Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Dreißig Jahre lang suchte ich nach Gott. Dann erkannte ich, daß Er der Suchende und ich der Gesuchte war.
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8:23 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Saudi Prince Alwaleed`s Net Worth Down 60% From 2014 Peak
After being arrested and imprisoned by Saudi police during Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman`s corruption crackdown cash grab late last year, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Saudi Arabia`s richest man, was finally released (after reportedly being tortured and beaten) in January, having signed an agreement allowing him to function more or less autonomously. But his freedom didn`t come cheap. As we reported at the time, Saudi authorities reportedly demanded $6 billion in cash from the prince in exchange for his freedom.
0:30 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Where Super Rich Populations Are Growing Fastest
A Wealth-X report from earlier this month found that the U.S. has the largest population of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) worldwide. Defined as being worth $30 million or more, the U.S. has 80,000 such individuals (31 percent of the global population), higher than Japan, China, Germany, Canada and France combined. However, as Statista`s Niall McCarthy notes, even though the U.S. is the dominant country for the super rich, it lags behind in UHNWI population growth.
0:14 [Voltairenet] (E)
Iranians shocked that their leaders are living it up
The former governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mahmud Bahmani, close to the former president Mahmud Ahmadineyad, has launched a campaign against corruption. Bahmani has exposed that 5 000 children of Iranian government officials live abroad and pile up in their personal bank accounts a sum of money that exceeds all the monetary reserves of Iran’s Central Bank (148 000 million dollars).
22:02 [Global Research] (E)
Global Poverty: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World
The 2016 Oxfam Davos Report which the mass media have ignored arrestingly shows that 62 individuals – 388 in 2010 – now own more wealth than 50% of the world’s population. More shockingly, it reports from its uncontested public sources that this share of wealth by half of the world’s people has collapsed by over 40% in just the last five years. Yet the big lies persist even here that “the progress has been made in tackling world poverty” and “extreme poverty has been halved since 1990”.
23:45 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles "Explodes" As The Middle Class Collapses
If the U.S. economy is really doing so well, then why is homelessness rising so rapidly?
23:59 [youtube/The Alex Jones Channel] (E)
Elites Already Moving Into Apocalypse Bunkers
How Tech’s richest plan to save themselves After The Apocalypse.
23:58 [The Guardian] (E)
How tech`s richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse
Silicon Valley’s elite are hatching plans to escape disaster – and when it comes, they’ll leave the rest of us behind
0:31 [mirror] (E)
Homeless... and holding down a job: Scandal of thousands of workers forced to bed down on Britain`s streets each night
Chefs, engineers, construction workers and security staff living in doorways, tents, cars and vans, are battling to get enough sleep and keep themselves presentable enough to hold down their jobs
19:44 [USA Really] (E)
The Harsh Reality of the US Job Market: “Load Sixteen Tons and What Do You Get?”
A friend writes to me from West Virginia, not exactly one of the most expensive and difficult places to live in the United States.
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