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Details zum Eintrag The Mainstream Media Is a Cheerleader for War With Iran
5.01.20 16:42 [Jacobin] Themen - Medien und Propaganda (E)
The Mainstream Media Is a Cheerleader for War With Iran
When it comes to war, we shouldn`t expect balance from mainstream news outlets: the corporate media has never met a war it didn`t like....Furthermore, seeing as the media has devoted much time lately to cheerleading for war with Iran — perpetuating the nuclear weapons myth and engaging in a general vilification of all things Iranian, much like in the run-up to the Iraq War — it’s not clear why anyone should be particularly shocked by the assassination. And while Fox News may prefer to despair over toxic media polarization and the allegedly vast ideological chasm between Republicans and Democrats, let’s not forget that years before John Bolton advocated — on the pages of the New York Times — to “bomb Iran,” Hillary Clinton threatened to “totally obliterate” the country.
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