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Archiv: April 2013 (Welt - Mittlerer Osten)
02. April 2013
2:49 [Russia Today] (Details)
Afghan teenager stabs and kills US sergeant playing with children
18:04 [Press TV] (Details)
West knows Iran is strongest country in Middle East: Salehi
23:01 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran wants Persian Gulf clear of foreign troops: Iran MP
03. April 2013
4:27 [News Pakistan] (Details)
Imran Khan wants Pakistan quits US-led coalition
12:43 [RIA Novosti] (Details)
Russlands Drogenaufsicht: Heroin-Produktion in Afghanistan seit Nato-Einzug 40-fach gewachsen
12:51 [The Voice of Russia] (Details)
Six dead, 70 wounded, in Afghan court attack - officials
17:30 [Press TV] (Details)
Taliban militants storm Afghan court, kill 44: Officials
17:34 [Press TV] (Details)
US-led drone crashes in E. Afghanistan: Officials
19:36 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran MP names and shames drunk crash driving Saudi diplomat
04. April 2013
12:26 [Xinhua] (Details)
Death toll rises to 53 in Taliban attack on Afghan court
18:28 [Press TV] (Details)
Taliban militants claim to have set 10 US military vehicles ablaze in Afghanistan
21:00 [Xinhua] (Details)
Iran insists its "right to uranium enrichment" in upcoming talks
05. April 2013
11:35 [Die Evidenz] (Details)
USA will Pakistan für den Iran Pipeline-Deal bestrafen
19:07 [Press TV] (Details)
Pakistan bars Musharraf from contesting in Kasur constituency
06. April 2013
6:03 [antikriegTV] (Details)
VIDEO - ARD-Team - Im Folterkeller der US-Soldaten - Irak 2004
6:10 [antikriegTV] (Details)
Foltergefängnisses im Irak - Camp Nama -
14:25 [Fox 19] (Details)
Full Disclosure: Al-Qaeda in Syria, Foreign western paid Terrorists fighting against Assad Government
07. April 2013
18:39 [Press TV] (Details)
11 children, 2 women killed in US-led air strike in E. Afghanistan: Officials
08. April 2013
1:46 [Press TV] (Details)
‘US drone hits in Pakistan followed deal’
5:20 [antikriegTV] (Details)
VIDEO - Wikileaks-Irak-Video
5:20 [antikriegTV] (Details)
VIDEO - Fallujah: Missgebildete Kinder
7:49 [IRIB] (Details)
Iran: Austritt aus dem Atomwaffensperrvertrag als Option?
8:24 [Russia Today] (Details)
Twelve civilians, including 11 children killed in Afghan NATO strike
14:12 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran presidential candidate Velayati pledges most powerful Iranian govt.
09. April 2013
4:11 [Press TV] (Details)
Pakistani security forces kill 100 militants, 13 soldiers die
13:35 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Nato-Hubschrauber in Afghanistan abgestützt
14:55 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran earns USD 12b from petrochemical exports: Official
21:00 [Die Evidenz] (Details)
Sektiererische/religiöse Verwüstungen in Myanmar
10. April 2013
0:23 [Press TV] (Details)
Copter crash kills 2 US-led soldiers in eastern Afghanistan
2:28 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran criticizes Iraq for inspecting Iranian plane
21:40 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Commander Cautions Regional States about US Covert Agenda
21:55 [AG Friedensforschung] (Details)
11. April 2013
0:37 [Die Evidenz] (Details)
Iran - Jenseits von Öl
3:14 [Press TV] (Details)
West must stop US pastor`s anti-Islam move: Iran MP
14:03 [0815-Info] (Details)
Nüchternes und Aufgeklärtes zur Islamisierung Europas [II]
14:08 [fromthetrenchesworldreport] (Details)
20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait
21:08 [Press TV] (Details)
Pro-Taliban militants kill parliamentary candidate in southern Pakistan
12. April 2013
2:54 [Press TV] (Details)
‘Terrorists to soon be defeated in Syria’
13. April 2013
2:09 [Press TV] (Details)
Musharraf admits allowing ‘a few’ US drone strikes in Pakistan
7:39 [The Frontier Post] (Details)
Pak Iran close ties: Need of the hour
11:19 [Press TV] (Details)
US base attacked in eastern Afghanistan
12:43 [junge Welt] (Details)
[P]GCC`s anti-Hezbollah bid to boomerang: Iranian lawmaker
14:22 [Xinhua] (Details)
Killing of civilians by U.S.-led NATO forces could jeopardize signing of security pact
14. April 2013
15:07 [Press TV] (Details)
US seeks to export Afghan war to split Pakistan: Webster Tarpley
15:08 [Press TV] (Details)
Two US-led Italian soldiers wounded in Afghan bomb blast
15:14 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Afghan President Blames Fatal Air Strike on Intl. Forces
17:39 [TELEsur] (Details)
Krieg gegen Syrien: Die Nusra Front als Teil von El-Kaida
15. April 2013
11:31 [Press TV] (Details)
Afghans hold anti-US demo in Jalalabad
19:23 [Spon] (Details)
NATO sichert Afghanistan Rekordernte an Opium
16. April 2013
7:55 [Russia Today] (Details)
Afghanistan expecting record opium crop
14:39 [Press TV] (Details)
Pakistan court bars Musharraf from running for polls
17. April 2013
19:28 [Press TV] (Details)
US-led forces kill tribal elder in eastern Afghanistan
19:29 [Press TV] (Details)
US assassination drone kills 5, injures 7 in northwestern Pakistan
19:31 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran slams innocent killings anywhere : Leader
19. April 2013
11:39 [GlobalResearch] (Details)
The US has No Intention of Leaving Afghanistan: Military Presence in Afghanistan to Maintain US Geostrategic Interests
21. April 2013
5:04 [Press TV] (Details)
UK plans Afghan pullout via Tajikistan
13:48 [Press TV] (Details)
US has dropped support for Musharraf: Pakistani commentator
14:21 [Press TV] (Details)
Taliban attack kills six Afghan policemen
18:56 [Press TV] (Details)
IRGC increases deterrence power in PG
22:21 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran presidential hopefuls elaborate on policies, plans
22. April 2013
19:32 [Xinhua] (Details)
Pakistan interim gov`t refuses to try Musharraf for treason
23. April 2013
2:15 [Strategic Culture] (Details)
Pakistan Elections: Musharraf Operation Failed
15:48 [Press TV] (Details)
2 US-led soldiers killed in eastern Afghanistan
24. April 2013
12:46 [Global Times] (Details)
Afghan concerns push China, India closer
15:10 [Press TV] (Details)
Haddad-Adel rejects speculation over Coalition of Three’s impending defeat
28. April 2013
2:58 [Press TV] (Details)
Iran can enjoy nuclear energy without sanctions: Presidential hopeful
20:07 [#antikriegtv] (Details)
VIDEO - Kriegspropaganda gegen Syrien / Kriegspropaganda gegen Irak
20:08 [antikriegTV] (Details)
VIDEO - Syrien: Kriegsgrund konstruiert - 28.4.13
22:48 [Press TV] (Details)
Enemies seek to disintegrate ME: Iran president
29. April 2013
8:43 [RIA Novosti] (Details)
Zeitung: US-Geld für Karsais Regierung – größte Korruptionsquelle in Afghanistan
9:46 [New York Times] (Details)
With Bags of Cash, C.I.A. Seeks Influence in Afghanistan
10:05 [Press TV] (Details)
Iranian mission to UN blasts ex-US official’s meddlesome remarks
10:06 [Press TV] (Details)
US spy agency bribes Afghans, including Taliban, to buy influence over nation
12:38 [Press TV] (Details)
Leader warns against sectarian rift in Islamic Awakening movements
20:58 [Press TV] (Details)
8 killed in plane crash in E Afghanistan
30. April 2013
10:08 [Russia Today] (Details)
Karzai admits to being on secret US payroll
21:37 [Press TV] (Details)
IED kills three US-led troopers in southern Afghanistan
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