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Archiv: April 2018 (Welt - Mittlerer Osten)
01. April 2018
15:52 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
27 Terrorists Killed in Afghan Forces` Badakhshan Operation
02. April 2018
12:02 [Press TV] (Details)
Iranians mark Nature’s Day as Nowruz holidays end
12:05 [Press TV] (Details)
Indian-controlled Kashmir shut by strike, curfew after deadly clashes
17:59 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran will never compromise on Palestinian cause: Zarif
03. April 2018
16:25 [Global Times] (Details)
Pakistan balances foreign policy in response to tougher US approach
04. April 2018
14:51 [Press TV] (Details)
Daesh collapse means defeat of US regional policy: Iran defense chief
05. April 2018
11:48 [Press TV] (Details)
Resistance sole way to heal Palestinian wounds, says Ayatollah Khamenei
06. April 2018
12:10 [Press TV] (Details)
‘Unimpressed’ by American Patriot missile system, India turns to Russian S-400
09. April 2018
13:19 [Press TV] (Details)
Top commander: Reports of Israeli F-35 incursion into Iran `not worthy of response`
10. April 2018
15:41 [Tasnim] (Details)
Iran`s Zarif Dismisses Trump’s Syria Chemical Attack Comments
11. April 2018
22:49 [Press TV] (Details)
Gunfight, clashes kill seven people in Indian-controlled Kashmir
12. April 2018
16:26 [] (Details)
USA, Alliierte sind bereit für den Angriff auf Syrien
13. April 2018
2:54 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran warns France not be influenced by bin Salman’s claims, warmongering
14. April 2018
6:50 [Press TV] (Details)
CIA chief`s admission shows US moral bankruptcy: Iran FM
7:09 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Iran warns of ‘regional consequences’ after Syria attack
16:08 [Press TV] (Details)
Ayatollah Khamenei: US, UK, French attack on Syria ‘a crime’
15. April 2018
14:41 [Press TV] (Details)
No country entitled to `arbitrary` moves against others: Iran FM
23:05 [Press TV] (Details)
Syria strikes prove direct US-terrorists ties: Iran president
23:06 [Press TV] (Details)
Several people killed, wounded in cross-border gunfight in Afghanistan, Pakistan
17. April 2018
2:33 [Press TV] (Details)
India: Protesters demand justice for raped and murdered 8-year-old Asifa
2:36 [Press TV] (Details)
Pakistan orders probe into attack on judge
18. April 2018
15:21 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran marks National Army Day with military parade
19. April 2018
20:20 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran ready for any JCPOA-related scenario: Deputy FM
20. April 2018
4:59 [Sputnik] (Details)
‘Unpleasant for Americans:’ Iran Vows Retaliation if US Kills Nuke Deal
13:15 [Asia Times] (Details)
Reviving Nepal’s independent foreign policy
13:16 [Junge Welt] (Details)
Neuanfang im Himalaja
15:20 [Asia Times] (Details)
Iran to replace US dollar with euro in financial reporting
21. April 2018
18:31 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran`s response readiness will startle US if it pulls out of JCPOA: Salehi
23. April 2018
14:58 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran vows no submission as navy chiefs meet in Tehran
24. April 2018
15:18 [Sputnik Deutschland] (Details)
Iran erläutert Grund für seine Militärpräsenz in Syrien
25. April 2018
11:31 [Press TV] (Details)
Zarif: Iran will likely exit nuclear deal, if US does so
14:26 [Press TV] (Details)
White House in no position to decide for Middle East: President Rouhani
26. April 2018
19:33 [Sputnik Deutschland] (Details)
Iran drängt muslimische Welt zur Vereinigung gegen USA
19:35 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran standing firm against bullying attempts by enemies: Ayatollah Khamenei
27. April 2018
21:45 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran urges Asian states to fight terrorism collectively
29. April 2018
10:54 [Press TV] (Details)
Enemies plot to make Iranian nation disappointed about future: Rouhani
30. April 2018
11:23 [Press TV] (Details)
Rouhani: Iran accepts no restriction beyond JCPOA commitments
14:06 [Press TV] (Details)
Khamenei: US provoking certain states to confront Iran
17:02 [Press TV] (Details)
Pakistan: Thousands rally to support Imran Khan`s 11-point reform program
23:18 [Press TV] (Details)
Israeli PM Netanyahu playing baseless childish game: Araqchi
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