen einem „Unternehmen“ und einer „Behörde“? Das wissen Sie nicht? Dann befinden Sie sich in Gesellschaft von 8,5 Millionen Israelis; die wissen es auch nicht.
[Al Masdar News]
After weeks of frontline lull in northeastern Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officially withdrew from the town of Tadef and regrouped to positions on its outskirts on Saturday morning.
The Syrian army forces liberated from terrorists the part of al-Manshiyya neighborhood of the Syrian city of Daraa, according to a source.
[Al Masdar News]
Advancing from two directions, the SAA’s Tiger Forces – supported by local Al-Baqir tribal fighters – managed to impose full control over Umm Tinah and Rasm Al-Falh after ISIS militants withdrew from the aforementioned villages following brief skirmishes.
[Al Alam]
Iraqi government forces, backed by fighters from allied Popular Mobilization Units, have ceased their joint operations to flush Takfiri Daesh militants out of their last urban stronghold in the conflict-ridden country over the high rate of civilian casualties.
[Al Alam]
The Syrian army and its allies inflicted nearly 470 casualties on the terrorists in Jobar district of Damascus during clashes in the past few days.
[Union Juive Francaise pour la Paix]
La galaxie sioniste, dans toute la diversité de son expression, - des petites frappes racistes de ses groupuscules violents aux technocrates à col blanc de ses lobbies policés - est aux abois, sentant bien que le mur colonial se lézarde. Elle s’acharne à défendre becs et ongles l’impunité et les privilèges d’Israël et continue de semer la confusion en s’efforçant de délégitimer le mouvement de solidarité avec la Palestine.
[Al Masdar News]
Led by the remaining Tiger Forces in east Aleppo and Al-Baqir Tribesmen, the Syrian Arab Army liberated the village of Rasm Al-Falah this afternoon, following the Islamic State’s withdrawal from the area. ... According to a military source in the area, the Syrian Arab Army is expected to enter Deir Hafer this week, as Syrian and Russian demining units clear the town of explosives
The army continued operations against terrorist organizations in various areas all over the country, inflicting intensive strikes in the eastern parts of Damascus where terrorists have recently infiltrated.
It seems like the one who wins the upper hand in the battles on ground gets to dictate his conditions for a political settlement, and that`s what is basically happening in Syria.
[South Front]
The YPG Press Office has released the first video from the area of the Tabqa dam located west of the ISIS-held town of Raqqa.
[Press TV]
The Syrian army is besieging the last stronghold of the Daesh Takfiri terrorists in the northern province of Aleppo, weeks after launching a campaign to liberate the entire province.
Syrian army reinforcements are arriving in Hama ahead of an operation to regain government-held territory which had been attacked by armed militants in the province, a military source told Sputnik.
[Al Masdar News]
A spokesperson from the Kurdish-led “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) declared his organization welcomes the participation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the coming operations to kick Islamic State (ISIS) forces out of their de-facto captial, Raqqa.
Local Administration and Environment Minister and head of the Higher Committee for Relief Hussein Makhlouf visited people who were forced to flee their villages due to terrorist attacks in Hama province.
Fierce fighting between Arab-Kurdish detachments SDF and Daesh terrorists is underway to the northwest of the city of Raqqa.
[Press TV]
En Syrie, une source militaire bien informée a rejeté une rumeur, diffusée par les sources israéliennes, selon laquelle l’ouest de Damas aurait été attaqué par des avions de chasse israéliens.
[RT Deutsch ]
Seit einer Woche liefern sich Israel und die syrische Regierung intensive militärische Auseinandersetzungen im Luftraum von Syrien und mit grenzüberschreitendem Beschuss. Der Abschuss einer israelische Militärdrohne durch die syrische Luftabwehr führte zu weiteren Drohgebärden aus Tel Aviv
[Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Great things are being done in the east in the fight for Raqqa, but if Hama Province falls to the jihadis/unicorns a lot of that will count for little.
Der Präsident der Nationalversammlung von Kuwait (Majlis al-Umma) hat die feindliche Politik Israels in den besetzten palästinensischen Gebieten verurteilt und die arabischen Staaten aufgerufen, eine klare einheitliche Position gegenüber dem israelischen Regime einzunehmen.
[Al Masdar News]
Backed by heavy U.S. airstrikes, the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberate several villages from the Islamic State terrorists, including Al-Mushayrifah, Abu Hurirah, Al-Karin, and Al-Muhamiyah in western Al-Raqqa.
Bei einem israelischen Panzerangriff auf den Süden des Gazastreifens sind in der Nacht auf Mittwoch ein Palästinenser getötet und zwei weitere verletzt worden.
[South Front]
Rumors are circuating that US Special Forces have made a surprise attack against the ISIS terrorist group west of the ISIS-held town of Tabqa after cutting across the Euphrates via boats and helicopters.
[Al Masdar News]
Not long after Al-Masdar News released the report about the government counter-offensive in Jobar, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) seized several sites from the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.
[Press TV]
Cross-border tensions are rising between Kurdish militias in Syria and Turkey`s military after a Turkish soldier was fatally shot from a Kurdish-controlled area in northwestern Syria.
Army and Armed Forces units on Wednesday repelled attempts by terrorist groups to break the siege imposed on terrorists trapped in the textiles factories north of Jobar at the eastern outskirts of Damascus city.
More than 500 persons from al-Waer neighborhood in Homs city have had their legal status settled in the framework of the reconciliation agreement that was reached in the neighborhood, paving the way for the return of all the governmental institutions to it.
[Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Several sources have reported an SDF attack across Lake Assad just west of the Tabqa Airbase and Tabqa dam.
[Press TV]
Aid groups say Saudi Arabia is carrying out an “open-air massacre” of Yemeni civilians facing famine amid Ryadh’s two-year-long military campaign against the impoverished country.
A military source stressed that the army units continue hitting the terrorist groups that infiltrated into the surroundings of Maamel al-Ghazl (spinning factories) north of Jobar on the eastern outskirts of Damascus city.
[Al Masdar News]
The officials sourced by ARA News explained that dozens of ISIS fighters were killed in clashes on Monday at the station located in Qasta al-Sukun district between the terrorist group and the Kurdish-led SDF.
As 21WIRE previously reported, Israel has attacked Syria again for the twelfth time since the conflict in Syria began in 2011, only this time, Syria fired back.
[Al Masdar News]
Three more villages – located east of Al-Qusayr which was liberated in yesterday’s assault – have been recaptured by the Army’s elite forces, who as of now have been on the offensive for more than two months. These most recently liberated are Hamid Hawsh, Jafirat Mansur and Diham.
[Land Destroyer Report]
Israel has played an increasingly provocative role in the destructive conflict unfolding within and along Syria`s borders since 2011. To many observers, it appears Israeli policy borders between opportunistic and unilateral aggression. In reality, Israel`s role in the Syrian conflict fits a much larger and long-term pattern with Anglo-American plans not only for Syria but for the entire region.
[Press TV]
Russia has signed an agreement with the Kurdish People`s Protection Units (YPG) to set up a military base in northwestern Syria and train the forces in the war-ravaged country.
[Al Masdar News]
Following yesterday’s assault which enabled the government forces to oust ISIS from the village of Ash-Shuraimah, the attacking forces marched on eastward and retook Al Qusayer; thus tightening the noose around the Islamic State fighters in Deir Hafer.
[Al Masdar News]
Russian military will set up a new base in the Kurdish-held district of Afrin in northern Syria as per an agreement held earlier with People’s Protection Units (YPG)
[Al Masdar News]
On Monday morning, the Syrian Arab Army was able to break-through the jihadist front-lines along the ‘Abbasiyeen-Jobar axis, resulting the in seizure of all lost points.
[Al Masdar News]
According to a military source in Homs, the Syrian Arab Army opened the Engineers Roundabout at the entrance of the Al-Wa’er District today in order to comply with the terms of the ceasefire that was brokered by the Russian military.
Israels Verteidigungsminister Avigdor Lieberman hat Damaskus mit der Zerstörung der syrischen Luftabwehrsysteme gedroht, melden internationale Agenturen.
Army units regained control over the mountains chain north of al-Mazar Mountains in the northern countryside of Palmyra in eastern Homs after destroying the latest ISIS fortifications in it.
[Press TV]
Iraqi government forces have managed to liberate four more neighborhoods in the country’s second largest city of Mosul as they engage in joint operations with allied fighters to expel Takfiri Daesh militants out of their last urban stronghold in the country.
[Al Masdar News]
The military operation in east Homs – led by the Russian-trained 5th Legion – resumes with the aim to expand the control zone around the recently-liberated ancient city of Palmyra.
[Al Masdar News]
Earlier today, the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Asham (HTS) launched a surprise assault against Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in the Jobar district of eastern Damascus.
[Al Masdar News]
In recent hours, the village of Sharimah and its surrounding farmlands was expunged of ISIS terrorists and brought completely secured by government.
[Tehran Times]
When adults go to war, it is the children who suffer the most.
[Saba Yemen ]
Hundreds of Thousands of Yemeni people staged a rally to protest US-Saudi aggression war crimes and all-out economic siege since two years. The rally took place in downtown the capital Sana`a on Friday. The participants held banners reading : stop US-Saudi war crimes, blocked and release salaries of the state employees.
[Elijah J. Magnier (Al Rai)]
The two superpowers have agreed to finish off ISIS in Syria. Al-Qaeda in Syria has lost the support of the people and the countries of the region. Hezbollah fears an Israeli-US-Saudi Arabia war but the facts speak otherwise.
[Prensa Latina]
Army and intelligence officers from Lebanon stormed the village of Al-Qasr, in the northeastern region of Hermel, on the Syrian border, as part of raids to detain undocumented people and alleged terrorists.
The first batch of gunmen and their families has started to leave al-Waer neighborhood in the western outskirts of Homs city.
Over the past few hours, army units carried out special operations against gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the southern axis of Deir Ezzor, establishing control over two positions in the factories area after inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in the equipment and personnel.
Syrian rebels and their families began retreating from the outskirts of Homs, the last remaining opposition-held stronghold in central Syria, after a Russian-brokered evacuation deal was signed earlier this week.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s efforts to play up the `Iranian threat` are gaining steam. Last week, officials claimed that Iran was looking to build a naval base in Syria. A week earlier, Netanyahu went to Moscow to say that Iran was a threat to the region. Mideast politics expert Hassan Hanizadeh says Netanyahu`s theories are absurd.
Israel will never hesitate to intervene to prevent potential arms transfers to Hezbollah, PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated, commenting on Israel’s latest air raid in Syria in which intruding jets were targeted by air defense systems.
[Réseau International]
Alep est redevenue, comme elle l’a toujours été, une seule ville sous le contrôle de l’Etat Syrien. Seulement 15,000 habitants des quartiers Est ont été évacués, à leur demande, avec les rebelles vers Idlib. Les autres, plus de 100,000, qui subissaient l’occupation sans l’avoir choisie – uniquement parce que leurs domiciles se trouvaient là – sont restés à Alep. Ils ont beaucoup souffert mais sont soulagés après 4 ans d’occupation terroriste et 3 mois de siège de leurs quartiers par l’armée syrienne.
Ministerpräsidenten des Iraks und Jordaniens, Haidar al-Abadi und Hani Al-Mulki, haben am Donnerstag bei einem Telefongespräch über verschiedene Themen der Nahostregion gesprochen.
An army unit targeted fortifications and infiltration points of ISIS terrorists in the surroundings of Liwa al-Ta’min in Deir Ezzor.
Russische Flugzeuge haben mehrere Tonnen Hilfsgüter in die von den Terroristen blockierte ostsyrische Stadt Deir ez-Zor gebracht, wie das russische Zentrum für Versöhnung der Konfliktparteien in Syrien am Freitag mitteilt.
[Press TV]
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called on the US to reduce its military presence in Iraq as Washington has begun a surge of troops in the face of Daesh terrorists facing a final rout in the country.
[Press TV]
The Lebanese interior minister says Lebanon should integrate the resistance movement of Hezbollah’s armed strength in its military strategy.
[Al Masdar News]
The Syrian Air Defense fired an anti-aircraft missile towards an Israeli warplane on Thursday night after the latter carried out several airstrikes above southern Syria.
Pendant toute la durée du conflit à Alep, les hôpitaux de cette ville ont été au cœur de « l’information de guerre ». Les médias occidentaux et les ONG ont déploré tant de bombardements sur les structures de santé situées dans les quartiers Est, que cette partie de la ville aurait pu passer pour la zone la plus médicalisée au monde. Tant de nouvelles, fausses ou approximatives, ont été relayées qu’il a été difficile de démêler l’écheveau. Cependant, après la libération d’Alep, grâce à l’aide de médecins Aleppins rencontrés lors de la mission humanitaire à laquelle l’IVERIS a pu participer, il est désormais possible de dénouer les fils
[Press TV]
At least seven people have lost their lives when Saudi fighter jets carried out an airstrike off the coast of Yemen`s western province of Hudaydah as the Riyadh regime continues its atrocious aerial bombardment campaign against its beleaguered southern neighbor.
Army units in cooperation with the supporting forces regained full control over al-Mazar Mountains chain and the transportation warehouses in the countryside of Palmyra city in Homs province and continued operations in pursuing ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of the province.
[Al Masdar News]
Pushing north of Palmyra, Syrian government forces reportedly managed to wrestle control of the mountain known as Jabal Mazar after intense clashes with ISIS militants overnight. In addition, the SAA also seized the adjacent Hajjana Storage Base.
A Russian NGO has delivered lifesaving aid to the desperate population of war-torn Yemen, where over 18 million people now urgently require some form of humanitarian assistance.
[Middle East Eye]
Le 2 mars dernier, la société franco-suisse LafargeHolcim a admis des arrangements financiers « inacceptables » avec des groupes armés dans le nord de la Syrie, sans les nommer. Pourquoi ne pas être allé plus loin que les révélations du Monde ?
A flak jacket and a helmet have long become a staple in RT’s Lizzie Phelan`s wardrobe. She’s been covering the Syrian war for five years. Reporting from Aleppo and Palmyra, she filmed kids injured in daily shelling and civilians forced to flee their homes.
Seit dem Beginn der Befreiungsoperation in Mossul sind Monate vergangen, die Berichterstattung der westlichen Medien ist allerdings mager, was bei der Befreiungsoperation von Aleppo nicht der Fall gewesen war. Der TV-Sender RT ist vor Ort gewesen und hat mehr dazu herausgefunden.
[Al Masdar News]
Backed by heavy Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Legion pushed further east of the Mustadirah Gas Fields, reaching the strategic Talilah Crossroad that is situated directly south of the ‘Arak Gas Fields.
“Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one,” Assad told Chinese PHOENIX TV.
[Al Masdar News]
Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) secured its single largest advancement in the Al-Qaboun neighborhood since embarking upon a military campaign last month to dislodge insurgents entirely from eastern Damascus.
Army units, aided by the Syrian air force and in cooperation with the supporting forces, thwarted an ISIS terrorist attack on the axes of the eastern direction of Deir Ezzor city.
[Al Masdar News]
The Iraqi Armed Forces are slowly but surely on their way to victory in Mosul after new advancements were achieved inside the city and in rural areas of Nineveh province on Sunday.
[Al Masdar News]
The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham have reportedly agreed to surrender the Al-Wa’er District of Homs City to the government after mediation by the Russian Reconciliation Center.
[Al Masdar News]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a powerful attack against the Islamic State (ISIS) forces in the Palmyra countryside on Monday, targeting the terrorist group’s positions at the Electrical Station located south of the city.
[Gai Déclin]
Quelques images que j`ai prises hier [10/03/2017] qui vous donneront une autre perspective sur les casques blancs et différents mensonges des médias et gouvernements. Des vérités sur la guerre en Syrie, à Alep. Hôpitaux totalement détruits et Casques Blancs neutres, héros à Alep?
[Al Masdar News]
Led by the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division, the Syrian Arab Army stormed the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) prison at the outskirts of Al-Qaboun on Sunday morning, Al-Masdar’s Ibrahim Joudeh reported.
SANA reporter said that army units after midnight on Sunday clashed with terrorist groups affiliated to ISIS after they infiltrated into the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport and Liwa al-Tamin, killing a number of terrorists while the remnants fled away.
[Press TV]
An Israeli policeman has killed a Palestinian, who had reportedly attacked him and his colleague on duty, prompting a “struggle” with them.
[Press TV]
Education Minister Naftali Bennett has said all aspects of life in Lebanon must be targeted in a future war with Hezbollah, because the resistance movement is now an important part of the Lebanese people.
The US-led coalition fighting to retake Mosul says it takes every precaution to assure civilians are not harmed in its airstrikes on Islamic State militants, but those who have lost family members in coalition attacks doubt the veracity of that claim.
[Al Masdar News]
On Monday, the Syrian Army’s assault finally produced results at the southern flank, as their 5th Legion forces managed to break-through the Islamic State’s main defensive line at the Palmyra Electrical Station.
[Al Masdar News]
The Syrian Armed Forces killed the majority of these Islamic State terrorists by launching non-stop missiles towards the strategic Jirah Military Airport.
[Press TV]
Keeping up Saudi Arabia’s unabated warfare against Yemen, the kingdom`s warplanes have killed three people in the country’s west-central Sana’a Province.
Protesters outside the consulate general of the Netherlands in Istanbul, Turkey pulled down the Dutch flag and replaced it with a Turkish one as a diplomatic row escalates between the two countries.
An army unit carried out a military operation against ISIS terrorists movement axes on the southern outskirts of Deir Ezzor city.
[Press TV]
The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has denounced a twin bombing in Damascus on Saturday, calling for a unified stance against different terrorist groups operating in the region.
[Friends of Syria]
On March 8th, 2017 the Russian humanitarian convoy left the city of Aleppo for the town of Ajami, located in the countryside of Manbij, east of Aleppo. The footage shows the arrival of the Russian Ministry of Defense humanitarian convoy at the building of the police station in the outskirts of the town of Ajami. During the reconnaissance of the area, the Turkish forces launched heavy artillery shelling right next to the convoy.
[Al Masdar News]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF), stormed the village of Al-Barghouthiyeh in eastern Hama today , targeting the Islamic State’s (ISIS) defenses near the key town of Mufakkar.
[Al Masdar News]
The first assault by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on Jirah Airbase would not prove succesful as the Tiger Forces were met by stiff resistance from entrenched ISIS militants at the eastern Aleppo airport.
Unsicherheit, Verlust und Unbeständigkeit, das sind die Worte, die mir einfallen, wenn ich an mein Leben als Palästinenserin denke. Der Verlust der Heimat ist eine anhaltende Erfahrung für uns. Ich kenne keinen einzelnen Palästinenser, der nicht über den Verlust eines Heims, eines Stücks Land, eines Familienmitglieds oder von all diesem, als Folge politischer Umstände trauert.
The Syrian Army will liberate Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor from Daesh terrorists within several months provided that there is no interference of foreign actors, President Bashar Assad said.
Army units ,backed by the army air force, destroyed ISIS gatherings, positions and boats in Deir Ezzor city.
President Bashar al-Assad said that the solution to the crisis in Syria should be through two parallel ways: the first one is to fight the terrorists, and this is our duty as government, to defend the Syrians and use any means in order to destroy the terrorists who’ve been killing and destroying in Syria, and the second one is to make dialogue.
Units of army and armed forces, supported by the air force, launched intensive operations against ISIS sites in the southern outskirts of Deir Ezzor city and its southwestern countryside.
Members of Palestinian gangs from Borj El Brajneh camp initiated a real armed clash near their camp in the southern suburbs of Beirut, according to a source.
The Israeli comedian Assaf Harel and the host of the show “Good Night With Asaf Harel,” used the monologue of his series finale on Monday to dive into a speech where he said Israel had reached a state of “apartheid” long ago.
[Press TV]
Saudi Arabia`s Interior Ministry says police have shot dead a man in a predominantly Shia area in Eastern Province.
Syrian troops on Thursday drove militants of Daesh from the territory of the Kashish military airport east of the city of Aleppo, an informed source at the scene told Sputnik Thursday.
Turkey’s capture of the ISIS city of al-Bab last week set in motion a race for the city of Manbij, which Kurdish forces captured from ISIS last year, and which Turkish officials had long insisted would be their next target after al-Bab.
[Al Masdar News]
An Iraqi Shi’ite militia organization has formed a brigade with the aim liberate the Golan Heights from Israeli occupation when called upon from the Syrian government, spokesman for the movement, Seyed Hashem Moussavi said on Wednesday.
Army units, backed by air force, carried out special operations against gatherings and supply routes of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the countryside of Hama and Idleb.
Wichtige Erfolge der syrischen Armee gegen den IS, al-Qaida im selbstzerstörerischen Konflikt, Russlands Militärstrategie geht auf
Kurdische Schützlinge der Bundesregierung im Nordirak nutzen deutsche Waffen für Angriffe auf die jesidische Minderheit. Dies belegen neue Foto- und Videodokumente, die seit einigen Tagen im Internet kursieren. Sie zeigen, wie Peschmerga der Kurdischen Regionalregierung (KRG) in Erbil sowie ihnen nahestehende Milizionäre mit einem gepanzerten Fahrzeug vom Typ ATF Dingo, dem Sturmgewehr G36 und weiteren deutschen Schusswaffen gegen Jesiden vorgehen.
[RT Deutsch]
Kämpfer des Kurdenführers Masud Barzani bedrohen die Jesiden in Sindschar – auch mit deutschen Waffen. Denn die Bundesregierung hatte auch seine Einheiten für den Kampf gegen den IS ausgerüstet. ... Hintergrund der Spannungen ist, dass Barzani eine Peschmerga-Einheit, die aus syrischen Kurden besteht, in die Region geschickt hat.
Army units carried out military operations on Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ gatherings and fortifications in Daraa city and its countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon its members.
Anstatt die Pumpanlage der Wasserversorgung von Aleppo und die weiter südlich gelegene Jirah Luftwaffenbasis wieder unter Kontrolle zu bringen und bis zum Ufer des Euphrats vorzurücken, hat die Syrische Armee am gestrigen Dienstag stattdessen erstmal das Bezirkszentrum Al Khafsa und mehr als ein Dutzend weitere bislang unter Herrschaft der Terrorgruppe ISIS stehende Dörfer nordwestlich von Al Khafsa eingenommen.
[teleSUR English]
In a rare, candid conversation, Abby Martin interviews a former Israeli Army combat soldier who served as an occupier in Palestine’s Hebron City. Eran Efrati spent years as a sergeant and combat soldier in the Israeli military, but has since become an outspoken critic of the occupation of Palestine and Israeli apartheid.
[Al Masdar News]
A fresh agreement has been brokered by Russia between the Syrian government and opposition forces to implement a ceasefire in the Eastern Ghouta region.
[SoZ - Sozialistische Zeitung]
Anfang Februar beschloss das israelische Parlament das sog. Legalisierungsgesetz (Regularization Bill) mit 62 gegen 52 Stimmen. Dieses Gesetz ermächtigt die israelische Regierung, privaten palästinensischen Grund und Boden in der Westbank, auf dem bislang illegal jüdische Siedlungen errichtet wurden, nachträglich zu enteignen. Die palästinensischen Eigentümer bleiben nominell Eigentümer, die Nutzung ihres Bodens ist ihnen damit aber verwehrt, sie müssen eine finanzielle Entschädigung durch den Staat akzeptieren.
The water tower, located in al-Khafsa village to the east of Aleppo, had been under control of Daesh terrorist group.
The army units restored security and stability to the towns and villages of Khafseh, Khfiet al-Himr, al-Rehanieh,Hirnet Shihab, Ma’araba, Thakheira, Kibab Kabeer, Kibab Sagheir, Um Risoom, al-Kibarieh, Rasm al-Boukher, al-Tabbara, Balwa, al-Azeizieh, and al-Kaban Shikh Abyad in the eastern countryside of Aleppo , eliminating scores of ISIS terrorists and destroying their vehicles.
[Radio Utopie]
Gestützt von deutschen Truppen, deren „militärisches Verbindungselement“ bereits ohne Beschluss des abwesenden Bundestages im August 2014 entsendet worden war, sowie in enger Kooperation mit Tayyip Erdogan, türkischem Militär und Geheimdienst, fordert der Präsident der Regionalregierung des irakischen Kurdistan, Masud Barzani, in einem am 5. März mit der italienischen Zeitung „La Stampa“ veröffentlichten Interview die Unabhängigkeit des von ihm regierten irakischen Teilgebietes ein.
[Al Masdar News]
Syria’s government forces are taking more villages from the Islamic State in East Aleppo countryside, and have now become at a stone’s throw from re-taking the group’s stronghold of al-Khafsah.
[Al Masdar News]
Slashing through sparsely populated desert terrain, the SDF bypassed a number of ISIS strongpoints and shortly after captured the large Al-Kibar Military Base in a remarkable coup. This base is located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.
[Réseau International]
La Jordanie a-t-elle définitivement renoncé à son idée de créer une zone tampon dans le sud de la Syrie, sur les frontières syro-jordaniennes ? Rien n’est moins sûr. En dépit des tentatives d’Amman de s’approcher de la Russie voire de la Syrie, le royaume pense plutôt à ses intérêts.
Amnestied militants in Aleppo are siding with the Syrian army en masse, while others are returning to civilian life. They admit that they lay down arms despite threats from terrorists.
Le président turc a fondé ses espoirs sur Donald Trump et c’est en fonction des promesses d’aide de l’Américain qu’il a poussé ses forces armées à occuper la ville de Manbij, sans soupçonner qu’il y aurait là un piège, celui tendu par la Russie à Ankara.
Army units on Monday carried out concentrated operations against Jabhat al-Nusra in the countryside of Hama and Idleb.
[Al Masdar News]
Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army liberated the villages of Rasm Al-Hammam, Al-Ashayni, and Abu Judhah Al-Kabeera after a short battle with the Islamic State terrorists this afternoon.
[Al Masdar News]
With Al-Sumood secured, the Iraqi special forces have begun making progress in Mansour and Shuhada.
Erdogan und der Präsident der Autonomen Region Kurdistan, Barsani, als Strippenzieher
Der Ministerpräsident des israelischen Regimes Benjamin Netanjahu, will die Benennung einer Straße nach dem verstorbenen Palästinenserführer Jassir Arafat verbieten.
Eine Delegation des US-Kongresses ist in den besetzten palästinensischen Gebieten eingetroffen, um den von US-Präsident Donald J. Trump angekündigten Umzug der US-Botschaft von Tel Aviv nach al-Quds (Jerusalem) zu analysieren.
[Al Masdar News]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has kept busy in the eastern countryside of Homs since they liberated Palmyra, attacking several areas controlled by the Islamic State ISIL) forces north of the city.
[Iraqi News]
“Counter-Terrorism Forces imposed their control over 80 percent of al-Shohadaa and al-Somoud, southwest of Mosul,” Capt. Abdul-Amir al-Sabaawi told Bas News Sunday.
[Al Masdar News]
It was originally reported that up to 70 Peshmerga fighters who refused to engage the Yazidi’s in battle days ago in Iraq’s north, were detained by the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) intelligence known as the Parastin.
[Al Masdar News]
Clashes between the Rojava Peshmerga who are loyal to Iraqi Kurdistan’s President Masou Barzni, and the Yazidi Shingal Resistance Units (YBS), who are trained by the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and oppose Barzani’s relations with Turkish President Erdogan, dominated the headlines yesterday.
[Al Masdar News]
After weeks of demining activities in the largely uninhabited desert of eastern Homs, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) finally stormed the ISIS-held Jazal Oil Field northwest of Palmyra.
[The Canary]
The last 36 hours have seen major developments in the Middle East in defiance of British and US-led anti-Daesh (Isis/Isil) forces. First, Turkish militias are attacking anti-Daesh units near the Syrian city of Manbij. And at the same time, Turkish-backed forces have launched an attack on the long-suffering Yazidi community in Iraq.
Die Befreiung von Palmyra gibt der syrischen Armee mehr Selbstvertrauen und ist nicht nur ein Symbol der neuen Ära, sondern ein wichtiger Meilenstein auf dem Weg zur Befreiung des gesamten syrischen Territoriums vom Terrorismus, sagte der Feldkommandeur der Volkswehr, Ahmad Buhammad, gegenüber Journalisten.
[Moon of Alabama]
For the first time since the start of the war the supply lines between Turkey and the Islamic State are cut off!
[Réseau International]
Nous, Conseil militaire de la ville de Manbij et de ses environs, annonçons que nous avons convenu avec la partie russe de remettre les villages, situés sur la ligne de contact avec le Bouclier de l’Euphrate et contigus à la région d’Al-Bab sur le front ouest de Manbij, aux forces des gardes-frontières de l’État syrien, lesquelles se chargeront des missions de protection de la ligne séparant les forces du Conseil militaire de Manbij des régions contrôlées par l’Armée turque et le Bouclier de l’Euphrate. Bureau d’information du Conseil de Manbij
Army units, supported by the air force, destroyed 8 vehicles belonging to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the countryside of Hama and Idleb.
Army and armed forces units, backed by the army air force, on Saturday destroyed gatherings, positions and vehicles of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the countryside of Idleb and Hama.
[Peds Ansichten]
Der größte Ölexporteur der Welt – Saudi Arabien ist in Turbulenzen. Die aggressiv ausgerichtete Politik eines besonders sektiererischen sunnitischen Zweiges des Islam, des Wahhabismus, hat das Land in Kriege verwickelt.
Geradezu blitzschnell entwickelt sich die Operation zur Befreiung von Mossul durch die Koalition unter Führung der Vereinigten Staaten. Und das erst seit dem Beginn der Operation am 17. Oktober. Kaum mehr als vier Monate später ist fast die halbe Stadt befreit, nach neuesten Informationen ist nunmehr der Flughafen zurückerobert.
[Al Masdar News]
Intense firefights would ensue for nearly 5 hours today before the Syrian Arab Army was able to impose full control Tal Shuwayhenah and its corresponding farms.
Die russische Luftwaffe hat in der Nähe von Aleppo in Syrien einen Stab der Terrororganisation Al-Nusra vernichtet, wie der russische Generalstabchef Sergej Rudskoj am Freitag mitteilte. 67 Terroristen seien vernichtet worden, darunter 19 aus dem Nordkaukasus stammende Feldkommandeure.
The army and armed forces units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, continued chasing the remnants of the ISIS terrorists to the east of Tadmur (Palmyra) city, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
Army units operating in eastern countryside of Homs province established full control over al-Tar strategic mountain overlooking Palmyra city.
[Al Masdar News]
The elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Arab Army continue their military campaign in the eastern Aleppo countryside, regaining control over A’alsah village north of the imperative town of Deir Hafer.
[Al Masdar News]
The ferocity of the new Euphrates Shield offensive against the SDF has incited the Manbij Military Council (MMC) to consider a local military cooperation agreement with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) which includes pro-government access to SDF territories in northern Syria.
[Al Masdar News]
The Turkish Army launched several shells towards the Kurdish-led “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) on Thursday, hitting the latter’s positions north of the strategic city of Menbeij.
[Press TV]
Turkey has threatened to strike Syrian Kurdish forces if they do not withdraw from the northern city of Manbij near the Turkish border.
[Al Masdar News]
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unearthed a massive tunnel under the Harasta suburb of east Damascus on Thursday after conducting a search-and-destroy operation against the Islamist rebels of Jaysh Al-Islam and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham.
[Sic Semper Tyrannis]
What would be the result of a Turkish/US proxy war in NE Syria? IMO such a war would lead to the exit of Turkey from NATO, a cessation of Turkish inclusion in NATO contingency plans and a departure of the US and its nuclear weapons from Incirlik AFB at Adana in Turkey.
Die israelische Armee hat Hütten im Beduinendorf Jabal al-Baba im Westjordanland abgerissen. So etwas passiert dort öfter - bekommt aber diesmal viel Aufmerksamkeit. Denn die EU hat die Hütten finanziert und sie liegen in einem Gebiet, in dem Wohnungen für jüdische Siedler geplant sind - die würden das Westjordanland zweiteilen.
Nach heftigen Gefechten mit der IS-Terrormiliz ist die syrische Armee nach Angaben von Aktivisten in die historische Stadt Palmyra eingerückt.
Irans Präsident, Hassan Rohani, hat sich bei einem Treffen mit seinem türkischen Amtskollegen, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, für den Respekt vor territorialer Integrität der Länder in der Region ausgesprochen.
Die syrische Armee ist am heutigen Donnerstag östlich der nordsyrischen Metropole Aleppo weiter gegen ISIS-Terroristen vorgerückt und hat dabei rund ein Dutzend weitere Ortschaften eingenommen.
[21st Century Wire]
According to reports from Hezbollah’s military media unit, Syrian National forces and their allies have already recaptured the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Palmyra citadel from ISIS, located on the western side of the city.
An army unit carried out military operation on one of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ positions in the village of Deir Sharqi , about 45 km south of Idleb city, killing 10 terrorists and destroying two of their heavy vehicles.
[WOZ Die Wochenzeitung ]
Beim Staatsbesuch des israelischen Premiers in den USA schien es, als würde die Zweistaatenlösung definitiv begraben. Doch Israel kann gar nicht mehr anders, als daran festzuhalten.
[South Front]
On March 1, Syrian government forces made significant gains against ISIS terrorists in the area of Palmyra, seizing the Palmyra Triangle, Qatari Villa, Aqueduct, and a number of hills: Jabal Muhtar, Jabal Qassoun and Jabal al-Asafir.
[Al Masdar News]
Advancing to the southern outskirts of Al-Arimah town, Ahrar al-Sham, Failaq al-Sham, various predominately Turkmen ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA) factions and units of the Turkish Armed Forces managed to seize control of Tall Turin and the neighboring village of Al-Qarah.
[Press TV]
An Israeli settler has shot dead a Palestinian over an alleged stabbing attack in yet another instance of using lethal force against Palestinians in the occupied territories.
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