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Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.
  aus `1984` über die 85 Prozent der Unterschicht, die Proles
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Welt - Afrika (2)
7:19 [Xinhua]
20 killed, 69 injured in Libya`s airport attack
A medical source confirmed on Monday that an earlier attack at the international airport in the Libyan capital of Tripoli have killed 20 and injured 69, including civilians.
7:14 [Press TV]
Tunisia says over 900 arrested in anti-austerity protests
Tunisian authorities have announced the apprehension of more than 900 people following demonstrations against austerity measures imposed by the government.
Welt - Asien-Pazifik (2)
7:16 [RT]
US, Canada host world summit on N. Korea… but Russia & China will only be briefed on results
Canada and the US are hosting a meeting on the Korean peninsula deadlock, gathering diplomats from 20 nations. Moscow and Beijing, however, are not invited, and will only be “briefed” on the outcome, Russia’s FM Lavrov said.
21:16 [Xinhua]
China gives preference to poor areas on financial support
China has made financial support a priority in the very poorest regions, a central bank statement said Monday.
Welt - Lateinamerika (1)
7:21 [teleSUR]
Helicopter Attackers Group `Dismantled` by Venezuela Authorities
Former police helicopter pilot Oscar Perez published in a series of Instagram videos on Monday, saying that he was surrounded by authorities who were shooting at him in a poor neighborhood outside Caracas. The actor was among those wanted for using a stolen helicopter to lob grenades and shoot at government buildings in June as well as for breaking into a National Guard unit in December to steal weapons.
Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel (5)
1:42 [Sputnik News]
Syria Considers US Plan on Creating Border Security Force `Blatant Aggression`
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has slammed Washington`s intention to form a 30,000-strong force inside the country with the proclaimed goal of maintaining security along its borders.
22:54 [Moon of Alabama]
Syria - U.S. Traps Itself , Commits To Occupation, Helps To Sustain The Astana Agreement
The Trump administration policy in Syria is finally coming into daylight. It has decided to permanently separate north-east of Syria from the rest of Syria with the rather comical idea that this will keep Iranian influence out of Syria and give the U.S. a voice in a final Syrian settlement.
19:32 [SANA]
Syrian Army regains control of new areas in Hama countryside
Army units, in cooperation with allied forces, continued their operations in the northeastern countryside of Hama province as they engaged in fierce clashes with Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization in the area, establishing control over Hajila village and Taliet Mashrfeh to the west of al-Zinkahya village, SANA’s reporter said.
19:20 [SANA]
Foreign Ministry: US announcement of forming armed militia in north-eastern Syria violates Syria’s sovereignty, int’l law
The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemned the US announcement of forming an armed militia in the north-eastern Syria as a blatant breach of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and a flagrant violation of the International law, an official source at the Foreign Ministry said Monday.
18:08 [Al Masdar News]
Elite Syrian forces strike back in southeast Idlib, re-seize 2 towns in bid to drive back rebel assault
Elite forces of the Syrian Arab Army, having regained their balance after being thrown off course by a powerful militant counter-offensive over the last five days, are striking back against armed rebel groups in southeast Idlib province, having regained two towns during recent hours.
Welt - Nordamerika (3)
1:37 [The Gateway Pundit]
John Podesta, Hillary’s Creepy Campaign Manager, Now in Middle of Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Phony Dossier
John Podesta is one of the creepiest crooks in the DNC. It looks like Podesta is in hot water again as he is right in the middle of the fake Trump dossier.
1:33 [Mondo Weiss]
After New Orleans City Council implicitly endorses BDS, officials say resolution was not about Israel
After backlash to the New Orleans City Council resolution in support of human rights, which was pushed by Palestinian solidarity activists, Councilmember-At-Large Jason Williams who voted in support of the resolution stopped discussing parallels between South Africa during Apartheid and Israel.
21:18 [Antiwar]
America’s Civil War
For nearly twenty-five years I have been writing in this space about war: that is, the wars we have waged against other countries. I’ve heard every possible rationalization for these conflicts, from “weapons of mass destruction” to “he’s killing his own people” to babies being bayoneted in their incubators and on down the line.
Welt - Weltpolitik (1)
1:54 [Asia Times]
In Putin’s praise for Kim Jong-un, a message for Trump
When Russian President Vladimir Putin heaped fulsome praise on his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un, whom US President Donald Trump derides as a “Little Rocket Man” with a “small button,” it is at once symbolic and meaningful for US-Russia ties as well.
Welt - Weltwirtschaft (1)
1:51 [ZeroHedge]
The Chinese Are Now Spending As Much As Americans
This economic heft has made the problem of confronting China intractable: China is now responsible for 20% of sales for some of the largest US corporations. This is making it difficult for Trump to confront Xi Jinping.
Europa - Allgemein (1)
1:39 []
United States of Europe: German minister unveils shocking EU vision to take over continent
Mr Gabriel claimed even Germany – the EU`s largest and strongest financial contributor – would have to accept more EU rules in the coming years. He said: "In the world of the 21st Century, Europe will only be able to act on a sovereign basis via the European Union, by winning back sovereignty through the European Union."
Feuilleton - Meinung und Debatte (2)
1:57 [CounterPunch]
The Responsibility to Protect the World … from the United States
One of the most ingenious propaganda weapons ever developed is that the powerful nations of the West—led by the United States—have a moral responsibility to use military force to protect the rights of people being repressed by their governments.
19:29 [LaRouchePAC]
Who Is Behind the Nuclear Terror `Mistake` in Hawaii?
The drive to destroy President Trump has reached a fever pitch.
Themen - Energie und Ressourcen (1)
20:30 [RT]
US forcing Europe to abandon Russian gas & buy more expensive American LNG - Lavrov
The United States is afraid of fair competition in the energy sector, and is hampering the implementation of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
Themen - Geheimdienste und Terror (2)
5:35 [Press TV]
Syria militants in US seeking CIA dollars to ‘confront Iran’s influence’
Syria militant leaders are in the United States demanding American dollars to fund an allegedly defunct CIA program to “confront Iran’s influence.”
21:21 [Xinhua]
27 killed in twin suicide bombings in central Baghdad
Twin suicide bomb explosions struck busy area in downtown Baghdad Monday, leaving 27 people killed and 92 others wounded, as fears rose in the Iraqi capital from a wave of violence months ahead the country`s general elections.
Themen - Globalisierung und Globalismus (1)
1:35 [Carl Herman]
US illegal rogue state empire sh*ts on ‘former’ colonial targets annually killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions
Demanding .01% arrests for OBVIOUS Crimes Against Humanity, or prefer causing sh*tholes under propaganda shitstorms by full-of-shit lying ‘leaders`?
Themen - Kriminalität und Nepp (1)
1:40 [Madness Hub]
Amazon delivery driver who was robbed of 62 parcels while on duty is sacked and ordered to repay the cost of the van repairs and stolen packages
AN Amazon courier robbed while on duty was sacked and told the cost of the van repairs and stolen packages would be taken out of his wages.
Themen - Medien und Propaganda (2)
3:15 [Moon of Alabama]
Syria - Volume of Al-Qaeda Propaganda Forecasts Syrian Army Success
The success of the current Syrian government operations against al-Qaeda in Idleb governorate can be measured by the volume of U.S. propaganda against it. A similar situation occurred when Aleppo was liberated from al-Qaeda`s control. Certain U.S. media, (non-)government-organizations and politicians obviously prefer Takfiri al-Qaeda rule in Syria over control by the legitimated secular government.
19:26 [The American Conservative]
This is Your Brain on Trump TV
The media`s coverage of presidential drama is causing us to forget what`s real—and Trump himself isn`t solely to blame. Ever since Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, we haven’t been able to look away. He dominated headlines that week in June 2015, and has dominated them every week since.
Themen - Menschenrechte (1)
1:32 [Mondo Weiss]
Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again — Israeli ethicist
A month after she slapped a soldier in occupied Nabi Saleh, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi faces a final bail hearing today at court. She has been imprisoned since December 19. Professor Asa Kasher, author of the IDF `ethics code, opines that Ahed Tamimi is dangerous, because she may slap again.
Themen - Militär und Frieden (2)
20:33 [Zero Hedge]
British Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Strategic Bombers Approaching UK
Two Royal Air Force Typhoon jets were scrambled from Scotland to intercept and escort Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers as they flew over the North Sea off the coast of northern Scotland
20:30 [Zero Hedge]
How One Employee "Pushed The Wrong Button" And Unleashed Doomsday Panic Across Hawaii
Around 8:05 a.m., the Hawaii emergency employee initiated the internal test: from a drop-down menu on a computer program, he saw two options: “Test missile alert” and “Missile alert.”
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