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Politik machen: den Leuten soviel Angst einjagen, daß ihnen jede Lösung recht ist.
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Welt - Afrika (1)
20:21 [The Duran]
The events in Zimbabwe are NOT an anti-Chinese plot backed by the west
The leader of the apparent coup in Zimbabwe recently visited China and exchanged warm words with Chinese military officers.
Welt - Asien-Pazifik (2)
20:21 [Global Research]
China’s Strategic Economic Planning versus America’s Failed Capitalism
US journalists and commentators, politicians and Sinologists spend considerable time and space speculating on the personality of China’s President Xi Jinping and his appointments to the leading bodies of the Chinese government, as if these were the most important aspects of the entire 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (October 18-24, 2017).
20:13 [Xinhua]
China`s home prices remain stable as control policies resume
China`s property market remained stable in October with home prices falling or posting slower growth in major cities amid tough control policies, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Saturday.
Welt - Mittlerer Osten (3)
21:54 [Press TV]
7 killed as police attack pro-independence fighters in Kashmir
Fierce clashes between Indian security forces and a group of pro-independence fighters in restive Indian-controlled Kashmir have left at least seven people dead.
17:20 [Press TV]
Iran`s Bank Sepah denies credit ban by Germany
Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post had claimed on Friday that Germany`s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) had announced a credit ban imposed on Iran`s Bank Sepah.
15:54 [Nsnbc]
US troops were told child sex abuse was culturally acceptable in Afghanistan
A report by the Pentagon Inspector General reveals that U.S. troops deploying to Afghanistan were taught for years that child sex abuse is a culturally accepted practice and were provided no guidance that it constituted a violation of the law and human rights until late 2015. The Afghan government, for its part, responded only in 2017 with an initiative to outlaw the sexual abuse of under aged, so-called Bacha Bazi boys.
Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel (11)
0:12 [Mondo Weiss]
Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless
Ron Brummer from Israel`s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara, recently confirmed that there is no separate economic system for Israel inside the occupation and outside it. "If you want to divest from the West Bank... you have to divest from Israel." This is clarifying. Liberal Zionists who have supported settlement boycotts only need to choose sides. Are they for freedom or apartheid?
23:16 [Sputnik]
Turkish Prosecutors Investigate US Lawyers Over Evidence in Iran Sanctions Probe
Turkish prosecutors have launched a probe into US lawyers over allegedly improperly obtained evidence used in a current US case on sanctions against Iran.
20:32 [Unusual Traveler]
As Tourist To Krak des Chevaliers & The Valley Of Christians In Syria 2017.
Krak des Chevaliers in the Homs province in Syria is probably the most important and well preserved medieval castles in the world. It was built during the first Crusade 1031 to protect strategic passageway in the Orontes River Valley. It was said that the one who could control the passageway would control central Syria.
20:32 [Unusual Traveler]
As Tourist In Damascus, The Capital Of Syria in 2017
In October 2017 was I lucky to be granted a 10-day tourist visa to Syria. Friends and family told me I had to be insane and that I must have a death wish to want to visit Syria in 2017. Everyone knows there is a brutal war raging in the country that is heading into its 7th year now. The people I told about my plans were all saying the chance of entering Syria was around 0 and, if I did manage to enter, I would most likely end up getting killed or kidnapped.
20:28 [Unusual Traveler]
As A Tourist In Aleppo, Syria 2017.
After spending 3 great days in Damascus was it time to travel north to Aleppo, driving along the world´s most dangerous road, the Salamiyah – Ithriya – Khanasser Road, notorious for being attacked by Daesh (ISIS) and Al Qaeda, and getting shut down for days. And yes Daesh (ISIS) attacked the road the same day I travel it as well, less than 1hour after I passed by it.
20:09 [South Front]
Free Syrian Army Disbands 180 Fighters Previously Deployed In Al-Tanaf Area – Report
On November 18, the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group, Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra, disbanded 180 of its fighters who had been serving in the US-led coalition garrison in the area of al-Tanaf, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, the pro-Syrian opposition news website Enab Baladi has reported.
17:57 [Sputnik]
Israeli Tank Fires `Warning Shot` Toward Syrian Army - IDF Source
Damascus is yet to comment on the situation. The two countries have been in a state of war for decades with a peace treaty never signed.
17:51 [RT]
‘Simple apology’ is not enough: Insulted Erdogan on NATO ‘impudence’ over enemy-chart scandal
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rebuffed a NATO apology for what he called “impudence” during the alliance’s drills in Norway, where he was depicted on an “enemies chart.” The scandal led to the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the exercise.
16:15 [SANA]
Army establishes control over two villages in Hama countryside
Army units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, carried out a military operation during the past 24 hours, storming into hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the villages of Qasser Ali and Arafa to the northeast of Hama city.
13:36 [Fars News Agency]
Deir Ezzur: Syrian Army Takes Control of Over 80 Percent of ISIL`s Key Bases Near Border With Iraq
The Syrian army, backed up by the country`s air force, continued its military operations take back the strategic town of Albu Kamal in Southeastern Deir Ezzur and took control of vast regions and eighty percent of the ISIL`s military positions there.
13:33 [Press TV]
Saudi walls of Ritz crumble over intl. investors
Saudi Arabia’s jailing of hundreds of its wealthiest princes and businessmen is alarming investors and undermining Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s express plan to wean the kingdom off oil revenue.
Welt - Nordamerika (1)
15:41 [Zero Hedge]
"Helpless, Raging" Charlottesville Families Shocked By These 2018 Obamacare Premiums..."It`s Horrific"
"I really believed in the ACA. I really feel everyone deserves the right to health insurance, but who can afford those prices if you don’t qualify for subsidies?"
Welt - Russland und Zentralasien (1)
20:21 [Tom Luongo]
Russia Still Allowing U.S. to Save Face in Syria
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hasn’t become the world’s most respected diplomat without cause. His statement today, carried by Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, leaves open the avenue for a face-saving statement by the U.S. after the bombshell BBC report that it cut a deal with ISIS fighters in Raqqa, allowing them to leave unmolested.
Welt - Süd-Süd-Kooperation (1)
20:22 [Asia Times]
Russia, Turkey, Iran meeting to discuss Syria strategy
Frustrated by what they see as Washington`s belligerent posture in the region, the leaders of the three powers will hold a historic summit in Sochi on Nov. 22
Welt - Weltpolitik (4)
20:57 [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
"And justice for all..." Not so fast, Palestinians!
Well, it`s true. The Palestinians in Palestine are not Americans, and no one promised them "justice for all," Nevertheless it is ironic that the United States in its majesty should threaten their semi-diplomatic office in Washington with closure because they might seek justice before the International Criminal Court in the Hague.
17:45 [RT]
US ready to ‘fight for justice’ in Syria without UN approval – Haley
The US does not consider itself constrained by the United Nations Security Council and might seek “justice” in Syria on its own terms, the US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, has said. The US took similar action in Libya in 2011.
15:54 [Nsnbc]
Sloppy OPCW investigation into chemical weapons use in Syria discredits UN and permanent Security Council members
Sloppy work by the joint OPCW-UN mechanism in the investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria on April 4, including an undocumented and broken chain of alleged evidence and condemnation of the “Syrian regime” based on allegedly “credible assumptions” led to a renewed row and posturing, rather than to unified efforts to end the use of chemical weapons in Syria and beyond.
13:31 [Press TV]
Saudi Arabia birthplace of ‘lethal poison’ of Takfirism, says Iran
Responding to earlier remarks by a Saudi UN diplomat, Iran’s Counsellor and Permanent Representative to the UN Mohammad Hassani-Nejad said on Friday, “One cannot afford to underestimate the toxic danger that is the Saudi-born ideology of Takfirism.”
Europa - Allgemein (3)
20:27 [Consortium News]
Russia-gate Spreads to Europe
The Russia-gate hysteria has jumped the Atlantic with Europeans blaming Russia for Brexit and Catalonian discontent. But what about Israeli influence operations or, for that matter, American ones, asks Robert Parry.
17:21 [Press TV]
EU reduces Turkey`s pre-accession funds in 2018 budget amid strained ties
The European Union has reduced some of the money earmarked in its 2018 budget deal for Turkey to join the 28-member politico-economic bloc in a clear sign of increasingly sour relations between the union and the Ankara government.
11:50 [Press TV]
Lebanon’s Hariri in Paris, 2 children stay behind in Riyadh
Saad Hariri, who unexpectedly resigned as Lebanon’s prime minister while in Saudi Arabia and was widely known to have been under restrictions there, has arrived in France, but two of his children have stayed behind in Riyadh.
Feuilleton - Meinung und Debatte (1)
20:27 [The Organic Prepper]
Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent: Are We Watching the End of an Empire?
The more I read, the more likeness I see to Sir John Glubb’s essay, The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival.
Themen - Bevölkerungskontrolle (1)
15:40 [Zero Hedge]
America`s Righteous Russia-gate Censorship
Arriving behind the anti-Trump “resistance” and the Russia-gate “scandal” is a troubling readiness to silence dissent in the U.S., shutting down information that challenges Official Narratives.
Themen - Boulevard (1)
15:55 [The Duran]
Bill Clinton, Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and Holidays at “Orgy Island”
Just as Hillary’s campaign is imploding due to her inability to keep her story straight on her email scandal, prompting even liberal channels like MSNBC to call Hillary a liar, news is starting to filter to the public that hubby US ex-President Bill was not only fooling around with White House interns, but has been involved in a “boys gone wild” sexcapade with billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The bromance has taken Bill Clinton from orgy plane trips aboard the “Lollita Express”, to the lavish private party island dubbed “Orgy Island”.
Themen - Geheimdienste und Terror (1)
16:16 [SANA]
New terrorist rocket attacks injure 10 in Damascus and its countryside
One person was injured on Saturday as rocket shells fired by armed groups positioned in Eastern Ghouta hit several areas in al-Dwail’a residential neighborhood in Damascus city, in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement in Eastern Ghouta, according to a source at Damascus Police Command.
Themen - Geschichte (1)
21:03 [Consortium News]
Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike
The Iraq WMD fiasco wasn’t the only time political pressure twisted U.S. intelligence judgments. In 2007, Israel sold the CIA on a dubious claim about a North Korean nuclear reactor in the Syrian desert, reports Gareth Porter.
Themen - Globalisierung und Globalismus (1)
20:19 [RT]
Soros and his ‘226 EU friends’ thrust into spotlight by Farage – so who are they?
Picking up the anti-Soros torch from Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, UK politician Nigel Farage is seeking to investigate fellow EU MEPs who support the controversial vision of the wealthy financier. But are Orban and Farage’s fears valid?
Themen - Hintergrund (2)
0:08 [Sputnik]
US Sanctions Affected Iran, But Not the Way Washington Planned
US legacy warplanes still remain in Iran`s service despite decades of sanctions, Seyyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm, Iranian military analyst and political commentator told Sputnik Persian.
20:31 [Global Research]
How Pseudo-leftists Explain the Failure of the ‘Syrian Revolution’
Some western “Liberals” and “Leftists” pay homage to Yassin al-Haj Saleh, an intellectual leftist of the ‘Syrian Revolution’. In fact Saleh represented only a tiny part of Syria’s left. He was ‘persecuted’ because he aligned himself with the 1980 and 2011 bloody uprisings by the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood, and their international Salafist (al Qaeda) supporters. In the end he had to flee for his life from those same sectarian terrorists.
Themen - Medien und Propaganda (1)
20:20 [Investmentwatchblog]
The purpose of mainstream media is thought control and suppression: How to find the facts between the propaganda
The average person living in the modern world today is bombarded with so much information on a daily basis, much of it conflicting, that he or she is likely to oscillate within a constant state of cognitive dissonance.
Themen - Menschenrechte (2)
21:55 [Press TV]
Rights group expresses concern over fate of 7 Bahraini civilians forcibly disappeared
The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) said in a statement on Saturday that the victims, who come from five different villages, had not been heard of for weeks, Arabic-language Bahrain Mirror news website reported.
21:48 [Consortium News]
Signs of U.K. Misconduct in Assange Case
The world’s most prominent freedom-of-the-press case remains the legal pressure on WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, still in Ecuador’s London embassy amid signs of U.K. prosecutorial misconduct, reports Dennis J Bernstein.
Themen - Wirtschaft und Finanzen (1)
20:18 [Strategic Culture Foundation]
Why GDP Is Fake
... Hurricanes are a direct hit to your nation’s balance sheet. The national income statement goes up because of increased spending to replace lost assets, but the “equity” part of the national balance sheet ends up taking a hit in direct proportion to the damage that occurred. ...
Schlusslicht - Herzliches und Herzhaftes (2)
20:20 [Russia Insider]
Finally! - The BBC Outs U.S./ISIS Complicity in Syria
Even Western media can`t keep a lid on U.S. assistance to ISIS
20:15 [The Duran]
A modest proposal: Russia should grant RT America journalists special diplomatic status
If the US can bestow an insulting title on its own citizens, Russia could bestow an honorific title upon those being unfairly targeted by Washington’s war on free speech.
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