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Archiv: April 2013 (Welt - Nordamerika)
01. April 2013
18:30 [] (Details)
US-Peace activists are starting a month of protests against drone strikes
19:23 [New York Times] (Details)
Ronald Reagan’s budget director David A. Stockman explains the State for the Nation
02. April 2013
11:05 [] (Details)
Three years since West Virginia’s Upper Big Branch mine disaster
11:06 [] (Details)
Approval of Stockton, California bankruptcy paves way for new assault on workers’ pensions
14:59 [Telepolis] (Details)
Kosten für die Kriege in Afghanistan und im Irak belasten die USA noch Jahrzehnte
19:44 [Press TV] (Details)
Barack Obama is following in the footsteps of his predecessor George W. Bush
03. April 2013
12:46 [Russia Today] (Details)
Documents show Homeland Security spies on peaceful demonstrators
04. April 2013
17:58 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
Former CIA analyst: bellicose North Korea might demand US attention so much that intervention in Syria is too risky
05. April 2013
11:35 [Muslim-Markt] (Details)
Die Westliche Welt versteckt den Führer hinter der Fassade von Demokratie
23:26 [youtube-RT] (Details)
WikiLeaks spokesman demands justice for `Collateral Murder` victims
07. April 2013
18:27 [Lebenshaus-Alb] (Details)
Jeder stirbt für sich allein
08. April 2013
1:50 [Press TV] (Details)
Kerry hails Turkish efforts against Syrian government
2:55 [The Chronicle Herald] (Details)
Canadian paper questions it`s government`s support for Bahrain`s dictator
11:39 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Who Will Save Social Security and Medicare?
09. April 2013
13:05 [almabus blog!] (Details)
US-Immobienmarkt erholt sich: Jetzt aber flott raus mit dem Staat!
10. April 2013
12:20 [businessinsider] (Details)
The Dallas Fed Is Calling For The Immediate Breakup Of Large Banks
12:21 [fromthetrenchesworldreport] (Details)
Rise of the Killer Robots: Hint–This is Not a Movie
12:31 [Russia Today] (Details)
US to upgrade nuke arsenal while cutting nonproliferation efforts – report
12:51 [] (Details)
Obama on gun control: An exercise in concealing harsh social truths
16:37 [Bill Blum] (Details)
The Anti-Empire Report #115
11. April 2013
6:13 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
St. Bonifacius sagt Nein zu Drohnen
10:39 [The Voice of Russia] (Details)
Prying eyes in the sky: 31 US states prepare legislation to restrict the use of domestic drones
13:37 [Telepolis] (Details)
Kanadische Polizei sieht rot
13:55 [Press TV] (Details)
US to expand aid to Syrian gangs despite links to al-Qaeda terror group
14:08 [dailybail] (Details)
The $400 Billion Military Jet That Can`t Fly On Cloudy Days
12. April 2013
8:56 [Russia Today] (Details)
`Day of Action to Close Guantanamo`: US cities protest Obama`s inaction
9:04 [Russia Today] (Details)
Military officer tells journalists to `police` each other at Manning trial
9:47 [junge Welt] (Details)
»Teilsieg der Verteidigung«
23:26 [antiwar] (Details)
Treasury Dept: Iran in ‘Far-Reaching Plot’ to Sell Oil
23:42 [youtube] (Details)
Bill Moyers Essay: The `Crony Capitalist Blowout`
13. April 2013
3:36 [The Nation] (Details)
US, Al Qaeda Join Forces in Syria
11:54 [Russia Today] (Details)
California prisons punish inmates by racial bloc, not offense
14. April 2013
14:37 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
Obama’s Sequester Grounds 1/3rd of American Air Force
22:51 [] (Details)
Regierungszeugen dürfen beim Prozess gegen Bradley Manning anonym aussagen
23:21 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Obama Does Social Security and Medicare
23:33 [AG Friedensforschung] (Details)
Alle Kriegsverbrecher vor Gericht! - US-Außenminister John F. Kerry beim Wort nehmen, heißt die NATO anklagen
15. April 2013
18:07 [New York Times] (Details)
Gitmo Is Killing Me
16. April 2013
7:35 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Money for Militarism Not for People
7:40 [antikriegTV] (Details)
Boston bombing - Fox TV - bomb sniffing dogs / drill before explosions
15:18 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Magnitski-Liste in USA erweitert – neue Belastung für bilaterale Beziehungen
17. April 2013
11:19 [The Voice of Russia] (Details)
US Senate vows to back Israeli attack on Iran
23:42 [antikriegTV] (Details)
Boston: Frau warnte 2 Tage vor Marathon vor Lebensgefahr
18. April 2013
12:14 [Russia Today] (Details)
Senate rejects attempt to expand background checks on firearm sales
13:28 [Global Research Canada Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)] (Details)
The Boston Bombings in Context: How the FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists
16:21 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
Hagel/Dempsey on Syria: "we can no longer identify the right people!"
19. April 2013
9:03 [Russia Today] (Details)
Gunfire, explosions, 1 arrest as manhunt for killer of MIT police officer continues
11:26 [Counterpunch] (Details)
From Tragedy May Spring Compassion - “We are not worth more. They are not worth less.”
14:16 [Lebenshaus-Alb] (Details)
Norman Solomon: Der Orwell´sche Kriegsstaat - Gemetzel und Doppeldenk
20. April 2013
2:34 [herald tribune] (Details)
Sarasota family had `many connections` to 9/11 terror attacks
13:47 [] (Details)
Obama in Boston
15:39 [n-TV] (Details)
"Sie wurden hereingelegt" Mutter der Boston-Brüder spricht
15:43 [Spiegel-Online] (Details)
Anschlag in Boston: FBI hatte Tamerlan Zarnajew schon 2011 im Visier
21. April 2013
5:45 [Press TV] (Details)
US increases support for foreign-backed militants in Syria: Kerry
15:26 [antikriegTV] (Details)
USA - Bilder aus Boston
15:51 [Global Times] (Details)
‘Birther’ lunacy leaves all Republicans painted as racist crackpots
16:32 [Islam Times] (Details)
US Arms Deal with Israel, Gulf States Is to Send Clear Signal to Iran: Hagel
16:53 [Sladisworld in wordpress] (Details)
Boston Anschlag: War Tamerlan am Leben bei seiner Verhaftung?
21:55 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
AIPAC/ WINEP`s dilemma: `Arms from the Persian Gulf have strengthened al-Nusra/ al Qaeda in Syria (and Iraq)`
24. April 2013
17:34 [The Nation] (Details)
"The Post, like many neoconservatives and Israel, too, is itching for another Middle East war"
25. April 2013
17:24 [youtube] (Details)
The Truthseeker: United States of torture
19:25 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
Hagel to Israel: `False Incrimination is one thing & evidence is another!`
19:26 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
John McCain: `We could do this & that ... to finish Assad off!`
26. April 2013
23:08 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
USA schließen militärische Gewalt nach Kampfstoffeinsatz in Syrien nicht aus
27. April 2013
2:01 [sjlendman] (Details)
Torture Remains Official US Policy
14:03 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Obama verspricht detaillierte Prüfung von Angaben über C-Waffen-Einsatz in Syrien
15:10 [LA Times] (Details)
U.S. doubts on Syria lie in how sarin exposure occurred
28. April 2013
22:34 [The LRC Blog] (Details)
Syrian Rebels Claim Government Using Chemical Weapons; Secretary Hagel Takes Dictation
29. April 2013
4:27 [Coop Antikriegscafe] (Details)
[AP] Anschlag von Boston – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bei Festnahme unbewaffnet.
8:59 [] (Details)
84 million US adults lack adequate health care coverage
12:18 [youtube] (Details)
Why were Israeli Police in the US before the Boston Marathon Bombing?
21:43 [rinf] (Details)
US House Representative Says Government Planned Boston Bombings
21:43 [activistpost] (Details)
How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?
30. April 2013
0:32 [Strategic Culture] (Details)
Washington’s «Civil Society» and CIA Financing of Chechen and Other Caucasus Regional Terrorists
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