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Details zum Eintrag Crimes of the century – truth, perception and punishment
23.01.20 7:33 [offGuardian] Themen - Medien und Propaganda (E)
Crimes of the century – truth, perception and punishment
Kevin Smith - Like many, I’ve been following the Douma scandal for some time and particularly since the OPCW whistleblowers and leaked emails blew the lid off the official narrative that Assad used chemical weapons there. This issue is being discussed on one of my ‘go to’ accounts on Twitter – Peter Hitchens who has brought this to the attention of the mainstream. For the past few weeks he’s been debating the topic with Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, Scott Lucas and various Middle East based journalists who created and then pushed the false narrative. In fact, it’s not really a debate. Peter Hitchens is quite literally slaughtering these narrative managers – his logic and clear thinking – and wit exposing the numerous gaps in their story and their desperate deflections.
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