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Details zum Eintrag Six Million, 9/11, Iraq and Epstein
14.08.19 13:27 [The Saker] Themen - Globalisierung und Globalismus (D)
Six Million, 9/11, Iraq and Epstein
Scratching the surface of things is akin to scratching a lottery ticket. The results are routinely disappointing, sometimes unexpected, sometimes exceptional. I recently attended an online conference, held by an Italian researcher named Mario Biglino. Mr. Biglino has dedicated many years to producing a new translation of the Bible. His effort centered on verifying and correcting official translations of the Bible from the Hebrew and/or Aramaic. With particular attention to original words whose meaning, or case, or number have been modified, in his view, to fit a particular pre-conceived theological or pseudo-theological scheme. I briefly relate here what I have understood. There is no implication or even hint that I have any specific knowledge on the matter.
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"Das Paradies habe ich mir immer als eine Art Bibliothek vorgestellt"
Jorge Luis Borges